Types of Boston Terriers

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Boston Terrier is a popular Native American breed that is highly affectionate and easy to train. Whether you want to adopt, buy, or breed dogs, knowing the types of Boston Terriers lets you know things about appearance, temperament, nutrition, fitness, grooming, and training.

Types of Boston Terriers

While Boston Terriers were initially bred to be fighting dogs, mixing them with other breeds now result in various characteristics and features. These are the following types of Boston Terriers, and one of them may become your next furry friend.

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The Boskimo is a hybrid cross between American Eskimo and Boston Terrier. It is a great companion dog because of its extraordinarily intelligent and entertaining demeanor. Like a full Boston Terrier, the Boskimo is loving in nature and eager to please its owner.

However, boskimos can be a bit shy and require some socialization before it becomes comfortable with strangers. Both of its parent breeds suffer from separation anxiety, so if you’re not home most of the time, the Boskimo may not be the right type of Boston Terrier for you.


American Boston Bull Terrier

The American Boston Bull Terrier became a crossbreed between the American Pitbull Terrier and Boston Terrier about two decades ago. Its appearance and temperament are similar to both of its parents. Hence, this type of Boston Terrier tends to be stubborn yet smart.

This dog is excellent with kids, being able to serve as a great watchdog. On the downside, Boston Terriers can be difficult to train because of its headstrong personality.

Mini Foxton

Coming from quick-witted dogs Mix Fox Terrier and Boston Terrier, the Mini Foxton is a well-mannered, sensitive, and clever crossbreed, making it easy to train compared to other dogs. This type of Boston Terrier is great to have around people, including children, the elderly, and strangers.

Despite the Mini Foxton’s cute size, it has a curious, brave, and loyal nature, much like its parent breed. Likewise, it tends to prey on small animals, so this may not be the ideal dog for your home if you have pet rodents or reptiles.


The Brusston is the offspring of the Boston Terrier and Brussels Griffon. It is a small-sized dog that has unique comical features. Grooming won’t be much of a problem since Brusston sheds very little.

Combining the goofy side of a Boston Terrier and the mischievous side of a Brussels Griffon, the Brusston is a loving and loyal, yet naughty dog. This breed is ideal for families with children, as it would make a great companion.


The Sharbo is a cross between the Chinese Shar-Pei and Boston Terrier. While both its parents were explicitly bred for dogfighting, today’s Sharbos are among the most loyal and loving companion dogs you’ll see. Still, its roots of being a watchdog make the Shabo a watchful and protective breed.

With a short and coarse coat, Sharbos are not heavy shedders, and they only need minimal grooming. The breed’s agile nature makes it moderately easy to train. Overall, they are bright, adoring, and playful dogs, yet they also tend to become aggressive if their family is under threat.

English Boston-Bulldog

English Boston-Bulldog

The English Boston-Bulldog is a hybrid cross between the English Bulldog and Boston Terrier. It has a small to medium size build with a solid stout body. The hybrid inherits its devotional attitude from both its parents, making it a very committed furry friend.

English Boston-Bulldogs can be sensitive, especially if they are left alone or ignored for too long. It’s a lively breed, in general, although it slows down with age. If you’re considering owning this type of Boston Terrier, know that it doesn’t like the severe cold, yet may also suffer from extreme heat.


The Bosapso is a cross from the Lhasa Apso, an ancient dog breed, and the Boston Terrier, a much newer one. While the appearance may depend on the dominant parent, this hybrid dog tends to be small with either long shaggy or short, tight hair.

Aside from being perceptive, this type of Boston Terrier likes to please people, so training and socialization won’t be much of a challenge. While it is alert like the Boston Terrier, the Lhasa Apso’s sweet temperament makes the Bosapso unfit as a watchdog.

Irish Bostetter

The Irish Bostetter is a mix between the Boston Terrier and Irish Setter that generally weighs between 30 to 45 pounds. It is a playful, intelligent, and sweet dog, much like its parents. The Irish Bostetter is among the most outgoing types of Boston Terriers, as it enjoys playing with its owners, children, and even strangers.

