What Class Is the Bull Terrier In?

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While searching for the right dog breed for adoption, I came across different dog breed classes. That’s when I started thinking about which class does Bull Terrier belongs to? So, I researched the same and have mentioned the essential points here to share with you.

What Class Is the Bull Terrier In?

Bull Terrier is a muscular dog that belongs to the Terrier group. The dog that belongs to Terrier group were initially bred to hunt vermin. But with time, they became friendly, and now they make a great family dog.

Cute bull terrier playing on the grass

There are many more things that you must know about a Terrier group dog before getting one. So, if you are interested, continue reading below.

Terrier Dog Behavior and Personality

Most Terrier dogs were originated from the UK to kill vermin. But later, they got popular throughout the world for their adorable looks and small size.

Almost all the Terrier dogs are small with dynamic personalities. While different Terrier dogs behave differently, you can boil down their behavior to certain categories.

Fun and Active

Since Terrier dogs were bred to kill rats and mice, they have a natural alert instinct. They are constantly alert, which makes them active. Also, they are always up for energetic and fun games.

Although this dog breed is small, they like to walk, run, and exercise a lot. If you don’t involve your Terrier pet in some exercise, they might get naughty and become destructive.

Determined and Courageous

Do not let the tiny size of these dogs trick you into believing that they are timid. That’s because they are courageous and determined. They can easily face down a rat or larger. So, you should never challenge them.


One thing that is common in every Terrier is barking. When The dogs of this class become irritating barkers when they either get:

  • bored
  • stressed
  • excited

It can further become a big problem if you leave them anywhere for a long time.

Enthusiastic Diggers

The digging skills in Terriers are genetic because initially, this breed used to hunt rats and mice. Also, they have strong bites. So, it’s essential to teach them to behave properly from an early stage.


Although Terriers are obedient, that does not mean they will hang on to every word you say. Their independent nature sometimes also makes them hard to train.

How to Train a Bull Terrier Not to Bark

In certain situations, Bull Terrier can bark unstoppably. But you can calm them down by practicing a method or two.

The Distraction Method

If your Bull Terrier starts barking without any pause, you must look for a distraction. To use this method, you must train your Bull terrier accordingly.

To begin the training, you can make a noise to trigger the bark. When your pet is in between barking, you can interrupt with a particular sound to distract their attention.

Once your pet is quiet, reward them. You can repeat this training till your dog understands your command.

The Quiet Method

Another way to make your Bull Terrier learn how to calm down is by practicing the quiet method. For this, you have to trigger your dog to bark. Once your pet starts barking, give it the command “quiet.”

After the command, wait for the dog to become quiet. You can repeat the process if needed. At last, you can reward your pet if it is truly quiet.

Close-Up shot of a cute young bull terrier

Bull Terrier Maintenance

Since Bull Terrier does not have long fur, they do not require a great deal of grooming. You can brush their coat once a week, and that’s enough. You must keep their ear clean because they are likely to develop ear infections.

Moving further to the nails, keep them trimmed and give your pet a run down to keep their coat shiny. Another thing to do is keep their teeth cleaned because they can even develop certain kinds of dental issues.

Lastly, don’t leave them alone because this dog breed can quickly develop separation anxiety. And when this happens, the dog might become threatening, bark continuously, or break things.

Related Questions

What Kind of Dog Is a Terrier?

Terrier is a small dog that was initially bred for hunting rats and mice. This dog breed is fearless and is always ready to fight if challenged.

Are Terriers Hard to Train?

Some pet parents might find teaching their Bull Terrier little challenging and tricky. That’s because they are fun-loving, bold, and courageous. These qualities sometimes make them stubborn and hard to train.

What Health Problems Does Bull Terrier Have?

On average, Bull Terrier has a lifespan of 12-14 years. But they are prone to a few health issues like allergies, heart complications, kidney failure, and deafness.


Overall, Terrier is a great dog breed that you can definitely get if you do not want a large dog. Another plus point of getting a Bull Terrier is that they love being around children and other pets if given proper training from an early age.