What Is the Best Harness for My Boston Terrier? [2021 Review]

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Does your Boston Terrier love to go for a walk? You may be asking, what is the best harness for my Boston Terrier? Well, we’ve got good news for you! In this article, we reviewed four of the best harnesses for your Boston Terrier, so let’s walk you through them. 

Our Top Boston Terrier Harness Reviews 

Walking is one of the best exercises for Boston Terriers. So, here you are looking for a harness that will make it the best experience for both of you. The best harness for your Boston Terrier will make walking or training easier and more fun.

Let us start with the best overall harness for your Boston Terrier.

Best Harness for Boston Terrier Overall: Gooby Comfort X Head-in Dog Harness

The Gooby Comfort X Head-in Small Dog Harness is one of the best harnesses for Boston Terriers. It is made of microsuede trimming of polyester mesh fabric making it extremely breathable, lightweight, wrinkle-free, and cool on your Boston Terrier’s skin. The Gooby Comfort X Harness uses a patented choke-free X frame design to ensure the safety of your dog.

Gooby Comfort X Head In Harness - Black, Small - No Pull Small Dog Harness, Patented Choke-Free X Frame - Perfect on the Go Dog Harness for Medium Dogs No Pull or Small Dogs for Indoor and Outdoor Use

The X frame stylish design makes sure that the harness sits below the neck and throat area eliminating pressure and choking. It has a D-ring for leash attachment placed at the back putting any pulling force on the shoulders and chest of your Boston Terrier, and not on the neck to prevent airway obstruction.

This harness is easy to wear and easily adjustable around the chest area just like the Gooby Soft All-Weather Mesh Dog Harness. As for the sizing, measure the large part of your Boston’s chest and follow the sizing chart given. The harness may not hold your Boston Terrier properly if the size is not right, same as the Ecobark’s Innovative Mesh Dog Harness.

Though it provides a secure lock, its buckle may be relatively big. 


  • It can be machine washed with cold water. Make sure to air dry it.
  • It dries up quickly after being wet
  • It uses light materials making it not so heavy to carry for your Boston


  • Since the buckle on the side of the chest is relatively large, it can pinch your dog so you must be careful when putting it

Best Boston Terrier Harness for the Money: Ecobark’s Classic Dog Harness

The Ecobark’s Innovative Mesh Dog Harness is a strong ultra-padded vest with recycled straps made from water bottles. Its environmental-friendly materials are durable, safe for your Boston Terrier’s body, and escape-proof. Its soft and breathable double-layered mesh fabric provides a comfortable, lightweight feel, and distributes your Boston’s weight equally to prevent choking.

Classic Dog Harness Innovative Mesh No Pull No Choke Design Soft Double Padded Breathable Vest for Eco-Friendly Easy Control Walking Quick Release for Puppies Toy Breeds & Small Dogs (Small, Blue)

Its full-body collar is best for walking or running. Since it is breathable and lightweight, it will not be irritating to your Boston Terrier’s skin and he will enjoy the walk. Similar to Gooby Comfort X Head-in Small Dog Harness, it has a no-pull and no-choke design, making sure that the throat is not compressed, for easy breathing.

This harness is made more comfortable with an anti-rub technology with a custom stitched cover to protect from chafing, due to straps rubbing and scratching your Boston Terrier’s chest and legs. It also provides a high level of strength and safety. Similar to the Gooby Soft All-Weather Mesh Dog Harness, it has a big buckle as well.

The scraps can be a downside if it keeps on scratching your dog’s side or chest.


  • It has an adjustable belt to give more room for growth
  • It does not restrict your dog from moving
  • Its buckle is secured and easy to remove which makes it better for small dogs
  • It can be used under any weather because of its mesh fabric


  • A wrong measurement can lead to slipping or escaping, make sure to get one in the right size

Best Cheap Harness for Boston Terrier: Gooby Mesh Dog Harness

The Gooby Soft All-Weather Mesh Dog Harness is made of 100% polyester breathable mesh. This fabric is comfortable, lightweight, and offers a cooling effect to keep your Boston Terrier at ease. It is also wrinkle-free, maintaining its shape and support for the body. It is thinner and lighter than the Gooby Comfort X Head-in Small Dog Harness.

Gooby Soft Mesh Dog Harness - Blue, Small - All Weather Mesh Head-in Small Dog Harness with D Ring Leash - Perfect on The Go Breathable Dog Harness for Medium Dogs No Pull and Small Dogs

This harness, like the first two on the list, has a design that does not pull on the neck yet gives ultimate support on the chest. It can easily be adjusted around the chest as well. Its suede outline prevents abrasion or scratching on your Boston Terrier’s skin.

However, unlike the Gooby Comfort X Head-in, Small Dog Harness and Ecobark’s Innovative Mesh Dog Harness is not a choke-free design, which can be a disadvantage. 


  • Its comfortable mesh is best for indoor or outdoor activities
  • It can be machine-washed with cool water, don’t forget to air dry afterward


  • You should pay attention to the sizing, a large size doesn’t mean it is for big dogs

Best Lightweight Harness for Boston Terrier: iChoue Harness

The iChoue Easy Adjustable and Lightweight Harness is high-quality nylon-webbed fabric and inner neoprene padding to protect your Boston. It is a no-pull harness that is both compact and lightweight. This harness is very simple and makes your Boston Terrier feel like they are not wearing one.

iChoue Dog Harness Easy On and Off Adjustable Harness Lightweight Harness with Handle for Small and Medium Dogs - Red L

This harness is durable and robust because of its reinforced sewing to the webbing. The webbing has a layer of cotton for added comfort. Just like the Gooby Comfort X Head-in Small Dog Harness, it doesn’t put pressure on your Boston’s neck.

