Staffordshire Bull Terrier MIX With American Bulldog: How Big Are They?

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American Bulldog and Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix is a new breed that is not known much. But since I am always curious to know more about different dog breeds, I did a quick research.

I have shared some important facts about this breed so that you can get to know about it as well.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier MIX With American Bulldog: How Big Are They?

American Bull Staffy is a heavily muscled, medium-sized dog with a short tail. This hybrid is strong and displays great power of propulsion. Also, its robust look makes it look intimidating.

White and brown Staffordshire puppy laying on grass

There is a lot to learn when it comes to Staffordshire Bull Terrier and American Bulldog mix. And this article highlights some of the critical behavior. You can continue reading to know them.

American Bull Staffy Origin

This new dog breed is the cross between American Staffordshire Bull Terrier and American Bulldog. Both these breeds are known to be loyal pets, and they like socializing.

They are full of strength and confidence. But both these breeds have a negative reputation for being aggressive. Thus, American Bull Staffy is also believed to have temperament issues.

This mix is, however, a great choice to have as a pet because it’s obedient and is not as aggressive as people think. Also, with proper training, American Bull Staffy can become more friendly and listen to your commands.

Characteristics of American Bull Staffy

This medium-sized dog has not just inherited behavior but has also received some major physical characteristics from its parents.

American Bull Staffy has medium length muzzle with round eyes. They have a lifespan of 12 to 14 years. Moving further, this breed can grow up to 17 to 19 inches with a weight of around 55 to 70 lbs.

The female American Bull Staffy is a few inches and pounds less than the given value.

Besides height and weight, here are a few more things about this dog breed.

Temperament of American Bull Staffy

The prime reason that people love this breed is that it is people-loving and loyal. Despite its robust looks, children love being around American Bull Staffy because this dog breed is patient.

If there’s a danger, this dog breed can do anything to protect itself and its owner. Because of this protective behavior, American Bull Staffy sometimes behaves strangely when they are around new people.

But you can make your pet comfortable by making it interact with new people and pets from an early age.

Poised white and brown dog

Health Issues of American Bull Staffy

Since American Bull Staffy comes from two strong breeds, it’s healthy. But like any other dog, it also has certain kinds of health issues like:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Luxating patella

Thus, it’s important to get your pet a regular medical checkup. Also, if you notice any of these health complications, you should immediately take your pet to a vet to get prompt medical attention.

Training and Grooming Needs

If you are worried about whether American Bull Staffy is easy to train or not, you will be glad to know that this breed can be easily trained.

But make sure that you get your pet into a habit of regular exercise from an early age. That’s because American Bull Staffy is highly energetic. And if not given a specific kind of training, it might channel its energy into continuous barking and unnecessary breaking.

Moving further to the grooming needs, this breed has a short hair coat and sheds heavily. You can use a soft bristle brush to clean the hair. Also, you must use dental products because plaque and bacterial build-up in the mouth are very common among dogs.

Food and Diet Requirements

Since American Bull Staffy is highly energetic, it needs a diet that can keep it energetic. So, you should give your pet a kind of food that is high in protein and nutrients.

While feeding your pet, try not to give it any kind of sticky or dry food because this breed is known to be gaseous. Also, overeating and obesity are common among American Bull Staffordshire. So, you should try to limit the intake of carbohydrates of your pet.

Related Questions 

Is American Bull Staffy a Good Family Dog?

In general, the American Bull Staffy makes a good family dog as it has friendly nature and loves being around people. But this dog breed can get aggressive. So, it’s essential to offer them proper training.

Does American Bull Staffy Get Along With Other Pets?

American Bull Staffy does not have any significant issues with being around other pets. But if challenged, this dog is ready to take a fight. Thus, you should always supervise when your pet is around other dogs.

Brown and white short coated dog playing on grass field


American Bull Staffy crosses two intelligent and energetic dog breeds, i.e., Staffordshire Bull Terrier and American Bulldog. Thus, this breed has a stocky appearance, but it is gentle around people and other pets.