Everything You Need To Know About a Teacup Boston Terrier

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Teacup Boston Terriers are a smaller version of full-size Boston Terriers. Teacup Boston Terriers are bred by mixing standard Boston Terrier dogs with smaller breeds. However, they tend to develop health problems because they weigh below 10 pounds even when fully grown.

Here’s everything you need to know about a Teacup Boston Terrier.

Everything You Need To Know About a Teacup Boston Terrier

A Teacup Boston Terrier is a well-behaved dog that has been miniaturized to be smaller than the normal size. The dog also has distinctive facial features and a square flat muzzle with large, round eyes. However, the Kennel Club doesn’t accept these dogs.

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That said, bear in mind that a full-size Boston Terrier weighs between 10 to 25 pounds when mature and stands tall between 12 to 17 inches. So this means a Teacup Boston Terrier is an undersized puppy that weighs less than the standard weight.

What Are the Traits of Teacup Boston Terriers?

The main distinguishing factor of the Teacup Boston Terriers is their small size which makes them more attractive than standard size Boston Terriers. Below are other characteristics of these adorable puppies:


Teacup Boston Terriers have a large head that’s proportional to their body. They also have a short nose with pointed, erect ears and a sturdily built body. Their tail and legs are also short. Moreover, their short, glossy coat comes in different colors including black, white, brown, and tan.

If you choose to buy this puppy, you will love their striking facial expressions. Their cute faces will be a great addition to your apartment. Moreover, their compact bodies make them ideal companions and the perfect playmate for your kids.

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If you’re considering getting a Teacup Boston Terrier puppy, know that they like being showered with lots of love. The good thing is that they’re very intelligent which makes training them a breeze. These puppies are also emotional and sensitive. Thus, small things like a slight change in your voice can upset them. 

Teacup Boston Terriers can also become sad if you use harsh punishment on them. Additionally, these dogs don’t like being left alone as they like interacting with people. They can develop aggressive or destructive behavior when left alone for extended periods.


On average, Teacup Boston Terriers can live up to 15 years if well fed and properly cared for. However, you can prolong your puppy’s life by taking care of their physical and mental health. Regular medical checkups combined with a balanced diet will ensure your dog lives a healthy life. 

It’s also essential to know the health problems affecting these dogs so that you treat the conditions before they get worse. This way, you can provide relief and ensure your dog lives a longer life.


Most Boston Terrier dogs including Teacup Boston Terriers require minimal grooming because they have short hair and don’t shed much. However, you should brush their coat regularly to keep it clean and neat.

Teacup Boston Terriers Food Requirements

Teacup Boston Terriers require about 1½ cups of quality dog food each day. However, you will have to keep adjusting the sizes of their meals as they continue to grow. To know the right portions, consult your local veterinarian. The vet can recommend certain dietary needs depending on your dog’s age. 

It’s also crucial to feed your dog small portions over different times instead of giving them large portions at once. This can help reduce the risk of obesity. You can also give your puppy raw food like fruits and vegetables as they contain lots of nutrients. 

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Raw food can give your dog a healthy immune system and increase its lifespan because it isn’t processed and doesn’t contain preservatives or chemicals. Recommended fruits and vegetables include:

  • Watermelons
  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Spinach
  • Broccoli

Teacup Boston Terriers Training Requirements

Teacup Boston Terriers are smart dogs that are eager to learn. However, these dogs love being independent which can make them stubborn sometimes. So you should be patient and keep the training sessions short and exciting to maintain their attention. 

You should also use positive reinforcements constantly such as giving treats to your puppy as a reward. Since they enjoy playing, you can teach them how to pull a rope or fetch a ball. 

I recommend prioritizing the following types of training:

  • Behavior Training: This entails socializing your Teacup Boston Terrier to ensure they act appropriately around other people and pets. 
  • Potty Training: Start this training when your dog is about 4 months old because at 2 to 3 months they have no bladder control. Keep an eye on your puppy when they’re barking, whining, or sniffing around as it could be a sign that they want to relieve themselves. 

