What Age Should I Stop Breeding My Boston Terrier?

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Breeding your Boston Terrier creates a feeling of excitement as a dog owner. However, it is extremely important to assess yourself if you have enough knowledge of the breeding process — such as your dog’s age when it reaches its breeding limit. So, at what age should I stop breeding my Boston Terrier?

At What Age Should I Stop Breeding My Boston Terrier?

Given that your Boston Terrier is healthy and has normal delivery, your female dog can stop breeding at the age of five years old. On the other hand, male dogs should halt breeding at 10 years old.

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Many veterinarians recommend that you stop breeding your dogs when they reach the age between five and eight. Even kennel clubs set a strict standard of five years old on females. Regarding the male dogs, you should stop breeding them when they reach seven to 10 years old.

It’s because old age causes your dog’s fertility rate to drop. 

Female Dogs Fertility Rate as They Age

As your dog ages, the production of egg cells tends to be lesser. This event reduces the chance of your dog getting pregnant. In general, female dogs usually breed up to eight years. In the case of a Boston Terrier, it belongs to the small breed of dogs. 

Dogs of the small breed cannot go up to five years old until the owner decides to halt it from producing more puppies. In addition to the veterinarians’ age recommendation, female dogs should stop breeding when they reach the capacity of producing four to six litters of puppies. 

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Old age also comes with risks such as stillbirths. This misfortune is possible, especially when every heat cycle, your dog gets pregnant. Pregnancies without breaks can turn to be more laborious for your dog.

Male Dogs Fertility Rate as They Age

Did you know that male dogs mature sexually earlier than female dogs? Interestingly enough, they breed longer than females too, despite that instance. Male dogs can breed up until they are 10 years old. Your dog should completely stop after. 

If female dogs’ production of egg cells decreases as they age, the same fate happens to male dogs’ sperm count. As male dogs turn older, they become less effective in making their female counterparts pregnant. In addition to that, you will also notice a decrease in the number of puppies in every litter. 

That’s another indication to stop your male dog from breeding.

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Factors to Consider In Halting Your Dog Breeding

Despite the age, there are factors that I need to consider first to save the lives of my dogs. As a responsible dog owner, you need to remember these things.

Pregnancy Complications

Vets believe that dogs with complicated pregnancies should be spayed to save their lives and the lives of their future puppies. Boston Terriers that have undergone cesarean sections before shouldn’t be allowed to get pregnant again. 

Dystocia is a condition where the fetus cannot pass through the pelvic canal. Boston Terriers have narrow birth canals. In addition to that, the puppies have wide chests and shoulders, the vet needs to perform a cesarean section to make the labor a success. 

Once the Boston Terrier gets a C-section, the vet spays the dog. There’s a high chance of fetal pelvic disproportion happening in the following pregnancy that can kill both the mother Boston Terrier and the puppies.

Inheritable Conditions

If the mother dog has an inheritable condition like heart problems, then you need to halt breeding it. Inheritable conditions can spread down and can make a certain breed decline. Other inheritable conditions are:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Blindness
  • Thyroid Disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Urinary Bladder Stones
  • Brachycephalic Syndrome

Inheritable conditions or genetic disorders are specific to breeds. You can eliminate the further spread of this disease by researching your dog’s specific breed type. 

Lactating Problems

Another factor why you need to stop breeding your dog is when it has lactating problems. It can cause a problem for future breeding. Lactation plays a vital role in sustaining the puppies, it’s also healthy for them. If the issue occurs in the present situation, it will most likely happen in the future. 

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There are three common types of lactation problems: 

  • Inadequate Milk: This problem is caused by several factors such as hormonal imbalance, a serious illness, or inadequate food intake and malnutrition. If the mother can’t supply enough milk for her puppies, it can cause a problem that needs to be intervened as soon as possible.
  • Eclampsia: Inadequate calcium levels in the blood caused by thyroid problems result in eclampsia. This condition can cause death after giving birth to the puppies, so it must be taken seriously. Eclampsia is common to smaller breed types and dogs giving birth for the first time.
  • Mastitis: Mastitis refers to a mammary infection caused by bacteria in the mammary glands. This problem is characterized by an unusual discharge and a swollen nipple. The puppies will tend to refuse the swollen infected nipple. The mother might refuse to nurse them too.
    • In this case, you need to feed the puppies using bottles.

Related Questions

When Should You Stop Breeding Your Dog?

Veterinarians and kennel clubs suggest stopping your dog from breeding when it reaches eight years old. In terms of other factors such as breed and size, five years old is the strictest. It’s always better to consult your vets before breeding your dogs beyond the set age.

Can a 12 Year Old Dog Have Puppies?

Yes. Dogs can produce puppies for most of their lives. However, breeding dogs at an older age, such as 12, can cause pregnancy complications. I don’t recommend this for your dog’s sake.

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The right age to stop your Boston Terrier from breeding is when they turn five years old for females and 10 years old for males. However, I might want to stop breeding them earlier if complications arise. As responsible dog owners, I need to look after the health of our dogs.