When to Know Your Yorkie’s Mating

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Even if you have adopted a purebred Yorkie from a reputable breeder, you might end up with mixed puppies if you can’t control the breeding. The following guide details how to know your Yorkie’s mating by studying the physical and behavioral changes.

When to Know Your Yorkie’s Mating

Mating is the process by which dogs come together to breed, also known as copulation. Mating occurs mostly when the female Yorkie is on heat, producing the hormonal odor that attracts the male dog. Once the male dog smells this odor, it knows the female is ready to mate.

Two Yorkshire terriers with brown and black coatings sitting on a brown couch

Generally, Yorkies breed when they are 2 to 5 years of age. Although knowing when the dogs are mating or going to mate can be challenging, the following signs can help you know when the dog is on heat or already mated.

Moisture on the Female Yorkie

The male Yorkie tends to lick the female Yorkie all over her body to entice her into the act. The female dog might also lick the area around its genitalia as a way of cleaning itself after copulation, making the parts watery.

If you find drips of the male Yorkie’s saliva around the withers, genitalia, or at the top line of your female Yorkies, it indicates that the dog is mating.

Rolling on the Ground

Although the Yorkies’ rolling behavior might be a sign of an itching skin or skin infection, both male and female Yorkies tend to roll on the ground after mating.

Typically, during copulation, the Yorkie’s fur gets shaggy, and it tries to roll on the ground to reform it. The female Yorkie also rolls on the ground to dry its wet coat after the male dog licks it before or after mating.

However, rolling on the ground should not take too long after mating. If your Yorkie rolls abnormally, it could be having other health issues like stomach irritations.


The smell results from the release of pheromones from the Yorkie’s sweat glands and apocrine glands, producing an odor that signifies that your dog is mating. If you are familiar with the normal Yorkie’s smell, you may recognize this unique smell, especially shortly after mating.


During the heat cycle, the Yorkies vulva swells and drips a bloody light discharge for around 7 to 10 days, indicating your dog is ready to mate. However, when the Yorkie mates, the discharge slows down, indicating successful fertilization.

During copulation, the male penis swells after ejaculating, forming a knot. On the other hand, the female tends to lock the male penis by contracting its vagina muscles, making the dogs lock together. Locking may take 5 to 45 minutes, depending on whether the Yorkie is mating for the first time.

During this time, the male Yorkie forces its penis out of the vagina after ejaculation. This makes the female’s genitalia swollen, which is a sign of mating. Also, the male penis might remain erect for more than 15 minutes before returning to its prepuce.

Behavior Change in Male Yorkie

Normally, male dogs do not go into heat. Instead, their reproductive state changes when they encounter a female in heat. These are some of the common behavioral changes that might indicate your male Yorkie is mating.

  • Generally, Yorkies are known for being noisy. If the make is mating, it may suddenly become calm
  • Male Yorkies tend to lose appetite and draw their attention to the female in heat
  • After mating, male Yorkies tend to lose focus and interest in the females
  • After the two dogs slip apart after copulation, the male Yorkies tongue becomes more watery as it licks its prepuce and penis

Behaviour Change in Female Yorkie

Like other dog breeds, the female Yorkie moves the tail side to side, indicating that she is in heat and ready for mating. If you find her dripping blood from her genitalia, it means she has already mated and is not ready for any more mating.

You may notice that the females become unfriendly, especially around the male Yorkies. The dog might even appear sluggish or sleep for longer hours. You may also notice an abnormal gait from the female dog.

However, not all female Yorkies get unfriendly and aggressive around the male dog after copulation. Some may stay calm and separate their usual selves after mating.

Abnormal Urination

You might notice abnormal urination during the estrus period. Usually, the female dog tends to develop a marking behavior by peeing around your home and on objects.

The urine contains hormones and pheromones, which she uses to send her reproductive state to the male dogs. This behavior change stops gradually after the estrus season.

Keep in mind that abnormal urination may also result from urinary tract infections, liver or kidney disease, or diabetes. Therefore, it is advisable to take your Yorkie to the veterinarian for a checkup to avoid serious health conditions.

Yorkshire terrier with black and brown coatings seated on a grass field


Pregnancy is the last sign that your dog is mating. You might realize your Yorkies’ nipples are enlarging, and the female Yorkshire is gaining weight. The dog might even start losing appetite. However, the appetite may increase during the second half of the pregnancy.

At this stage, it is advisable to visit your dog’s veterinarian for a professional checkup and guide you on how to treat your Yorkie if it tests positive for pregnancy.

Frequently Ask Questions

How Often Will a Yorkie Be In Heat?

Mostly, the Yorkies have two heat cycles per year that happen at an interval of 6 months, which tends to remain timely at the age of 2 to 3 years. However, the heat cycle might be unpredictable for older Yorkies.

Can a Yorkie Get Pregnant by Multiple Dogs?

Yes, like many dog breeds, Yorkies produce several mature eggs and release them at the same time. If your Yorkie mates with multiple dogs, the mixture of sperm will fertilize the eggs during ovulation, commonly known as superfecundation.

How Long Do Yorkies Stay In Heat?

The female Yorkies may stay in heat for around 10 to 14 days. However, this duration depends on health and lifestyle factors, as some Yorkies take up to 30 days. If the Yorkie gets successful fertilization during the heat period, the bleeding and light discharge will stop.


It can be challenging to know your Yorkie’s mating patterns, and you need to study the behavioral and physical changes to determine whether your Yorkie has mated or not. A female Yorkie might have swollen genitals after mating.