What Is a Boston Terrier and English Bulldog Mix?

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When potential dog parents cannot decide on the dog to adopt, they are presented with the option of getting a hybrid. It can be pretty shocking for those unaware that this is possible. This necessitates them to research to find out more about the hybrid. In this article, I delve into what is a Boston Terrier and English Bulldog mix?

What Is a Boston Terrier and English Bulldog Mix?

The Boston Bulldog is the Boston Terrier and English Bulldog mix that combines traits from its parents to develop a combination of characteristics. It can range from a small to mid-sized dog depending on the parent whose genes are dominant.

Little boy playing with a black and white Boston Bulldog on a grass field

Commonly referred to as Boston Bulldog, Bully Boston, or English Boston Bulldog, this hybrid is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a hybrid dog breed. A Boston Bulldog is a friendly and lovable dog that is sensitive and does not like to be left alone for a long time.

Facts About Boston Terrier and English Bulldog Mix

AncestryBoston Terrier and English Bulldog
CategorySmall to medium size
Notable physical traitsMuscular body, short fur
Average weight20 to 35 pounds
Average height15 to 18 inches
TemperamentFun, social, energetic
Health issuesFlatulence, heat sensitivity, cataracts
GroomingFrequent baths and brushes
ExerciseWeekly walks

Physical Appearance

While it is not easy to know what a hybrid will look like, considering that the parents are different breeds, it is still possible to know the ranges which it may fall under.

A Boston Bulldog’s muscular body and solid chest are some of the characteristics that stand out. It weighs between 20 to 35 pounds and has a height ranging from 15 to 18 inches. Males are usually heavier and taller than females. Its eyes are deep set, round, and dark, while its fur is short and soft, and it comes in colors such as:

  • Fawn
  • Red
  • Tuxedo
  • Brown
  • Black
  • White

In most cases, its head and jaws resemble its English Bulldog parent. This means the head is large and almost round, while its jaw is square. It has a larger upper lip that folds over the lower one. Its ears tend to be thin, fold back, and are floppy, while its tail is short.

Personality and Temperament

A Bully Boston has a fun and friendly personality. On top of that, it makes it a hit with kids, which is excellent for the whole family. When it is a puppy, it has high energy levels, however, as it becomes older, the energy reduces.

Boston Terrier and English Bulldog mix is also highly adaptable and has no problem staying in the country, in an apartment, in a large house, or even in a busy city. It will adapt to the living conditions. However, if you are away from home for a long time, leaving it alone may not be the best solution as it gets sad when it does not have attention or spend time with the people it considers its family.

It is very social and loves human attention. It is, therefore, more suited for families with someone at home who can give it lots of attention, such as a young child. It is crucial to be aware of this as this breed can suffer from depression when not given the attention it craves.

A brown and white Boston Bulldog yawning while seated on a cemented chair

Health and Nutrition

Unlike its parents, the English Boston Bulldog does not have breathing complications. This can is attributed to selective breeding. However, it may suffer from minor health issues such as flatulence and sensitivity to extreme weather conditions such as heatstroke when it is very hot. This is because they are unable to regulate their body temperatures.

Some of the more serious health conditions it suffers from include:

  • Congestive heart failure
  • Glaucoma
  • Cataracts

You have to ensure that you feed it a balanced diet that is suitable for its age. You also have to make sure that the food is good for them and that it does not cause flatulence which may just run you out of the house. Apart from feeding it a balanced diet, you have to ensure that you give it plenty of water and take it to the vet for routine check-ups.

Grooming Requirements

While it may not seem like an important factor, there are people who look at the grooming requirements of a dog breed before they adopt it. This is because it is important to know what you need to be doing for this dog and for how long to keep it clean and how much it is going to cost. Some of the grooming requirements you have to consider include:

  • Brushing and washing its fur
  • Brushing its teeth
  • Clipping its nails
  • Cleaning its ears

This dog breed tends to shed a bit, which makes it necessary for its fur to be brushed weekly. It is not recommended for them to have frequent baths, only bathe them when necessary and ensure that you use a hypoallergenic shampoo so as to protect their sensitive skin. You should also ensure that the folds on their bodies and face are dry and clean and that they do not have any debris lodged there as this may cause problems with the skin.

When brushing its teeth and clipping its nails ensure that you use a brush and a nail cutter that is suited for them. Do not use a human toothbrush and nail clipper on your dog. You should also ensure you get toothpaste that is suitable for it. When you are cleaning its ears, ensure that you use an appropriate cleaning solution and that you do not put unnecessary items in its ears.

A person in a brown sweatshirt cradling a black and white Boston Bulldog puppy in the living room

Training and Exercise

What most people love about this dog breed is that it does not need a lot of exercise. However, they can adapt to their environments, this means that if you do not do a lot of exercise and just take your dog on leisure walks a few days a week, that will suffice. This means that if you work out a lot, for example, a lot of runs, your dog will gladly do that with you.

When they are younger, they can participate in a lot of activities that will burn off their energy. As they grow older, you will notice that they are beginning to slow down and are not as active as before. When they are younger is also the best time to start their training. It is best to reinforce their training with treats when they do what is right. However, you should ensure you regulate this so they do not think that you are offering bribes for it to do what you want.

You can get a professional trainer to offer training, it can be behavioral training or teaching of basic commands so that you end up with a well-behaved dog.

Related Questions

What Is the Lifespan of an English Boston Bulldog?

The lifespan of an English Boston Bulldog is approximately 12 to 15 years. The number of years will depend on the kind of care it receives and its health.

How Much Does a Boston Bulldog Cost?

A Boston Bulldog costs vary, although breeders may sell a puppy for around $1,500 upwards. The price will depend on the pedigree and the breeder.

How Much Should I Feed My English Boston Bulldog?

English Boston Bulldogs may eat around one to two cups of dry food daily. They don’t consume much food since they are small to medium in the size category, and their activity levels are low.


Knowing what a certain dog breed needs to thrive in your home can help you arrive at a conclusion especially when you are looking to adopt it. If you know all the details, you can be able to make a decision on whether you are best suited for that specific dog breed.

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