Its chest area keeps the pressure out of your Boston’s neck. The handle at the back can be used to stop your dog immediately from going somewhere else. Unlike the rest on the list, it has two reflective lines making it visible in dark areas. On the downside, the chest part is not as supportive as the other harnesses on the list.


  • This harness is easy to put on and take off from your dog
  • It has two adjustable belts with double-protection buckles which makes the harness fit well on your dog’s body
  • Since it is so lightweight, it is good for everyday use


  • If you want more chest support and protection, this harness may not be as good as the others on the list

Features to Consider on a Harness for Boston Terrier

Comfort is the number one consideration when you are looking for a harness that is best for your Boston Terrier. But aside from that, there are other features to consider when it comes to a comfortable harness. Here’s a list of the features that you need to take into consideration before buying a harness for your Boston.

Here’s a table of comparisons as a quick guide:

Product Padding Breathable No-pull and No-choke design Handle 
Gooby Comfort X Head-in Dog HarnessThin paddingYes YesNone
Ecobark’s Classic Dog HarnessUltra-paddedYesYesNone
Gooby Soft All-Weather Mesh Dog HarnessThin paddingYesNo-pull feature onlyNone
iChoue Easy Adjustable and Lightweight HarnessNeoprene paddingYesYesYes

Padded Material

Boston Terriers don’t have an undercoat, rather, they have a thin, slick coat. Constant rubbing and scratching of an object to their skin can be irritating. Padding can help prevent the continuous scratching of the harness on the skin. Make sure to choose a harness that fits your Boston Terrier as well.

The iChoue Easy Adjustable and Lightweight Harness has a neoprene inner padding to provide more comfort for your Boston. It may look the thinnest on the list, but it can give as much comfort. Ecobark’s Innovative Mesh Dog Harness is a good example as well.

Boston Terrier out for a walk


Boston Terriers are known to have a brachycephalic face. They typically have short snouts which can be a cause of breathing problems. Allowing them to wear too compressing and not breathable harnesses can add up to the problem. Choose a harness that is made of a breathable and lightweight fabric.

The Gooby Comfort X Head-in Small Dog Harness is made of a microsuede, mesh fabric that is unbelievably lightweight and breathable. However, the iChoue Easy Adjustable and Lightweight Harness is the lightest of them all.

No-Pull Feature

Some harnesses constrict on the armpit of your dog if they are pulling too much towards a certain direction. This kind of feature is harsh and can cause irritation and scratches on the armpit and chest of your Boston. Opt for a harness that offers a no-pull feature. It may be a little hard to pull your dog back on the right track, yet you’re sure that he is not hurt so much.

Ecobark’s Innovative Mesh Dog Harness offers a no-pull, no-choke design for your Boston.

Quick Tip: If your dog keeps on pulling in a certain direction, do not pull back nor follow. Just stand still, wait for him to calm down, then lead him on again – either in the direction he wants to go or to where you’re supposed to go. This way, he will learn that pulling is not good.

Weight Distribution

One of the common problems of Boston Terriers is catching or losing their breath because of their facial features. You can prevent this if the harness that you are using distributes the weight to the chest and back of your Boston. Compressing the weight on the neck will result in airway obstruction.

A good example of this are the Gooby Soft All-Weather Mesh Dog Harness and the Ecobark’s Innovative Mesh Dog Harness.

Secure Handle

We can find this in the iChoue Easy Adjustable and Lightweight Harness. A rear handle can help you control your Boston Terrier, especially in emergency situations. Usually, a rear handle is also used as a seat belt attachment when riding a car to keep your dog safe.

Boston Terrier wearing a red harness

Rings and Clasps

The rings and clasps are two of the most important things to consider in a harness and leash. The ring should be placed in an area where it will not cause constriction on your Boston’s neck. In the Gooby Comfort X Head-in Small Dog Harness, the D-ring is placed perfectly at the back of the harness. 

It allows you to control your Boston while protecting them from choking. The clasps should also be secure enough to make sure that your Boston will not escape.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Choose the Best Harness for My Boston Terrier?

In choosing the best harness for your Boston Terrier, you have to consider the design after the comfort and the right fit. Get the size of your dog’s chest and neck using a flexible tape measure. A harness that is too tight can cause itchiness and irritation to your Boston Terrier, and it can also constrict their airway. 

Should My Boston Terrier Puppy Use a Harness?

Boston Terrier puppies can use a harness once they are leash trained already. If not, then we recommend training them with a leash first, then with a harness. Starting with a harness immediately can make them feel more restricted which will cause them to pull even more. Also, a harness can give more protection than a leash.

Should I Keep My Boston Terrier’s Collar on While Wearing a Harness?

A Boston Terrier can wear a collar and a harness together as long as he’s comfortable with it. A collar is good if it contains your dog’s information in case he escapes. Another thing, in case the ring of the harness gets broken, you can use the collar as an alternative. Just make sure that your Boston Terrier is not choking.

Which Is Better for My Boston Terrier, Harness or Collar?

If you are going to choose between a harness and a collar for a Boston Terrier, we recommend that you choose a harness. Unlike a collar that can cause choking on your Boston Terrier, a good quality harness can prevent that. A harness can also distribute the weight to the chest and back rather than constricting it to the neck. 


A harness can make or break your Boston Terrier’s walking experience. In choosing a harness, take into consideration their features to make sure that you are giving them the right amount of comfort and support while walking. Generally, the best harness for your Boston Terrier should be breathable, lightweight, and comfortable.