Everything You Need To Know About a Red Boston Terrier

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There are many myths and controversies surrounding the Red Boston dog. Thus, what you think you know about it may just be another misconception. To avoid such confusion, here’s everything you need to know about a Red Boston Terrier. 

Everything You Need To Know About a Red Boston Terrier

Red Boston Terriers come in different tones of the color, some are lighter and others darker. Often, these dogs have red eyes and noses while their red-fur coloring distinguishes them from other Boston Terriers. However, the Boston Terrier Club of America considers the red color to be non-standard. 

That’s why a Red Boston Terrier can’t take part in AKC Dog sports. The AKC recognizes an original Boston Terrier based on its body build, expression, and appearance. Unfortunately, the Red Boston dog doesn’t meet some of these requirements. 

Boston Terrier running on a beach

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep a Red Boston Terrier as a pet or that they’re not Boston Terriers. Their red coat looks like a liver and most non-reputable breeders price this dog expensively by claiming this color isn’t readily available, which is not true. 

What Differentiates Red Boston Terriers From Other Boston Terriers?

Apart from their fur color, the major attribute that distinguishes Red Boston Terriers from other Boston Terriers is their appearance. For example, standard Boston Terriers have dark-colored eyes while the Red Boston Terriers have gold or amber eyes. 

Other characteristics that set Red Boston Terriers apart include:   


Red Boston dogs have a square jaw and a short head that’s proportional to their size. Their skull and cheeks are also flat. Below are other features that distinguish these dogs.

  • Eyes: Boston Terrier dogs have large, round dark eyes that are set wide apart. The eyes of Red Boston dogs are also large. However, they’re blue and square-shaped and are tucked in the skull. 
  • Nose: Red Boston dogs have a broad, reddish-brown nose that matches their paws. Unlike other Boston Terrier puppies, these dogs have a well-defined nose with a line in between. 
  • Ears: The ears of Boston Terrier dogs are small and erect and are located on the corners of their skull. On the other hand, Red Boston Terriers usually have large, erect ears that conform to their head’s shape. 
  • Muzzle: Red Boston Terriers have a short, round-shaped, and wrinkle-free muzzle while standard Boston Terrier’s muzzle is short, square-shaped, and wrinkle-free.
  • Jaws: The jaw, like the muzzle, is square with regular and small teeth. Although the bit is undershot, the chops have an excellent depth. When the mouth is closed, the lips are broad enough to encompass the entire set of teeth and tongue.
  • Body: A Red Boston Terrier has a short, muscular body with a broad chest while Boston Terriers have a compactly built body with strong limbs.
  • Skull and face: Red Boston Terriers’ skull is flat and square, with no folds like a pug’s, even though they are of comparable size. Their cheekbones are balanced, their brows are arched, and their top is well-defined.


Red Boston Terriers’ coat has varying shades of vivid red and copper-red. The coat also doesn’t include pigmentation or black hairs. White markings are also present around the muzzle, between its eyes, and on the chest.

The different color coats of these canines are the first thing you will notice about them. They don’t have blazing red fur like some people think they do; instead, they have a liver-colored coat. This coat is incredibly uncommon, and many people, including breeders of this dog, haven’t seen one.

Boston Terrier sitting on the grass

Weight and Size

Make sure your dog is a red Boston Terrier by looking at its weight and size. Because Red Boston Terriers have a distinctive square appearance, their legs are short, which helps to balance the body’s shortness.

They are small canines that never grow to be enormous. They have a healthy weight range of 15 to 25 pounds. Although overfeeding might cause your dog to gain weight, an obese dog is not a healthy dog.


A Red Boston Terrier is a well-mannered dog with a cool temperament. Like other Boston Terriers, it’s also affectionate, smart and a people-oriented dog. This little cute dog is also perfect for small apartment dwellers because it only barks when necessary.  

Attitude wise, most Red Boston Terriers handlers comment on the dog’s easy to train attitude. However, the dog requires constant exercise because it tends to be hyperactive. It’s also important to mention that the personality of these dogs varies. 

While most Red Boston Terriers have a gentle and laid-back temperament, some are stubborn. However, consistent training and the extent of socialization can determine their temperament. Generally, Red Boston Terriers are charming puppies that love people and chasing balls.

