What Is the Difference Between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Biewer?

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Both Yorkshire Terriers and Biewers share the same Yorkshire Terrier parents. That means that both Yorkies and Biewers can be considered to be purebred Yorkshire Terriers. However, the gene combination in their parents makes these dogs distinct. So, what is the difference between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Biewer?

What Is the Difference Between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Biewer?

The main difference between a Biewer and a Yorkshire Terrier is the color combination. Yorkshire Terriers have two color combinations: blue and gold or blue and tan. On the other hand, Biewers have three color combinations: blue, gold, white or blue, tan, and white.  

Keep in mind that some people will consider the blue color in Biewers and Yorkshire Terriers black. Typically, the puppies are born with black color in place of blue, which gets diluted to blue as the puppies mature. 

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Additionally, it’s not uncommon to find Biewers with a chocolate color in place of white. Although Biewers and Yorkies share the same parents, the following physical appearance and personality traits make them distinct. 

Coat Color

The coat color of any dog primarily depends on the amount of melanin in the hair. Typically, the melanocyte cells in the dog’s hair follicles help add melanin to the coat, giving the coat a distinct color. Both Biewers and Yorkies have eumelanin pigment helping create the black color at birth. 

As the puppies age, the genetic makeup causes the eumelanin to lighten up, creating a silver or blue shade. However, Yorkies only have a single graying gene which impacts the tan color. Usually, this makes the Yorkies have the following color combinations:

  • Black and tan when puppies
  • Black and gold when puppies
  • Blue and tan when adults
  • Blue and gold when adults  

On the other hand, both parents of Biewers have a recessive piebald gene which results in whiteness. In most cases, the white color is the predominant color in Biewers. The color combination of Biewers also tends to follow a pleasing symmetry. Some of the color combinations include:

  • Black, tan and white when puppies
  • Black, gold and white when puppies
  • Blue, tan and white when adults
  • Blue, gold and white when adults 


Considering that Biewer puppies are born after both Yorkshire Terrier parents possess a recessive piebald gene, it’s a rare and unpredictable occurrence, making Biewers rare dogs. Usually, the forces of demand and supply come into play, making Biewers more valuable and pricey than Yorkies. 

Biewer Yorkshire Terrier

For instance, the price of a Yorkie ranges from $1500 to $3000, while the price of a Biewer ranges from $3000 to $5000. However, the costs will still depend on other factors such as the breeder, health condition, physical size, appearance and ancestry history. 


Although both Yorkies and Biewers are fairly small, just like their Yorkshire Terrier parents, Biewers are smaller than Yorkies. Yorkies weigh around 4 to 9 pounds with a standing height of around 6 to 7 inches. 

On the other hand, Biewers weigh around 4 to 8 pounds, with 7 to 11 inches standing height. Typically, Biewers have larger standing heights, but their overall bodies are smaller than that of Yorkies. 

Tail Docking

Tail docking refers to removing a part or entire of a Yorkie’s tail to prevent possible injuries or for cosmetic reasons. In most cases, tail docking is done by crushing or cutting the bone, nerves, and muscles that hold the tail in Yorkie puppies less than five days old.

Although both Biewers and Yorkies have almost similar tails at birth, Yorkie tails are docked as a standard practice across the breed. On the other hand, tail docking is an illegal practice in Europe. Considering that Biewers are like Germany’s Parti version of Yorkies, docking is not allowed. 

Exercise Requirements

Yorkshire Terriers are energetic dogs and require rigorous physical exercises to help utilize excessive energy levels and improve their overall health. If they don’t use this excess energy, they develop some destructive behavior such as tearing the toys or even scratching on carpets.

Since Biewers are smaller than Yorkshire Terriers, they are less energetic and don’t need intense exercise. However, they still need some exercises to remain fit, be mentally stimulated, and maintain a healthy weight. 

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Related Questions

Do Biewers Shed More Than Yorkies?

Biewers shed in the same way as Yorkies as they are both purebred Yorkshire Terriers. They are light shedders, and you will only need to bathe them after around two to four weeks. Additionally, they are hypoallergenic, making them good choices for dog owners with allergies.

Is the Temperament of a Yorkshire Terrier the Same as That of a Biewer?

The temperament of a Yorkie is the same as that of a Biewer. Although Yorkies were initially bred for hunting and Biewers as companion dogs, they share the same personality traits, from loyalty to their family members to great watchdogs. 

Final Thoughts

Since both the Biewers and Yorkies are purebred Yorkshire Terriers that share the same Yorkshire Terrier parents, they have the same temperament and personality traits. However, the difference in their parents’ gene combinations makes them have distinct color combinations and sizes.