What Did the Bull Terrier Look Like Originally?

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Cross dog breeding is a popular thing that has been done for around years. But in the process of doing so, I have lost some pure breed dogs like Bull Terrier.

Since I have this dog, I was wondering what its original version looked like. So, I did a quick research on appearance and other things. Here’s what I found.

What Did the Bull Terrier Look Like Originally?

Earlier, Bull Terriers were good-looking dogs with well-aligned bodies. Also, their jaws were shorter, and their body size was bigger than the current version of Bull Terrier.

Cute bull terrier wearing a coat

There are so many things that you can learn regarding the change of Bull Terrier. And this article highlights some of the essential characteristics.

History of Bull Terrier

Just like other dog breeds, Bull Terrier has also been around for so many years. They created to catch vermin. This loyal, friendly, and playful breed was first bred in the 1830s as fighting dogs.

It was a result of a cross between Bulldog and White English Terrier (now extinct). When this dog was initially bred, they were strong and had a well-proportioned body. American Kennel Club recognized this breed, and it was famous for its elegance and grace.

Early Appearance of Bull Terrier

Earlier, Bull Terrier had a well-defined skull and medium-length snout. In short, the original Bull Terrier looked like most dogs that I see today.

Even after the game Bull Terriers bred for was banned, people continued breeding them by focusing on their unique heads. To complement the unusual head shape, breeders started producing dogs with deep and triangular eyes.

Today’s Bull Terrier

The Bull Terriers that I see today are as strong and fearless as their ancestors, but they are gentler. It has happened because now this breed has become a family dog.

Today, you can find Bull Terrier in two different versions, i.e., standard and miniature. The standard version of this breed can grow up to 22 inches. Also, their maximum weight is around 60 pounds. The miniature version of this breed can grow around 14 inches with up to 33 pounds.

Both the versions of this dog have a short coat, and they are average shedders. Also, they are available in different colors, and they live up to 12 years. Compared to the original version, the current Bull Terrier has developed a misshapen skull and a thicker abdomen.

Common Health Problems of Bull Terrier

Despite their great looks, personality, and strength, this dog breed is prone to specific health issues. While some health problems have been developed originally, some have been developed due to unhealthy breeding.

  • Deafness: A dog can be born with this issue. You can get BAER testing done to diagnose this issue.
  • Heart problem: You can get a heart scan done to identify possible heart valve problems.
  • Kidney problem: To detect kidney issues, you can get a urine test.
  • Luxating patellas: It’s an issue where the kneecap slips out of its place temporarily.
  • Lethal acrodermatitis: A genetic issue that causes skin and growth-related problems. This issue is only found in white Bull Terrier.
  • Atopy: It’s a kind of allergy that causes ear infections and itchy skin.

Do not waste any further time and get your pet immediate medical help if you notice any issues.

Bull Terrier biting an old pail on the grass

Tips to Train Bull Terrier

Although Bull Terriers are friendly and loving dogs, training Bull terriers is not as easy as it seems. But here are a few tips for making training easy.

  • You can socialize your pet when it’s only 6 to 8 weeks old because that’s the right time when Bull Terrier can develop a good bond with other animals and humans. Early socialization will also make your pet less aggressive more friendly.
  • Besides socializing, you must also teach your pet to respect its owner and other people from the early stages. You can do this by making basic commands like sit and stand.
  • For better training, you can use the clicker training method. That means you should make a click sound each time your pet does something good. This way, your pet will know that you are happy with what it has done.

While training, do not yell at your dog or become violent because each dog breed has its personality.

Related Questions

Does the Original Bull Terrier Still Exist?

Bull Terriers were bred from Bull and Terriers with English White Terriers (now extinct). So, it’s safe to say that the original Bull Terrier does not exist anymore since one of the main dogs used for breeding is now extinct.

Where Did Bull Terrier Originate From?

Bull Terrier made their way in the 19th century from England by crossing bulldog and English white terrier.

Is the New Bull Terrier Deformed?

Today’s Bull Terrier is deformed because it has a thicker abdomen and a disproportionate skull compared to the original.


Bull Terriers that were bred originally had good looks. They were strong and fierce. Also, they did not have as many health problems as the current breed. But today’s Bull Terrier is gentler and makes a great family dog.