What Are Boston Terrier Dogs Like?

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Dogs have different personalities, looks, and needs, which leads me to the question: what are Boston Terrier dogs like? Learning the breed’s physical traits, temperament, living requirements, and even their quirks would help me understand Boston Terriers better.

What Are Boston Terrier Dogs Like?

Boston Terriers are friendly, smart, and affectionate dogs with bursts of energy. Their good-nature and cheerful disposition make them ideal family pets.

Appearance-wise, they have short, compact bodies with flat faces and perky ears, making them look like dashing little fellows in a tuxedo.

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General Temperament of Boston Terriers 

Known as the American Gentleman, Boston Terriers have a myriad of behavioral traits. Whether the good or the bad, all of these show what a Boston Terrier is like.

  • Caring Companion: Boston Terriers are among the few breeds that were originally bred for companionship, making them excellent dogs for kids and elderly people. 
  • Sociable: This dog is often well-mannered around people, especially since it is eager to please its owner. Besides, early socialization plays a key role in keeping Boston Terriers obedient and sensitive toward people and other animals. 
  • Stubborn: While the breed is trainable, there are times when they feel uncooperative. This headstrong trait often stems from a lack of attention and sadness. However, I can train their obedience, even with one to two short training sessions per week.  
  • Clever: Their minds have two sides, the mischievous and intellectual parts. While they like showing off tricks and commands they learn, they also tend to use their knowledge in exhibiting clownish behavior. 
  • Protective: Boston Terriers are loyal and feisty creatures, causing them to bark or become territorial if they sense threats or intruders. They don’t generally become aggressive unless they sense danger.  
  • Quiet: They can be calm when they want to, yet would still bark, particularly if they feel territorial. 
  • Energetic: Their bold and playful nature causes them to be eager for games and walks. Even if they have high energy levels, they don’t require intense activities. Most of the time, fetching is enough.

Physical Characteristics

The Boston Terrier inherits the facial features of its Bulldog relatives, as evident by their brachycephalic or flat face. Their head is proportional to the short yet compactly built body. 

They usually weigh between 10 to 25 pounds, standing proudly around 16 to 17 inches. No matter what they weigh, they would normally look sturdy, rarely skinny. 

Man wondering what his Boston Terrier is like

As a bobtail breed, a Boston Terrier often gets stub-like, corkscrew tails. They have a short, fine coat that comes with elegant black and white markings. All of these make the Boston Terrier radiate style, grace, strength, and determination. 

Boston Terrier Caring Needs 

By knowing how to care for a Boston Terrier, I also see a glimpse of what the dog is like.

  • Indoor activities: Boston Terriers adore companionship, which causes them to enjoy spending time indoors with people and other pets. Some of them are couch potatoes, while others would run around the house. They adjust well with country and urban homes, so keeping them indoors won’t be a trouble. 
  • Outdoor needs: While the breed also likes spending time outdoors, they don’t wander much, unlike other dogs. However, they do not tolerate hot weather, making them vulnerable to heatstroke.
  • Exercise: Dog obesity is a nutritional disorder impacting up to 40% of dogs in developed countries. I can prevent that by developing exercise routines such as frisbee runs, daily walks, and chasing balls. 
  • Nutrition: Healthy Boston Terriers consume about 0.5 to 1.5 cups of high-quality dry food, divided into two meals per day. 
  • Grooming: Boston Terriers are among the most low maintenance dogs you would encounter, as long as you trim nails and clean the ears properly. They only require weekly baths and brushing of teeth. Some dogs need weekly baths, while others can go once a month. 
Boston Terrier sitting on the grass

Bad Things About Boston Terriers

Every breed has two sides of the coin: the good and the bad. In the case of Boston Terriers, there are some things you need to understand in order to care for Terriers properly. 

As for behavior, Boston Terriers are naturally headstrong, causing them to be stubborn at times. They are also prone to destructive behavior when they feel ignored or forgotten.  

Meanwhile, the flat face of Boston Terriers causes them to have short noses, resulting in a constricted airway. In effect, they tend to snore and wheeze more compared to other breeds. They may also experience health problems such as allergies, deafness, corneal abrasions, and heart diseases.

Their limbs are not suitable for distance running, so opt for gentle jogs instead of extraneous activities to prevent breathing issues. The good thing is that I can counter this through regular checkups, proper nutrition plans, and necessary medication. 

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Related Questions

Still have some inquiries in mind? Let’s answer more of them. 

Can I Leave a Boston Terrier Alone at Home?

Boston Terriers are loyal animals that prefer human company. You can train them to adjust to being alone at home, as long as you leave them in a crate or dog-proof area. They tend to suffer from separation anxiety, so make sure to spend time with them once you return.

Why Do Boston Terriers Lick Everything?

Boston Terriers are a breed that likes to lick anything they can get their tongues to touch. They lick people, other animals, furniture, and even the floor. Similar to other breeds, their licking behaviors may mean a couple of things: to communicate, show affection, or calm themselves. 

Is a Boy or Girl Boston Terrier Better? 

You would most likely deal with neutering for boys, whereas girls require spaying. If you don’t intend to breed and care for a litter of puppies, then there’s no need to insist on owning a female Boston Terrier. Whichever gender you choose, they must get the same attention and for you to cover their essential needs to live. 

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Boston Terriers are among the sweetest, enthusiastic, and most intelligent dogs you can add to your loving home. Their sensitivity helps them switch from a quiet disposition to high energy levels, depending on your mood. At the end of the day, they will do what they do best, and that is being your best friend! 

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