What Airlines Will Fly My Boston Terrier in Cargo?

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Airlines have become more strict in flying pets domestically or abroad. If you’re not sure what airlines can accommodate your Boston Terrier in flight, then you have come to the right place. If you want to know more details about flying your dog, keep reading.

We will tackle different airlines that can and cannot fly your Boston Terrier in cargo.

What Airlines Will Fly My Boston Terrier In Cargo?

Several domestic and international airlines allow the Boston Terrier to fly in cargo. These airlines include Amerijet, Hawaiian Air, and Pacific Air Cargo. Be warned, flying with Boston Terriers or any snub-nosed breed in high-altitude can cause risks to their health.

Unfortunately, most airlines restrict the types of breed you want to fly with you to other places. This breed mainly includes the brachycephalic ones because of their facial structure that affects their breathing. 

Boston Terrier puppy

However, some airlines still allow domestic flights with your Boston Terrier and other snub-nosed dogs.

Domestic Flights

Below are the airlines that allow Boston Terrier in cargo:

  • Pacific Air Cargo: they have a climate-controlled deck with crewmembers assigned to watch your pet while on a flight.
  • Amerijet: it includes seasonal restrictions for English Bulldogs breeds
  • Hawaiian Air: this airline allows brachycephalic breeds, but pets should be inside a crate one size larger to allow air circulation with the extra space.
  • Aloha Air Cargo: it also requires a crate that allows your dog to do simple activities like sitting and standing.

Take note that these airlines fly your pets in cargo. Also, the routes they take are only limited, the reason why it’s still hard to transport your snub-nosed dog breed using these airlines. 

Domestic Airlines that Don’t Fly Boston Terrier and Other Snub-Nosed Breeds

The following airlines prohibit flying short-nosed breeds like Boston Terriers:

  • United Airlines
  • Delta
  • American Airlines
  • Alaska Air

United Airlines used to transport snub-nosed breeds until an incident happened where King Charles Spaniel died in a cargo hold.

United Airlines records the highest rate of death at 2.11 incidents per 10,000 animals.It is followed by Delta with 1.23 incidents per 10,000. The third one is American Airlines with 0.62 incidents per 10,000 animals. 

International Flights Allowing Boston Terriers or Other Snub-Nosed Breeds

We will tackle airlines below that accommodate Boston Terrier or other brachycephalic breeds in flying internationally.

Bulldog being carried by its owner
  • Amerijet: as mentioned earlier, they don’t allow English Bulldogs at certain heat-related restrictions
  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines: allows snub-nosed breeds except for Boston Terrier, Pugs, French and English Bulldogs
  • British Airways: allows other snub-nosed dogs except for breeds bulldogs, pugs and Pekingese and their cross-breeds

Airlines That Allow Snub-nosed Breeds During Winter And Certain Conditions Only

  • Etihad
  • Lufthansa
  • Copa
  • Gulf Air

Alternative for Flying Boston Terriers

Land transportation might be the best or the only option we can have. Aside from the restrictions that are getting more strict, we should also be considering the welfare of our dogs. There are travel agencies specializing in relocating pets both domestically and internationally. 

Aside from saving your pet from health issues brought by the high altitude, land transportation gives you a much lower additional cost for multiple pets. 

Why Airlines Restrict Brachycephalic Breeds to Fly in Cargo

The American Veterinary Medical Association says that short-nosed breeds like the Boston Terriers can’t breathe efficiently compared to dogs with longer snouts. Short-nosed breeds can’t regulate their body temperature when they’re doing activities like exercise, or when they are anxious or overheating. 

The facial structure of Boston Terriers makes them susceptible to breathing problems brought about by the sudden change in the air quality in the cargo.

The airplane’s cargo holds air quality and temperature that severely change during the flight. The sudden temperature change resulted in numerous deaths of snub-nosed pets.

Due to the following issue, the airlines decided to change their pet policy. They allow snub-nosed breeds as long as they are small enough to fit in a crate that can fit under the front seats in the cabin. However, each airline has its own rules on which breed to allow and which not.

American airline on a tarmac

The best way is to look for airlines that can accept and accommodate your dog.

Cost of Flying With Your Dog

The cost may vary according to the destination and the breed of dog you have. 

  • Domestic Flight: flying your dog domestically in the US can cost between $100 to $1000. 
  • International Flight: international flight with your dog is very expensive. It depends on the distance and the size of your dog. It can cost you around $800 to $7000. 

Related Questions

Is It Safe to Fly With a Boston Terrier?

It’s not safe to fly with a Boston Terrier. There’s a high probability that snub-nosed dog breeds like Boston Terriers can die during the flight. They’re having a difficult time breathing even in normal conditions.

Most likely, they’ll have a hard time breathing through high-altitude and when stressed or overheated because of their short nose.

Can My Dog Sit on My Lap During a Flight?

No. Most airlines have strict policies that include letting your pet stay in their carrier the entire flight. The carrier should stay under the seat in front.

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Boston Terriers are a part of our family. Sometimes, moving from one place to another is inevitable, and we can’t leave a family member behind. However, if there are options that could less likely cause them any harm, may we choose to do it.

We should be willing to do a little sacrifice for them.