What Characteristics Helped the Yorkshire Terrier Succeed in Their Location and Duties?

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Yorkshire terriers are known for being amazing house pets due to their adorable size. However, there are certain characteristics that Yorkshire terriers have that make them ideal for other types of duties aside from being an indoor pet. But what characteristics help Yoshite terriers succeed in their location and duties.

What Characteristics Helped the Yorkshire Terrier Succeed in Their Location and Duties?

Yorkshire terriers’ duties, particularly along the medical field, are exemplary and helpful for humans.

We have to thank their innate and natural characteristics for honing these skills that came in handy and were beneficial for us. Thus, here are the helpful characteristics of Yorkshire terriers that greatly contributed to their success in their duties.

A cute Yorkshire terrier standing on grass


Yorkshire terriers are famous for their small size. They are considered a small dog breed or a toy dog breed, as some people call it. Still, the Yorkshire terrier’s small size contributes greatly to their success when it comes to their duties.

Due to their small size, they are more convenient and easier to carry around than other big dog breeds. With that, they are considered one of the most effective therapy dogs, emotional support dogs, and medical alert dogs because they are easier to carry around.

Above all, their small, toy-like stature keeps a calmer environment.


Yorkshire terriers have an innate loyal characteristic that can be traced back to their previous generation. They are often bred for domestication which is why they are more inclined to be with people than other dog breeds. With that, they have developed a strong sense of loyalty towards their owners.

Loyalty is one of the main factors in being a good medical and therapy dog since not all dogs can settle themselves to always be with their owners and to guide their owners all day long. Yorkshire terriers had this kind of loyalty running in their blood which makes them a good companion for humans.


Yorkshire terriers tend to be intelligent. They are very outspoken and vocal about their emotions and needs which brings out their high level of intelligence and cognitive development possibilities. With the proper training and conditioning, they can be trained to take on vital tasks in the medical field and even in the law enforcement field.


Despite their size, Yorkshire terriers are courageous breeds. They can be aggressive for threats and they are not easily flustered by discoveries and unknown events. Since they are loyal, they are most likely to stay by your side when they sense that you’re in fear or danger.


Yorkshire terriers are loud and expressive breeds. They express their emotions to their owners which makes them easier to take care of. That trait also transcends when it comes to meeting and socializing with people and other kinds of animals.

Yorkies are a welcoming, warm, and social breed for people and animals, especially if they are exposed to people and other dogs often in their lifetime. Thus, their upbringing is also one of the vital things to consider if you want them to have a more active lifestyle and character.


Their courageousness mainly comes with their confidence. As an intelligent and independent breed, Yorkshire terriers can easily decide for themselves when it comes to discerning what actions they want to take. Their emotions are transparent most of the time due to their vocal attitude too.

Aside from that, Yorkshire terriers are known to adapt easily in areas and locations that are new to them. This characteristic makes them a convenient family pet, medical alert animal, and support animal for people.

A Yorkshire terrier sticking its tongue out

Duties of Yorkshire Terrier

Your beloved Yorkshire terrier can do more than just be a cuddly and lovable lap dog. Yorkies have distinct traits and characteristics that make them perfect for other types of duties. Here are some of the duties that Yorkshire terriers can do:

  • Indoor pet – Yorkies are known for being indoor pets nowadays since they come in small toy sizes which is ideal and convenient for being a good companion and family pet.
  • Rat catcher – Yorkshire terriers were bred for catching rats in mills and farms a long time ago due to their agility.
  • Therapy and emotional support dog – Yorkies are known for being lap dogs since they are small breed dogs. Thus, they are famous for being therapy dogs and emotional support dogs for their comforting appearance and ability to be trained.
  • Medical alert service animal – Yorkshire terrier breed is also prevalent in the medical field as a medical alert service animal. Yorkies are loyal and can easily be trained to address certain medical situations like seizures and strokes.
  • Police dogs – There are also rare cases where a Yorkshire terrier breed can become police dogs. They can come in handy when it comes to drug detection and special sniffing units since they can also be trained in this field.

Tips in Honing Yorkshire Terrier’s Helpful Characteristics

While these characteristics are innate to Yorkshire terriers, there are a bunch of ways to help them hone these helpful characteristics and to make them a more ideal pet that will succeed in their duties. Here are some of them:

  • Create a healthy and helpful environment for Yorkshire terriers as they grow up since most of their characteristics can be developed based on their upbringing and environment.
  • Start their training as early as possible to break their negative traits like being stubborn, independent, aggressive, or territorial.
  • Provide adequate exercise with a proper diet and unlimited access to clean, fresh water. Also, provide treats during training to entice them to learn.
  • Give them cognitive and intelligent training exercises like puzzles and mazes to help with their brain development.
  • Always give them a lot of love, attention, and care. This will greatly reflect on their sense of loyalty, empathy, and care for others.
Yorkshire terrier sitting on grass


Yorkshire terriers can be a jack-of-all-trades because of their amazing set of characteristics that helps them to be successful in their duties.

Yorkshire terriers’ traits like intelligence, courage, loyalty, social character and confidence are the main reasons why Yorkshire terriers are ideal for different kinds of duties in the medical and law enforcement field today.