What Breed of Yorkshire Terrier Is Black & White?

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A black and white Yorkshire Terrier is one of those unusual and rare colorings to find in Yorkshire Terriers. From a history of being looked down upon, Yorkshire Terriers have evolved into one of the latest recognized mesmerizing breeds that pet lovers are obsessed with. So, what breed of Yorkshire Terrier is black and white?

What Breed of Yorkshire Terrier Is Black & White?

The breed of Yorkshire Terrier that is black and white is called the Biewer Terrier. (Pronounced as “Biever”). You may come across some people referring to this rare breed as a Parti-Yorkie derived from the uncommon parti color they have. Biewer Terriers are now set aside from Yorkie Terriers as a breed of their own because of their unique genealogy.

A Biewer Yorkshire terrier playing with a tri-colored dog toy on the grass field

Did you know that the Biewer Terrier was unfairly once considered a low-quality undesirable Yorkshire Terrier? This breed has quite an interesting history that makes it the special breed it is today. So, where did Biewer Terriers originate from?

Brief History of Biewer Terriers and When the AKC Recognized Them

Breeders used to believe that Parti Yorkies came from an impure bloodline. They just popped up in the Yorkshire Terrier breed, having an unusual white color and no explanation.

Brief History of the Black and White Yorkie

The Biewer Terrier first appeared in a Yorkshire Terrier litter of the late German breeders Werner and Gertrud Biewer in 1984. They were amazed by their unique coloring and started producing them; however, it was not until two years later that the Parti-Yorkie began drawing attention to breeders. Back then, Parti-Yorkies were not recognized by The German Kennel Club.

Breeders did not want Parti-Yorkies bred with their purebred Yorkshire Terriers because they believed it would negatively impact their business. They began killing off Parti-Yorkie pups; however, the Parti-Yorkie’s recessive gene kept being passed on to future purebred Yorkshire Terriers because there weren’t any physical markers to distinguish them.

Mrs. Gloria Lipman received petition approval in 2000 after accidentally breeding two Yorkshire Terriers carrying the Part-Yorkie recessive gene, and The German Kennel Club accepted them as a new breed. The AKC, however, carried out extensive research for years and found out that there were more breeders with Parti Yorkies than Mrs. Lipman.

Recognition of the Biewer Terrier by the American Kennel Club

In 2000, the Biewer Terrier fell in popularity in Germany as the number of breeders dropped significantly. As Biewer Terriers began coming into America, their popularity began rising again. In 2021, The AKC recognized the Biewer Terrier as the 197th fully-fledged Toy Group breed.

Two Biewer Yorkshire terrier puppies playing with a tri-colored dog toy on a grass field

Physical Appearance and Genealogy of Black and White Yorkies

Biewer Terriers can appear smaller in size than Yorkshire Terriers. Other than having the white color uncommon in Yorkshire Terriers, you probably wouldn’t be able to spot the major difference between the two breeds.

Physical Appearance

Biewer Terriers grow to an average height of 7 to 8 inches. As adults, this breed can weigh between 4 to 7 pounds. Biewer terriers can have a long double coat, and their rounded heads tend to be slightly more prominent than the rest of their body.

Genealogy of Parti Yorkies

Mars Veterinary geneticists suggest that the Biewer Terrier is a bonafide breed stemming from the dominant traits of the breeds:

  • Maltese
  • Havanese
  • Yorkshire Terriers

A recessive gene known as the Piebald gene from purebred Yorkshire Terriers is responsible for this genetic variation in Yorkshire Terriers. When two Yorkshire Terriers with this recessive gene breed, a Biewer Terrier may occur in the litter.

Feeding Requirements and Grooming Needs of Biewer Terriers

Black and white Yorkies are healthy dogs that don’t need many specifications regarding their diet. However, they have a sensitive gastrointestinal system that can be affected by the food you give them.

Feeding Requirements

Raw food is generally the best diet for any dog. You’ll notice that your Terrier will smell better, feel better and grow better with a healthy raw diet. You’ll want to feed your Biewer Terrier a well-balanced 15% low-protein diet with about 15% fat.

For improved immunity, provide your dog with macronutrients and calcium that nourish its gut and bones. To avoid Hypoglycemia, ensure your Terrier eats a square meal at least ninety minutes before going for extensive exercise.

Grooming Needs

Biewer Terriers require extensive grooming because of their long hair. Though the hair texture may resemble humans, you’ll need to invest in a good dog shampoo with a low risk of inflicting an allergic reaction on your dog’s skin. Regular brushing, about 3 to 4 times a week, is essential to keep their coat unmatted, healthy, and glossy.

The Personality of the Parti Yorkie

According to the AKC, the Biewer Terrier is a happy-go-lucky dog with a childlike, whimsical attitude. Yorkies are brave little dogs that can be fiercer than they look. They tend to be yappy, especially because they take a while to get used to new people.

A close-up of a Biewer Yorkshire Terrier with eyes wide open and wearing a black collar

You can try to tackle this problem at an early age by socializing your dog with people and other dogs too. Overall, Biewer Terriers are protective and can be a good alert dog when someone intrudes on your house. Even though they love being lap dogs, you’ll find them curled up at their owners’ feet with plenty of exercise, training, and activity to keep them stimulated, obedient and happy.

Related Questions

If you still have a question or two about the Biewer Terrier, you may find some answers to some of the related questions we have answered below about this breed.

How Long Does the Coat of the Black and White Parti Yorkie Grow if Left Unattended?

If left unattended, the hair of the black and white Parti-Yorkie can grow up to 2 feet long. However, this can be challenging to maintain, causing matted hair and excessive production of the natural oils that moisturize its coat. Trimming is essential for a manageable, healthy, neat coat.

How Much Does a Black and White Yorkie Cost?

Depending on its history, breeding, location, a black and white Yorkie can cost you from about $1400 to $4000. Their rareness makes them very expensive compared to other Yorkies. If you find a breeder selling them at a suspiciously low price, think twice.


Although few, many breeders breed intentionally to keep this breed alive. Black and white Yorkshire Terriers are popular for a reason. They are adorable, jolly, and loving and are great companions that you can even carry around in your dog-suited handbag.