The crossbreed looks like smaller and stouter Irish Setters with some Terrier facial features. If you want a low-maintenance pet, the Irish Bostetter is an excellent option because of its short and soft coat. However, it is more challenging to train Irish Setters compared to other breeds.

Graphic illustration that shows the different kinds of Boston Terriers

Faux Frenchbo Bulldog

Coming from two small-sized breeds, the Faux Frenchbo Bulldog mixes the French Bulldog and Boston Terrier’s bodies and personalities. While the face may mostly resemble a French Bulldog, the Frenchbo takes its athleticism from the Terrier.

This hybrid is loyal, affectionate, and extremely sensitive, which means it needs human companionship and bonding. It loves to cuddle and play, even with kids and strangers. However, it may show a bit of intolerance to other dogs.

Patton Terrier

The Patton Terrier is the result of crossing the Patterdale Terrier with the Boston Terrier. Despite its sturdy and muscular body, this crossbreed has short, straight hair that requires little maintenance.

The Patton Terrier’s attentive and energetic personality makes it an excellent watchdog. This type of Boston Terrier also has an affectionate side, especially to its owner. However, the Patton Terrier is hard to train, so it may not be ideal for inexperienced people.

Boston Terrier


The Bossie is a small to medium-sized crossbreed coming from the Poodle and Boston Terrier. Depending on which parent it takes its appearance from, a Bossie may either have a coat that is:

  • curly
  • short
  • flat
  • stiff
  • tight

The Bossie follows the personality of its parent dogs, being smart yet energetic and stubborn, so if you have harmful items like guns, make sure you have a gun safe in your house that they might reach and play it.

This type of Boston Terrier gets upset when left alone and may become destructive when bored. It also tends to act like it’s the boss, so you need to instill that you are the owner.


The Bo-Dach is a small hybrid dog with the Dachshund and Boston Terrier as parents. Much like the Dachshund, the Bo-Dach has lively expressions. Its short legs and big feet also tend to make its body look goofy.

The Bo-Dach is a great family companion and pet for small kids because of its loving nature and eagerness to bond. Even if it’s small, this type of Boston Terrier has a high energy level, so you need to make time for playing and walking.


The Shibos is a hybrid designer mix between the Boston Terrier and Shiba Inu. The height and weight of both parents are relatively similar, so the appearance may somehow depend on the dominant parent. The body may be stocky like a Shiba Inu, while the legs are long, like a Boston Terrier.

While the Shibos’ parents have contrasting personalities, you can expect this crossbreed to be loyal and affectionate most of the time. Even if a Shibos tends to be aggressive and stubborn, you can control it as the Shiba Inu and Boston Terrier are fairly easy to train.

Woman with a Boston Terrier

Boston Yorkie

The Boston Yorkie is another designer breed, combining the features and personalities of a Boston Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier. This spunky little hybrid has a shaggy and long coat, which means you would need to comb its fur daily.

Aside from being sharp, the Boston Yorkie is an inquisitive little creature, who learns things quickly. Due to its small size and moderate energy level, this type of Boston Terrier is suitable for families with small children.


The Boshih is a mix between Shih Tzu and Boston Terrier, resulting in a small dog, typically under 20 pounds. It tends to have a slim rounded body with legs proportionate to its size. Depending on the dominant parent, a Boshih may have soft, silky hair.

Like a Boston Terrier, the Boshih has a canny and energetic demeanor. Meanwhile, it may suffer from separation anxiety, much like a Shih Tzu. Even if the crossbreed is playful and quite curious, the Boshih only needs a moderate daily walk and play sessions.

Siberian Boston

The Siberian Boston is a hybrid between the Boston Terrier and Siberian Husky with a medium-sized body. It may have a longer snout and thick undercoat, similar to a Husky.

A Siberian Husky is a particularly intelligent dog that is eager to please its owner. Combining it with a Terrier’s affectionate personality, the Siberian Boston has a substantial deal of desire to bond with people. Its sweet and loving side may cause separation anxiety when you’re not at home.

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The good nature, loyal companionship, and cheerful disposition of Boston terriers make them a solid choice for family pet and breeding. From Merle to Splash Boston Terriers, the different types of Boston Terriers come with unique personalities and quirks, so make sure to consider them before owning or breeding one.

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