Everything You Need To Know About a Long Haired Boston Terrier

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Long haired Boston Terriers can adapt to different environments if given early socialization. These dogs are also protective, which makes them good family watchdogs. If you’re searching for more information about these dogs, here’s everything you need to know about a long-haired Boston Terrier. 

Everything You Need To Know About a Long Haired Boston Terrier 

Long haired Boston Terriers are small, well-balanced dogs with an elegant tuxedo coat. The coat can be brindle, seal, or black with white markings. These dogs originated from Massachusetts in 1865 from crosses between the English Bulldog and the English Terrier.

However, further breeding resulted in loving long-haired Boston Terrier puppies that are now great friends for the kids and elderly. Their lively nature also makes them great family pets. In this article, we’ll look at their characteristics, grooming and dietary instructions, and more. 

Boston Terrier

Long Haired Boston Terrier Characteristics

Long haired Boston dogs are affectionate and willing to be friends with everyone. They may also snore, snort and make wheezing noises. Below are some of their most interesting traits.

Size and Weight

Long Haired Boston Terriers are compact puppies that weigh no more than 25 pounds. Their weight is divided into the following categories:

  • Under 15 pounds
  • 15-20 pounds
  • 20-25 pounds

When it comes to height, females are usually around 16 inches tall while males stand tall at 17 inches.


For homeowners that want a happy and engaged dog, the long-haired Boston Terriers can be a great choice as they are playful puppies. They also get along with other pets if they’re raised together. Additionally, these dogs enjoy romping with children if kids treat them well.

While long-haired Boston Terriers love burying bones in the flowerbed, their favorite game is often fetching. They’re also quiet and show signs of separation anxiety when you’re not around. These puppies are also alert to their surroundings and will notify you when you have a visitor.


Long haired Boston Terriers have large, erect ears with a flat-nosed face that’s wrinkle-free. Their big, round beautiful eyes are widely set apart to add to their attractive looks. These dogs also have short, square heads with a lower jaw that’s proportional to their body.

Moreover, long-haired Boston  Terriers have broad chests, slightly arched necklines, and short nose. Unfortunately, their short nose makes them vulnerable to heat stress because they can’t cool the air passing through their lungs efficiently like the longer-nosed dogs. 

Long Haired Boston Terriers Grooming Instructions

If you want a low-maintenance puppy that’s easy to clean, the long-haired Terrier may be what you need. Their thinner, smooth coat doesn’t hang onto dust, and brushing it regularly will keep it clean. Bathing your dog weekly is also essential to keep them neat and tidy.

Long haired Boston Terrier outdoors

Like other Boston Terriers, you should also trim the nails of your Long Haired Boston Terrier. However, you should do it carefully to avoid hurting your puppy. Your dog’s teeth can also accumulate tartar (deposits that form on the teeth) easily. 

So it’s crucial to inspect them weekly to keep odor and tartar away. You should also check your Long Haired Boston Terrier’s prominent eyes as they can water and accumulate mucus buildup in the eyes. If you notice this, take a warm cloth and wipe it away carefully. 

Long Haired Boston Terriers Exercise Instructions

Long-haired Boston Terriers require short walks of 30 minutes to one hour and short sessions of fetch game everyday. What’s more, they’re intelligent and smart, which makes training them easy. However, they require persistent training as they can be stubborn. 

That being said, training should be motivational because Long Haired Boston Terriers are very sensitive. They can shut down if you use a harsh voice or severe punishment. Instead, use praise or treats to make them interested. While treats can be an essential aid in training, give them moderately to prevent obesity. 

Long Haired Boston Terriers Diet Instructions

Long haired Boston Terriers need quality puppy food whether home-prepared or commercially manufactured. Long Haired Boston Terriers are also picky eaters because of their delicate digestive system. However, feeding them can be easy once you know what they like. It’s recommended to feed your puppy between 0.5-1.5 cups of dry food daily. 

Bear in mind that these dogs like overeating and can become obese. Obesity can cause heart disease, joint problems, and back pain. So it’s essential to regulate their portions. You should also supply her with clean, fresh water at all times. 

Long Haired Boston Terriers Health Problems

Long haired Terriers have a good lifespan ranging from 11-15 years. However, like other Boston Terriers, they’re susceptible to the following health conditions:


Long haired Boston Terriers have a high risk of developing hearing loss in one or both ears. Due to this, breeders should test the hearing ability of puppies before selling them. When buying or adopting your Long Haired Boston Terrier, avoid dogs that are white on their bodies and heads because they can potentially produce deaf puppies.

Heart Murmurs

Sideview of a Boston Terrier

This is usually a loud or soft sound in the heart of Long Haired Boston Terriers. The murmurs affect the heart, making it difficult to supply blood to the body. Treatment includes medications, feeding your dog a low-sodium diet, and restricting exercises.  


This is a spinal deformity and can lead to disability or spinal cord damage. Taking X-rays of your Long Haired Boston Terrier is advisable to identify the problem early before symptoms worsen. In case, a deformity is diagnosed, rehabilitation or medication can be prescribed. 


The feet, ears, and belly are usually the most affected areas and make your Long Haired Boston Terrier’s skin itchy. Symptoms include:

  • Persistent ear infections
  • Rubbing the face
  • Licking the paws

The good news is that your puppy can be treated if they develop any of these conditions. 

What Is the Cost of Long Haired Boston Terrier?

Generally, the cost of long-haired Boston Terriers ranges from $500-$1,200 depending on the bloodline, and gender. You can buy your Long Haired Boston Terrier puppy from reputable organizations like the Boston Terrier Club of America. If you’re interested in adoption, check out the following places:

  • Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue
  • Nebraska Boston Terrier Rescue
  • Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue


Long haired Boston Terriers are friendly dogs that get along with everyone. Their tendency to be playful also makes them excellent companions for your kids. If you’re considering bringing this dog home, you’re making the right decision.