What Breed Is a Pit Bull Terrier?

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The Pit Bull Terrier is a family dog that was initially bred for baiting the bulls. This breed has been through several stages of evolution over the ages. These dogs were farm dogs for a while, after which people started to take this breed into houses as family dogs.

They are purebred dogs, and there is a good chance that you might find them at rescue shelters or dog care shelters. If you have plans to get a Pit Bull Terrier, gathering all possible information about the breed would be great. 

What Breed Is A Pit Bull Terrier?

Pit Bull Terriers are a mix of British bulldogs and terriers. It is a 19th-century dog breed and is a fighting-type dog. Dogs of this breed are family dogs as well as worthy participants in dog fighting sports.

Also, Pit Bull Terriers have an aggressive tendency, and there are regulations from the government for their training and ownership. This purebred Pit Bull Terrier has the strength of the Pit Bulldog and the agility of a terrier. 

Pit Bull Terrier puppy

There is more about this breed that you should know. Do not just limit yourself to the knowledge on what breed is a Pit Bull Terrier. But instead, dig deep into the facts and considerations to be a good owner of a Pit Bull Terrier.

This article will provide you with a clear insight into the actual attributes of Pit Bull Terriers. 

Things You Should Know About The Pit Bull Terrier Breed

When you hear the word ‘bull,’ you think about physique, robustness, energy, toughness, and agility. Pit Bull Terriers also possess the same qualities, even though they are not actual Pit Bulls. They do have the genes of their parent and have that tough look on their face.

Even though they might seem aggressive from the outside, they are calm and loving from the inside. A Pit Bull Terrier is a mix-breed of a terrier and bulldog.

And this breed is called out to be the most tenacious of all. Pit Bull Terriers are very much emotionally responsive and intelligent. This breed has a square head that looks solid and tough. In addition to that, these dogs have broad jaws over an athletic built body.

Also, Pit Bull Terriers have thick, short and shiny coats that are easy to groom and give out an attractive appeal. In the case of this dog, the tail appears to be straight, and it tapers at the end. 

The chest portion of this dog breed is quite strong and muscular. And the body narrows down towards the rear side of the dog. Further, you can expect the average height of this dog breed to be around 18 inches to 22 inches.

The weight of a puppy Pit Bull Terrier might be somewhere around 22 pounds. The adult Pit Bull Terrier’s weight ranges up to 110 pounds. In fact, the average adult weight for this dog breed is between 35 to 55 pounds. 

These dogs prefer staying in warm climates and are usually healthy, without any adversities. But some of the dogs might have certain conditions such as grass allergies, congenital heart problems, hereditary cataracts, and other such problems.

It might be due to inappropriate breeding or other such factors. Therefore, for this breed, it is better to consult with vets periodically to prevent serious problems. 

Apart from these important considerations, there are few more things for you to keep in mind when you decide to buy Pit Bull Terriers. They are:

Pit Bull Terrier puppy
  1. Proper socialization is a must! You cannot take the risk of not socializing your Pit Bull Terrier with other pets and humans. This dog is aggressive in nature when someone challenges them. Therefore, it will be difficult for the owner to control the dog’s anger without excellent training and socialization.
  2. Make sure you adopt positive training methods for your Pit Bull Terrier. Also, do not put up army-level robust training for these dogs. It might turn them to become more aggressive in the long run. 
  3. The life expectancy for Pit Bull Terriers is around 12 years, depending upon their good health and heart condition. 

This is a complete elaboration on the breed details for Pit Bull Terriers. Knowing just about the parent breeds will not help you understand these intelligent and strong dogs.

All this information that explains their personalities and characteristics will collectively help you be a good Pit Bull Terrier owner. Lack of knowledge will lead you to end up with regrets, and you might abandon the dog.

Behavioral Traits Of A Pit Bull Terrier

As of now, you are well aware of the characteristics of the Pit Bull Terrier breed. But the article cannot sum up without putting up some light on their behavioral traits. So, let’s check them out to help you know what you can expect from this breed:

  1. A Pit Bull Terrier will do anything that pleases its master. This dog often keeps a particular thing in mind and repeats it to make its master happy. 
  2. Pit Bull Terriers have the ability to replicate or portray human-like behavior or emotions. There have been pieces of evidence and stories shared by owners that prove the same. 
  3. Also, Pit Bull Terriers believe in ruling their territory. And, they do not want any animal or dog to enter their area. They tend to be very much aggressive when other animals violate this. But with ideal training and socialization from an early age, this can be avoided. 
  4. Pit Bull Terriers are not to be left around toddlers or children without any adult supervision. Even though a Pit Bull Terrier has good tolerance towards children, it is not always the dog that turns out to be aggressive, but it can react to the situation differently. Children might mistakenly hurt the dog, and this can lead to problems. Hence, to be on the safer side, it is better not to leave children or toddlers along with a Pit Bull Terrier. 
  5. Proper grooming and health considerations are essential for Pit Bull Terriers. And if you manage to do so over time, the dog will live a healthy and happy life throughout its life span. 
  6. Pit Bull Terriers are best companions for their masters. They want to settle down with you over the couch, play with you, and chill out on the weekends by your side. 
Pit Bull Terrier
  1. Force-free training methods should be preferable for Pit Bull Terriers. It is because this breed is very much intelligent, obedient, and sensitive. Therefore, using force in their training sessions will make them aggressive, and they might start to disobey you. To learn more about force-free training, don’t forget to check out this informative article
  2. Pit Bull Terriers are very courageous and do not show unwanted aggression towards unknown people or strangers. They have the mindset of protecting their owners with their lives and guard their property as well. 
  3. You will find Pit Bull Terriers to be easily sociable. Though they look tough, they are very affectionate. 
  4. Pit Bull Terriers do need regular exercise to channelize their energy and to stay fit. These dogs are very much athletic and can easily scale small fences. If the fence is too big for them to scale or jump, they can also dig their way out of it. Therefore, remember to have a long fence with a deep underneath foundation. 

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Is A Pit Bull Terrier Ideal For First-Time Dog Owners?

No, Pit Bull Terriers are not an ideal breed for first-time owners. One needs to have some experience handling dogs before they can bring in a powerful, muscular, intelligent, and demanding dog home. And if you are willing to get a Pit Bull Terrier as your first dog, you need to know everything about it.

What Is the Difference Between A Pit Bull Terrier And A Pit Bull?

Pit Bull is a different breed of dog, which is bred from Old English Bulldogs. But Pit Bull Terrier is a mix of bulldog and terrier. Both of the breeds do possess similar strength, but some characteristics also differ from one another.

For example, Pit Bulls are more stubborn and somehow slightly more aggressive when challenged than Pit Bull Terriers. If you intend to know more about the difference between Pit Bull Terrier and Pit Bull, read this article, which describes the things an owner needs to keep in mind while getting a Pit Bull Terrier.


Pit Bull Terrier is a reputed breed, and many professional breeders have them in stock. But you will also find many Pit Bull Terriers ending up at dog shelters or care homes due to abandonment. Therefore, it is better to visit an adoption center to give a lost Pit Bull Terrier home than to buy a new puppy.

The dog will love you and care for you the same way you will shower love towards them.