What Can I Do to Help My Boston Terrier Lose Weight

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As an owner, being too affectionate and treating your pet with treats and heavy meals can make it overweight. And, being overweight for a long time can harm your pet’s health and put its life at risk. This guide shares all about what I can do to help my Boston Terrier lose weight, which will help you get your pet back in shape.

What Can I Do to Help My Boston Terrier Lose Weight?

The most effective way to help your Boston Terrier lose weight is to adjust the portion of its meals and ensure it gets some exercise. Switching to lighter, healthier treats can have a tremendous impact on weight, too.

How Can Obesity Affect Boston Terrier’s Condition?

As said earlier, gaining a few pounds can be normal and could be reversed with proper care and attention. But when the limit and time exceeds, serious medical attention should be given to the pet immediately.

Excessive obesity is home to diseases. It not only distorts the physical appearance of your Boston Terrier but also can slow down the metabolism in its body. This eventually leads to shortening the life of your dog by several years.

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Ways to Overcome Obesity in a Boston Terrier

Adjust the Portion of Meal

The average weight of a Boston terrier ranges from 11.02 lbs to 15 lbs. According to pet nutritionists, the amount of food intake for a dog depends on its weight. The heavier the pet, the more food intake it will be for it.

Thus, one needs to keep a check on their pet’s weight once in a while and feed them accordingly. Ideally, for an 11 to 15 lbs dog, one should serve 1/3 to 1 1/3 cup of dog food to their pet. 

If the pet is getting obese, one should avoid cutting their pet’s diet strictly to half or less in one go. It is because their food intake and requirement has increased in this meanwhile.

Thus, cutting their nutrition value would make them malnourished and would do more harm. Make sure the shift in diet is slow and gradual.


Exercise is one of the fundamental ways to reduce the excess weight of your pet. When your pet would exercise, the fat on its body would start burning gradually. These stored adipose molecules would become an energy source when the body would be under stress (exercise).

Also, the metabolic rate of your pet would rate getting back to normal. Not only would they stop falling short of breath, but they also start feeling more energetic. You can try various fun exercise ideas to help your dog lose weight.

A nice long walk can do wonders for the pet if one stays dedicated and consistent. One can also play with their Boston Terrier in their yards or indulge in quick physical activities once a day.

But remember! Doing heavy exercise in hot summer can be dangerous for your dog.

The body is still in the process of being active. Hence if one tries to overpush the limit, it can lead to excess fatigue, heatstroke, and even collapse of the dog.

No Heavy Treats

Boston Terriers can start early in eating treats. Treats are an excellent way to keep your dog motivated during heavy workouts. But, giving treats that have high calorific value can do more harm than good.

One should be mindful that the treats don’t have a higher calorific value than required. Ideally, you should avoid treat bags that have more than 10 to 12 calories. Also, try not to give such treats when your pet dog is on weight loss therapy.

Dog treats coming out of a paper bag

But if your pet appreciates a treat a lot, then consider giving healthy treats to it. For example, feeding your Boston with low-calorie veggies like carrots and unsalted beans as treats can help a lot.

Say No to Leftovers

In most households, people often feed their dogs with table scraps. But one should know that these leftover meals have calorie content as per human needs and not pet dogs. Thus, even if you are feeding a small amount to your pet, the calorie intake would still be high.

Therefore, one should switch from feeding table scraps to healthy alternatives. Many dog food brands in the market are a perfect fit for your pet’s food requirements and are less expensive. One can also feed their Boston boiled fruits and vegetables as they have the right amount of nutrients for your dog.

Feed Them From Time to Time

There is a misconception among people that eating less than required and cutting off the meal can help them lose weight. But sadly, that’s not possible.

The same is the case with your Boston. If your Boston is food motivated, then cutting off the meal intake is not a good idea.

Thus, feed your dog with the right choice and amount of food in proper intervals to help it lose weight.

See a Veterinarian

Apart from increased food intake, there could be other factors for your dog to be overweight. These factors may include age, genetic disorder, or disease. Thus, you should seek the suggestion of an expert before landing to any cure or conclusion.

Remember, your vet knows your pet better!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Boston Terrier Fat?

Too much food and too little exercise leads to weight gain in Boston Terriers. If your dog gets tired a little faster than usual, it may be putting on some unhealthy pounds.

How Much Should a Boston Terrier Weigh?

A healthy Boston Terrier weighs 25 pounds. Any heavier, and your dog is drifting towards the “unhealthy” category.

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What Exercises Will Help Reduce My Boston Terrier’s Weight?

A good old fashioned walk every day will make your dog healthier and also help it feel happier and more active.

Using treat puzzles, moving the bowls upstairs, and introducing fun toys at playtime are some other things you can do to help your dog lose weight.


Obesity is the leading cause of fatal disease in dogs. Research reveals that increased body weight is the leading cause of diabetes, pancreatitis, and cardiovascular diseases in dogs.

The advents of these diseases are independent of the animal’s age and are highly influenced by their surroundings and food intake.

The researchers advise pet owners that they should not make their pet food motivated and focus on getting them indulged in physical activities. By doing this, dogs like Boston can be in their shape and lead a healthy and normal lifestyle.