What Are the Signs That a Boston Terrier Loves You

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Becoming a parent to a Boston Terrier might seem a bit overwhelming. Each breed has its way of communicating; thus, most of us are not that well-versed in decoding the language used by our pets initially. You might wonder what are the signs that a Boston Terrier loves you if you own one.  

What Are the Signs That a Boston Terrier Loves You?

The first sign you need to look out for decoding your Boston Terrier’s love is to see if it is following your command. Listening to you and following you is one of the major ways it shows its love and respect to you as a leader. It trusts you to the fullest and is sure that you are its ally.

Sign 1: Protecting You and Your Home 

Being protective of one another is a sign of love, be it humans or animals. Protecting you and your home is one of the major gestures through which a Boston Terrier shows its love for you.

It is concerned about your well-being and does not want to lose you. It wants you safe and keeps your home free from any intruders.

A dressed Boston Terrier sitting on a person's lap

Sign 2: Starts Nosing You

You might have seen in a lot of pet videos that dogs put their nose on their owners and smell them. It is their way of knowing you better, and they are interested in knowing about your health and the places you have been to.

So if your Boston Terrier starts nosing you, understand it is open to strengthening your bond and is looking forward to knowing more about its beloved owner. 

Sign 3: Making Eye Contact With You

Oxytocin is the hormone that initiates the feeling of love and bond between a human and a dog. This hormone is released in dogs when they make eye contact with their owners or a person they love.

So when your Boston Terrier is continuously making eye contact with you, there is no neglect that it truly loves you and will always look out for you.

Sign 4: Putting Itself Into Vulnerable Positions

If a Boston Terrier is putting itself into vulnerable positions around you, that means it is letting its guard down.

As a result, it will often lay on its back and start to feel comfortable around you, highlighting the factor of trust that it has developed for you. You can take advantage of this time to check if the dog has the dandruff.

Sign 5: Licking You

It is observed that dogs groom each other by licking, and they also act submissive while doing it.

Therefore, when your Boston Terrier starts licking you, understand that it includes you in its pack and look upon you as a friend. 

Sign 6: Excited When You Come Home

If your Boston Terrier is excited when you come home, it means looking forward to hanging out with you.

This behavior suggests that it is excited about you and enjoys your company.

Sign 7: Making You Rub Its Belly

If your Boston Terrier is making you rub its belly, understand that it is making itself vulnerable around you.

Animals tend to act vulnerable around the ones they feel safe with and remember sometimes vulnerability is the definition of love.

A dog lying on a gray sofa with teary eyes

Sign 8: Keeping Its Pace With You on Walks

When your Boston Terrier is ready to walk, another signal you must look out for is if your Boston Terrier keeps its pace with you on walks.

A dog only keeps its pace with the walker when they completely trust them and love to be around them, and this is a complete signal of love and respect.

If your dog pulls a lot during walks, here is a video guide for you that will help you to stop it.

Sign 9: Bringing You Gifts

A Boston Terrier shows its love by bringing you gifts. They want you to feel happy and excited.

So they initiate the bonding by making eye contact and bringing you certain items as gifts. 

Sign 10: Following You Around

If your Boston Terrier is often following you around, it is a perfect sign. It means that they feel comfortable with you and want to spend the maximum time around you.


If you are a new pet parent, here are some considerations that you should have for a healthy relationship with your pet.

  • If your pet does not show any signs mentioned above, it does not mean you are a bad parent/owner. Pets show their affection in many different ways, and you might not be able to recognize it right now, but you will get there with time.
  • If your Boston Terrier has suddenly stopped showing you the signs of love, it might be possible that it is becoming ill or it has undergone an event of distress. 

Points for Strengthening Your Bond

If you have bought or adopted a Boston Terrier recently, here are some points for strengthening your bond:

  • Make sure your Boston Terrier exercises daily, as it gets them fully stimulated. 
  • Provide a proper diet to ensure good health.
  • Provide proper training, as it will help you to understand its behavior.
  • Make sure you take it for regular checkups; it will help you identify potential issues in advance.
  • Do not punish it a lot, as it will feel scared and will hesitate to become friends with you.
A person carrying an orange bag with a Boston Terrier

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Hot Weather Create Problems for Boston Terriers?

A Boston Terrier can face problems in extreme weather, be it hot or cold. It is a short-faced dog and might not sit well with extremities; thus, make sure you do not make your dog do anything beyond its limits.

Are Boston Terriers Friendly With Cats?

Yes, they can be friendly with cats. Boston Terriers have minimal hunting instincts. However, if they have cats around since they are a puppy, they get friendly with cats.


Being a pet owner demands a lot of effort and sacrifices; it is quite similar to being a parent. Each animal has its way of communicating, you just need to decode those signs, and it only happens with time. Vulnerability is one of the most common signs that show affection, be sure you look out for it.