Intelligence, sociability, and compassion are attributes you’ll find in this dog’s temperament:


The dogs are generally compact, weighing 15 to 20 pounds, and have alert expressions on their faces. They have an easy-to-read look that demonstrates their inner intellect, as Boston Terriers are exceptionally bright, as per the AKC (American Kennel Club).


The Red Boston Terrier shares origins with bull-type breeds, as evidenced by their facial features. The red terriers, like their forefathers, are extremely sensitive and loyal to their owners. They enjoy having a good time and will always be eager to lick and love you. 


Given that red Boston Terriers are named after a city, there is ample evidence that they can make good city pets. These Red Boston Terriers are a sociable species with an active disposition and intelligence. 

They are people-oriented breeds, so you may take them for a walk and be sure they will be interested in everyone, including people walking past, sitting beside, or moving.

Red Boston Terriers Exercise, Food, and Cleaning Requirements 

Properly caring for Red Boston Terriers is essential as it can help them stay healthier and live longer. Below are some of the things you should incorporate into their routine care:

  • Brush their red coat regularly to keep them neat. Also, clean their tail base to prevent infections
  • Avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures since they’re susceptible to heat stress
  • Feed them well and ensure their food contains enough proteins and carbohydrates 
  • Avoid harsh training methods because Red Boston Terriers can be sensitive dogs
  • Exercise your Red Boston Terriers weekly by taking them for a one-hour daily walk
  • Supervise them regularly to keep them from items they may want to swallow
  • Brush their teeth regularly to prevent any bad odor and dental issues

Red Boston Terrier Health Problems

The average life expectancy of Red Boston Terriers is 11 to 13 years. However, like other puppies, Red Boston Terriers can develop several health conditions including:

Red Boston Terrier
  • Patellar Luxation (Misaligned Kneecap): This is a common health issue in small Red Boston puppies. It occurs when your dog’s kneecap shifts out of alignment. Depending on its level, this condition can lead to decreased mobility or cause joint pain and arthritis
  • Deafness: This condition is common in older Red Boston Terriers. However, you can prevent it by going for regular vet check-ups. You can also use medications. 
  • Cataracts: This is an eye condition that occurs due to inherited blindness. It can develop earlier or later in a Red Boston Terrier’s life. It usually covers the eye’s lenses and resembles a clouded film.
  • Digestive issues: Young and adult red Boston Terriers might quickly develop stomach troubles such as diarrhea or bleeding. Digestive issues are a prevalent problem. You should anticipate curing it early by introducing a change in the type and quantity of food. However, if the problem persists, consult a veterinarian.
  • Allergies: Skin and eye allergies are likely to affect Red Boston Terriers. If you notice your dog’s eyes are watery with excessive mucus or the dog is rubbing her body against the wall, take her to the vet.  

What Is the Cost of Red Boston Terriers?

The cost of a Red Boston Terrier might range from $350 to $1,200. However, the cost can be higher for a quality puppy with superior lineage. The breeder’s certification, the dog’s gender, its health, and age can also impact the price. However, these dogs don’t cost more than other Boston Terriers.

Where Can You Buy or Adopt Red Boston Terriers?

If you want to buy a Red Boston Terrier, you can get it from credible sites such as Next Day Pets, Lancaster Puppies, Greenfield Puppies, and PuppySpot. If you prefer adoption, you can turn to rescue organizations such as these:

  • Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida
  • Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue
  • Adopt-A-Pet.com
  • Vital Puppies Home

Does the American Kennel Club Recognize Red Boston Terriers?

The American Kennel Club (AKC) is a purebred puppy registration organization. This club does not recognize the red Boston Terrier as a registered member of dog clubs or as a pure breed like coydogs.

Most people believe that the dog’s fur is to blame, yet this is not the case. The AKC registers a puppy based on a variety of variables. Red Coats with terrier dogs are still unable to meet this requirement.

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Red Boston Terriers are definitely cute. So if you are considering raising one as a house pet, this can be the perfect dog to keep. However, these dogs require a healthy diet and regular medical check-ups to keep them in perfect health.

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