What Can I Do To Stop My Boston Terrier From Stinking?

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Like any other dog, Boston Terriers get stinky. However, they’re not as stinky in comparison to other breeds. However; if you’re still asking “what can I do to stop my Boston Terrier from stinking?”, don’t worry.

There are easy ways on how to keep them from smelling bad.

What Can I Do To Stop My Boston Terrier From Stinking?

There are several ways to keep your Boston Terrier from stinking. Give your dog a good bath, good diet, proper oral hygiene, a washed bed, use wipes and regular brushes. It’s important to keep your dog clean for better health and hygiene as well as removing any smells.

A regular bath provides overall cleanliness to your Boston Terrier. Some bad smells come from dirt or sweat, and a bath is ideal to wash away these odor-causing factors.

Boston Terrier

While bathing your dog, use a shampoo specifically designed for your breed. One great example of a shampoo that works best is waterless shampoo. Some groomers suggest a Tea tree oil shampoo as a better solution.

However, you can also use antimicrobial or antifungal shampoos for your Boston Terrier. 

Good Diet Prevents Yeast Formation 

Some foods like wheat, soy or corn can cause yeast formation. It’s best to avoid giving this kind of food to them. If yeast infections persist, cutting off foods that can cause yeast formation is necessary. In addition to that, avoid giving your dog foods rich in carbohydrates as these are sources of yeast formation.

Providing your dog a good diet prevents gastrointestinal problems and fights the odor from the inside. It’s important to avoid a cheap diet as this helps your dog’s digestive system.

Oral Hygiene

Boston Terriers are susceptible to gum diseases and plagues the reason why it’s necessary to take care of their teeth. Most dog owners overlook oral hygiene, but it’s as important as other issues. Clean your dog’s teeth two times a week at the least. 

Many chewable toys and and are available in pet stores to aid in removing your dog’s bad breath. Mouthwashes specifically made for dogs are also available. 

Washable Bed

One hack in washing your dog’s bed is to use baking soda and oils. Baking soda is good for absorbing unpleasant odors and keeping the desired scent to stay in the material of your dog’s bed. Along with the baking soda, you can add a scented oil for a good smell. 

Boston Terrier covered in mud

In choosing a bed for your dog, choose a washable one. This factor prevents the bacteria build-up that can spread and cause bad odor to your dog. Always wash your dog’s bedding to keep the unwanted odor out of your dog’s comfort place to sleep and relax. 

Dog Wipes

Dog wipes deodorize the smelly areas on your dog’s body. They’re also gentle on your dog’s skin. They’re also very effective when it comes to dealing with fold dermatitis.

Fold dermatitis refers to infection forming in between folds of skin. It’s common to dogs with short noses and wrinkly skin.

Dog wipes do more cleaning than what our naked eyes see. They provide instant cleaning for the anal glands and rectum. One example is the Benzoyl Peroxide wipes.

These dog wipes keep the bacteria down from the coat if your dog has skin folds. Dog wipes come in handy in case you need to address unexpected events like anal leakage.

Regular Brushing

Brushing your dog offers a quick solution to cleaning your dog’s coat. It removes any loose and excess hair to keep any bacteria and tangles from forming mats. Aside from removing the dirt on your dog’s coat, it allows you to check your Boston Terrier’s skin for any skin problems. 

Skin problems cause inflammation that results in the secretion of some oil from the skin glands. This skin damage produces an unpleasant smell. This thing results from a poor diet that leads to other problems like a yeast infection. Yeast infection gives a stinky smell.

Why A Boston Terrier Might Stink

Dirt and sweat aren’t the only cause why your Boston Terrier might smell bad. There are underlying reasons that influence this stinking smell. Below are the possible reasons why your dog stinks.

Stinky Boston Terrier left outside to be washed
  • Ear Infection: ear infection is often acquired from water. If your Boston Terrier likes to play in the water, make sure you dry their ears well.
  • Leaky Anal Glands: your Boston Terrier can get anal leakage once the anal gland gets impacted. This problem is painful for your dog so take your dog to the vet.
  • Yeast Infection: yeast infection smells like tortilla chips and you can smell this right after your dog takes a bath. This infection exists in either your dog’s feet or coat. 
  • Oral Infection: when your dog has an oral infection, the bad odor coming from its mouth spreads when it licks itself. Check your dog’s mouth if it has sores or infections. Sometimes, bad breath can be a cause of underlying health problems such as kidney problems and diabetes. Better let a vet check your dog.

Related Questions

How Often Should a Boston Terrier Be Bathed? 

You can bathe your Boston Terrier once every month. Unless your dog doesn’t get really dirty, like muddy, there’s no reason to bath it. Regular bathing can remove the natural oil in their skin that will cause itch and a lifeless coat.

What Do Dog Groomers Use to Make Boston Terriers Smell Good?

Groomers usually give a few sprays of cologne or perfume to make your dog smell good. These perfumes or colognes are made specifically for canines. You can also make a request about what scent you prefer your dog to have. 

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If you’re having issues with the smell of your Boston Terrier, you can try any of the suggested ways above to keep your dog from smelling bad.

Most importantly, know the reason why your dog stinks. Aside from ensuring your dog gets the correct hygiene, it might already have an underlying condition that you need to address as soon as possible.