Mini Boston Terrier vs Boston Terrier

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Dogs are some of the best furry companions. They come in over 150 breeds, and currently, there are over 900 million dogs in the world. This article will explain the comparison of Mini Boston Terrier vs. Boston Terrier and which one is the best.

If you plan on getting one, it has to be just right. You have to do your research to know which is the best for you.

Mini Boston Terrier vs Boston Terrier General Overview

Boston terriers and mini Boston terrier dogs are some of the most popular choices for people looking to get pets. They are both affectionate, easy to groom, and they don’t need much attention. If you are wondering which of the two breeds to get, here is a guide to help you.

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Mini Boston Terriers

Mini or teacup Boston terriers are the little version of Boston terriers. They are a mixed breed of regular Boston Terriers and the smaller dog breeds. They are cute little dogs that typically weigh less than ten pounds when fully grown.

With a square flat muzzle and big round eyes, they have distinctive facial features. Their ears seem to always be erect, and they have short noses. Their coats are short and glossy and may come in the colors white, tan, brown, and black.

If you are looking for a truly cute dog, a mini Boston terrier may be one of your best options. Although the Kennel Club doesn’t accept them, these dogs are pretty popular.

Considering a Playful Breed in Your Family

If you are looking for a cute and playful addition to your family, consider this breed. Their small size makes them the perfect little best friend for your kids. If you are into exercising, this will be good for you as they need a lot of exercises.

If you are not and you have kids, they will still be able to get their exercise from running around with the kids.

Boston Terriers

Boston Terriers are lively little dogs that weigh about 25 pounds. They have sporty compact bodies and large round eyes. Thanks to their impeccable temperament, they have been nicknamed ‘The American Gentleman.’

Their coats look like tuxedos and can be black, white, or dark brown. Their muzzles are short and they seem to always be alert. They are know for being more independent than other dog breeds as they do not need much attention.

When left alone, they are not destructive which is a plus for people who may be away from home for most of the day. Another reason to get Boston Terriers is because they are not susceptible to illness. If you are a first time dog owner, you should consider getting one of these.

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Mini Boston Terrier vs Boston Terrier

Let me look at what makes these two similar, different and the major distinguishing factor.


  • Both dogs have pleasant temperaments. They are easy to teach and sociable.
  • They don’t shed much, and grooming them is a breeze. They have short hair, but it needs to be brushed regularly.
  • The lifespan for both dogs is 12 to 15 years with proper diet and healthcare. Like with all dogs, a vet should help you determine the right diet depending on the specific needs of your dog. However, it should generally be balanced.
  • Both dogs are smart, curious, and easy to train. They love being around people but want some time alone. They can be sensitive and may respond negatively to harsh tones.
  • The best way to train them is gently and with incentives. They both enjoy playing, especially fetching the ball.
  • They are full of energy and need a way to release the energy. Without exercise, they are susceptible to obesity and heart problems. The breeds are also commonly affected by allergies on their skins, feet, and paws.
  • If left untreated, they may result in mast cell tumors.


  • Because of their small size, mini Boston terriers may have issues with their immune system. Therefore, they need more fruits and vegetables. The recommended options include apples, carrots, broccoli, and bananas.
  • The small size of mini Boston terriers means they need more attention than Boston terriers. They require more trips to the vet as they develop more health issues.

Major Distinguishing Factor

The two breeds don’t have many differences. The major distinguishing difference between the Boston terrier and mini Boston terrier dogs is in size. Mini Boston terriers are the smaller version of Boston terriers.

While mature Boston terriers weigh up to 25 pounds, mini Boston terriers weigh about ten pounds. Boston terriers stand at 12-17 inches while mini Boston terriers could be half as tall.

When to Get Mini Boston Terriers

Some of the things you need to look at to help you make your decision include:


These dogs crave love and attention. They are intelligent, sociable, and easy to train. Their sensitivity makes them great pets and companions, especially for children and vulnerable adults.

They can get pretty sad if you leave them alone for too long or speak in a harsh tone. Being alone for extended periods could make them aggressive. Usually, they are just trying to get your attention.

Boston terrier walking in winter


The average lifespan for these dogs is 15 years if they are well cared for. They can live longer if you are attentive to their mental and physical health needs. They need regular medical checkups and a balanced diet to stay in their best health.

Food Requirements

Mini Boston Terriers need about a cup and a half of dog food every day. Adjust the quantities depending on your dog’s needs. They may need more as they get older.

When in doubt, consult your vet. Give the dogs small portions of food rather than big portions at once. It is a tip to reduce the risk of obesity.

Raw foods like fruits and vegetables are great for mini Boston Terriers.

Grooming and Training

Generally, these dogs need minimal grooming. They don’t shed much and their coats are short. All you need to do is brush them regularly.

The dogs’ natural curiosity makes training them a breeze. Keep the training sessions short as they have short attention spans. Although they can be stubborn, positive reinforcements make teaching them easier.

Although treats are great for teaching and motivating them, you should give them in moderation to reduce the risk of obesity. Start potty training them at four months as they lack bladder control when younger. Behavior training can start as early as you like.

Exercise Requirements

The dogs may be little but they are very energetic. They need a lot of regular exercises. Their workout routine should include at least 30 minutes of walking and interactive games like throwing a ball.

Other great exercises for these dogs include swimming and stair climbing. Obedience training exercises should help the dog learn acceptable behaviors.

When to Get Boston Terriers

In order to make the best decision, consider:


The Boston is sweet, sensitive, and devoted to its humans. Although it can be a bit saucy, it is generally well-mannered. Most Bostons feel at home even among strangers.

They love people and make friends easily. They are clever and curious but can be stubborn. They can be assertive and territorial, especially around other dogs.

Boston terrier wearing an eyeglasses


The Boston’s coat is sleek and it sheds a little. However, brushing it with a soft-bristle brush regularly helps. Brushing also distributes oils and facilitates the growth of new hair.

These dogs only need occasional baths and their nails need regular trimming.


Like with other breeds, early socialization is important. It exposes them to a variety of situations, places, and people. Puppy training classes may also help them grow into well-behaved and adjusted adults.

They are naturally smart, curious, and open to gentle corrections. They are sensitive and function best with treats and praise.

Health and Wellness

One of the most important things when caring for these dogs’ health is their eyes. Check them for irritation and redness daily. You can use saline eye drops to flush out debris and dust.

Screen your dog for cataracts, glaucoma, corneal ulcers, and other eye problems.

They may also be susceptible to patellar luxation and deafness. Because of their flat faces, the dogs may have trouble breathing when exposed to extreme humidity or heat.


High-quality dog food should be great for this dog. It may be commercial or homemade depending on your vet’s recommendation. The dogs can be prone to obesity if you feed them large portions at a time.

Although treats are important in the training process, give them in moderation.

Boston Terrier dog breed. All breed characteristics and facts about Boston Terrier dogs

Final Verdict

Both dogs are great. However, they are appropriate for different owners. If you are a new dog owner, you probably don’t want an option that demands too much of your time and attention.

A Boston terrier would be much better than a mini Boston terrier. The bigger size and independence make it easier to care for. However, it isn’t as adorable as the mini version.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a small, playful, and adorable dog, the mini Boston terrier is your ideal choice. Its clingy and sensitive nature makes it an ideal choice for an emotional support dog. However, it can be sickly, and its small size means it needs more care and attention.