What Does a Yorkie Look Like?

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Describing what a particular dog breed looks like can be a challenging task because of the huge number of dog breeds available. You don’t want to talk about one dog breed and have the person listening to you thinking of a different dog breed. So, what does a Yorkie look like?

What Does a Yorkie Look Like?

A Yorkie looks like a small designer dog with a small head, small pointy ears, and a medium-sized muzzle. Its hair is silky and glossy, and it is long. However, some owners like to cut it. Its tail stands higher than the rest of its body.

A tri-colored Yorkshire terrier with a moist black nose near a white wall

Its eyes are not very prominent, they are dark, and they have an intelligent expression. Although small, they can also be sturdy. You will notice a particular gait when they walk, and it is often a mix of confidence and enthusiasm.


A Yorkie’s head is small and appears flat at the top. Its skull is not too round or noticeable. Yorkies have black noses and medium-sized muzzles. They have medium-sized eyes that are dark in color and give off an impression of being intelligent. The area around the eyes has a dark color.

Their ears are small, pointy, and have a V-shape. They are not too far apart from each other.  This can be partly because of the size of their head. Its beady eyes, pointy ears, and small nose give them an adorable look that many people love.


Yorkies have a body that is well-proportioned and compact. Although their backs are short, their backlines are level, and the height at the rump is the same as the height at the shoulders.

Yorkies tend to have perky tails that go above the level of the back. When undocked, they can get to five inches. However, as per the American Kennel Club Standard for the breed and regulations of dog show competitions, their tails have to be shortened to between two to four inches.

If you decide to leave your dog’s tail undocked, it is considered faulty by AKC as it does not meet their breed requirements.

Tri-colored Yorkshire terrier standing near a fake sunflower and white carpet


The forelegs of a Yorkie should be straight, with their elbows being neither in nor out. Their hind legs should appear to be straight when viewed from the back and moderately bent when you are looking at them from the side.

Yorkies have round feet, and their toenails are black. This makes clipping the nails challenging as you cannot see the quick, and you may end up clipping too deep that they start to bleed. Ensure you use the dog nail clippers for their nails and feel around for where to cut. You can do this in an area with sufficient lighting. You may also seek the services of a groomer to cut them for you.


A Yorkie’s coat’s quality, quantity, and texture are essential. The texture of their hair should be silky, fine, and glossy. The body’s coat is moderately long and straight. It should not be wavy. If you want, you can trim the hair to a more manageable length so that your Yorkie does not trip.

The following are some of the benefits of trimming your Yorkie’s hair:

  • It makes it easier for you to brush
  • You can easily avoid tangles with short hair
  • It makes it difficult for it to mat
  • Prevents debris from being trapped in the hair

The hair on the muzzle is also very long and should be trimmed, so it does not get into its food. You can also trim the hair on its feet and feet for a neat appearance. You should put extra effort into ensuring that their hair remains glossy and does not lose its shine. Use products that are dog friendly and ensure that you brush its hair daily using a suitable brush for your Yorkie.

Tri-colored Yorkshire terrier wearing a red harness while standing on a rocky road

Related Questions

Other questions you may have are answered below.

Are Yorkies Good House Dogs?

Yorkies are good house dogs. Yorkies are playful, affectionate, and also sensitive. If you have younger children, you may have to socialize your Yorkie first and also ensure that the interaction between the younger children and your furry friend is always supervised. 

Do Yorkies Bark a Lot?

Yorkies bark a lot. This is because they are very vocal and tend to bark as a form of communication. This can be from when they want to go out and play, they want attention, or they have seen something. If you dislike dogs that bark a lot, you will not like Yorkies. 

Are There Different Types of Yorkies?

There are different types of Yorkies. They include Teacup Yorkies, Mismarked Yorkies, Biewer Terriers, Black Yorkies, Parti Yorkies, and Golden Yorkies. The difference between them is mainly in the coat color, breeding, and size.


When you know what a certain dog breed looks like, you can tell if it is the type of dog you would like to have. You will also know what you are expected to do and how to do it, which can contribute to the decision you are going to make about adopting the dog. In this case, a Yorkie will do for you if you are looking for a hairy dog breed that is small in size.