Teacup Boston Terriers Exercise Requirements

Teacup Boston Terriers are highly energetic and require lots of exercise to keep them healthy. You can incorporate into their workout routine interactive games such as throwing a ball at them to keep them busy. They should also walk for 30-60 minutes every day to keep them in good shape.

Ensure you set aside adequate time for exercising your dog to prevent them from gaining weight. Obesity can cause several health issues including heart problems and other dangerous conditions. 

Other exercises you can enjoy with your Teacup Boston Terrier include:

  • Swimming: This is a great exercise if you live in an area with high temperatures as it can help your dog to cool. It doesn’t also cause friction on the joints and works out the whole body. 
  • Stair Climbing: If your dog is obese, this exercise can help them lose weight. To make them interested, entice them with their favorite toy.
  • Obedience Training: This type of training will help your dog understand acceptable behavior and what you can’t tolerate.

Teacup Boston Terriers Health Issues

Although the Teacup Boston Terrier puppies are active, there are some health conditions they are likely to suffer from later on. Some of the most common conditions include:

Skin Problems 

Like other Boston Terriers, Teacup Boston Terriers also get allergies that affect their skin, paws, and feet. The allergies can cause mast cell tumors, tumors that form masses in the skin. You can detect this condition if your dog has recurring ear infections or if they keep rubbing themselves against your furniture. 

Eye Problems

A variety of genetically related eye disorders may be inherited or developed in your Teacup Boston terrier, which includes:

  • Cataracts: A type of eye problem where the cornea becomes cloudy, and your dog loses sight.
  • Dry eye: A condition in which the tear glands do not generate adequate tears.
  • Glaucoma: A disease that affects the eyes where severe pressure in the eye causes blindness.
  • Cherry-colored eyes: this is where the third eyelid is swollen and pops out of the corner of the eye.

Furthermore, because your Boston Terrier has bulging eyes and a particular head shape, he is more susceptible to eye injuries and unhealed eyesores. In other words, your dog’s eyes might cause it a variety of issues, including pain.

Teacup Boston Terrier

Obesity Problems

Obesity can occur if you overfeed your Teacup Boston Terrier. It weakens the joints of your puppy and can cause heart and digestive diseases. Since these dogs are prone to food allergies, you should balance their daily servings to avoid overfeeding them. 

Breathing Problems

Brachycephalic Syndrome (a respiratory condition affecting short-nosed puppies) is common among Teacup Terriers and can cause severe respiratory problems. If you notice your dog is having trouble when breathing, they may have contracted this disease. 

Joint Problems

Patellar Luxation (dislocation of the knee) is another health condition that affects Teacup Terriers. It can cause lameness and make it difficult for your dog to stretch their knee if left untreated. Symptoms include limping, pain, and inability to bend the knee. 

If you suspect any of the above health problems, consult a veterinarian.

How Much Does a Teacup Boston Terrier Cost?

Teacup Boston Terriers are affordable and do not cost more than other Boston Terriers. Prices start from $600 and up to $1,200 depending on the quality and lineage of the dog. The cost can also vary depending on whether you want one as a breeding stock or a house pet. 

Where To Find Teacup Boston Terriers for Sale

It is not unusual for some pups to be tiny than others when they are born. Even respectable breeders will produce smaller puppies than the standard size set by the American Kennel Club. When breeders set out to create undersized Boston Terriers small enough to be called teacups, problems occur.

It’s crucial to select a reliable breeder if you want to get a healthy dog. A good breeder should show you the puppy’s parents and give you health certificates to ensure you’re buying a dog that’s in good shape. 

Here are some places to check out:

  • Patriot Farm Boston Terriers
  • Campbell Clan Boston Terriers
  • Greenfield Puppies
  • Painted Bostons
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Teacup Boston Terriers are excellent puppies for first-time owners as they rarely create problems. They also make the perfect pet for a family with kids. Just provide enough daily exercise activities to keep them healthy and avoid leaving them alone because they can be destructive.  

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