Pomeranian Dog Breed With a Yorkshire Terrier: How Much Do They Weigh

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Pomeranian and Yorkshire Terriers are small and loyal dog breeds that make them a good choice for a home pet. However, they are different dog breeds, and their mix will have a distinct size and weight. So, a Pomeranian dog breed with a Yorkshire Terrier: how much do they weigh?

Pomeranian Dog Breed With a Yorkshire Terrier: How Much Do They Weigh?

A Pomeranian dog breed with a Yorkshire Terrier, also known as a Yorkie Pomeranian, Yoranian, or a Yorkie Pom, weighs around 3 to 7 pounds. This weight is proportional to its small standing height of 6 to 12 inches when fully grown.

Adult Yorkie Poms can be considered underweight if under 3 pounds or overweight if they are over 8 pounds.

Yorkshire Pomeranian dog breed on the  bed

Considering that the weight of Yorkshire Terriers is 2 to 7 pounds and the weight of Pomeranian dog breeds is around 3 to 7 pounds, Yorkie Poms tend to have a consistent weight range regardless of the dominant genes. The small weight of Yorkie Pomeranians makes them energetic and rowdy.

How Can I Know if My Yorkie Pomeranian Dog Has a Healthy Weight?

Since Yorkie Poms are small, just like their parents, they are prone to obesity if you’re not careful when feeding them. Their playful nature can also make them playful and seem energetic even when underweight. The following tips can help you know if your Yorkie Pom has a healthy weight.

Do a Visual Assessment

Observe your Yoranian from behind and check whether there is a subtle inward curve as your eyes move from the rib cage to the waist area. If the Yoranian is overweight, this area will be almost straight, and if it is underweight, this curve will be noticeably sharper and smaller.

If the Yorkie Pomeranian has short hair, you can also check whether you can see an outline of the individual ribs or the base of the tail is protruding. Any of these signs indicate that your Yorkie Pomeranian is underweight.

Run Your Fingers Down the Spine

Sometimes a visual assessment can be challenging, especially when the Yorkie Pom has long hair. In such a case, you can try to check whether it is overweight or underweight by running your fingers down the spine and trying to feel the pelvic bone.

Yorkie-Pom looking up

If the Yoranian has a healthy weight, you’ll feel a layer of body fat between the skin and the bone. If you feel a jetting pelvic bone or prominent vertebrae, the Yoranian is underweight.

On the other hand, if you’re only feeling a thick layer of fat without feeling any bone, your Yorkie Pom is overweight. You can use the same criteria to check whether you can feel the shoulder and hip bones.

What Can I Do if My Yorkie Pomeranian Is Underweight?

If you believe your Yoranian is underweight after carrying out the above assessments, you can do the following to improve its weight.

  • Monitor its eating habits to ensure it’s eating the right amount of food. Maybe you are not giving it adequate food, or it is losing appetite due to stress or health issues
  • Consider giving it foods that are rich in protein and fat. You can also give it some vitamin and mineral supplements
  • If the diet and the appetite is right, the dog might be losing weight due to over-exercising. Reduce the exercises and give it adequate time to rest
  • If there is no improvement, it is advisable to contact the veterinarian to help you check and determine whether there are underlying health issues or the dog needs specific supplements

What Can I Do if My Yorkie Pomeranian Is Overweight?

The high appetite of Yoranians can make you easily overfeed them, especially if you’re a new dog owner. You might also be leaving your dog indoors, and it is not getting enough exercise to help burn the calories.

Regardless of the cause, here are some tips that can help your Yorkie Pom lose some weight if it is overweight.

  • Exercises: Physical exercises can help your dog expend excessive energy levels and burn calories. Consider taking your dog when going for hiking, long walks, or jogging
  • Diet: Consider feeding your dog a low-calorie diet that is rich in fibers and vegetables 
  • Food Quantity: Even if you don’t reduce the number of times you feed your dog in a day, consider reducing the amount. You can also avoid sharing snacks with your dog or giving it treats
Yorkshire Pomeranian with the owner

Related Questions

What Is the Best Diet for an Overweight Yorkie Pom?

The best diet for an overweight Yorkie Pom is canned pumpkin, steamed green beans, and canned green beans low in sodium.

Can the Weight of a Yorkie Pom Affect Its Health?

Yes, the weight of a Yorkie Pom can affect its overall health. Some of the health complications related to weight include heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, breathing issues, joint problems, and arthritis.

Final Thoughts

A Pomeranian and a Yorkshire Terrier mix is a small dog breed, making it prone to obesity if overfed. It is advisable to keep a check on your dog’s weight to avoid the health complications related to being overweight or underweight.