How To Train a Bull Terrier Puppy

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Bull Terriers are quite responsive to commands, and they love to please their masters. Therefore, they do respond well to the training sessions. And you won’t find it a hassle to train them. But you need to decide on the methods of approach.

It will help you commence with the training session in an ideal manner to make it actually work. Master the strategies you will need to train a Bull Terrier puppy, and you will be raising a disciplined dog. 

How To Train A Bull Terrier Puppy

If you have got a Bull Terrier puppy from any breeder, then wait for it to turn eight weeks. Please do not attempt to train the dog before eight weeks, as it will decline to respond to you. However, after two months or eight weeks, the period is the golden time to train your Bull Terrier puppy with the basic commands.

And to help you master the commands, this guide is here to assist you in learning how to train a Bull Terrier puppy. Follow till the end to get clarity about different methods of training your Bull Terrier. 

Studio portrait of a Bull Terrier

Method 1: Leash Training For Your Bull Terrier

Leash training is one of the easiest and effective training methods for your Bull Terriers. A Bull Terrier within the leash makes the people around it feel safe. And not just for other people, but a leash is a safety tool for your dog as well.

So, here are the steps for you to master leash training for your Bull Terrier:

Step 1: Introduce The Harness, Leash, Or Collar To The Dog

  1. First, you need to make your Bull Terrier wear the leash couple of times. 
  2. Keep it loose and let the dog wear it for a short span of time within the house. 
  3. You can make him wear the leash while you are playing with them in the house.
  4. It will let the Bull Terrier puppy realize that they are getting the treats with the collar on. And in a short time, your Bull Terrier will get used to the leash, harness, or collar. 

Step 2: Train The Terrier With A Cue

It is essential because when you head out to the park with the leash on your Bull Terrier, there are situations when your dog will pull the leash to break free. It is not intentional, but the conditions demand it. Therefore, it is crucial to train the terrier with a cue, to call them back to you, and release the tension on hands and leash.

Here are the sub-steps for it:

  1. Think of a cue sound such as a whistle or any word such as ‘food,’ ‘back,’ or others. 
  2. Take your dog to a place where there are fewer or no distractions. 
  3. Extend your arm with the leash and make the sound that you thought of. 
  4. Wait for your Bull Terrier puppy to respond to that sound, and when it does, give a treat immediately. 
  5. Repeat the process multiple times, and the dog will understand to head back towards you when you make this sound. It will help you control certain situations associated with leash pulling. 

Step 3: Guide Your Puppy To Come To You

  1. While you have the leash in your hands and the collar is on your Bull Terrier puppy, move a few steps back from where your dog is. 
  2. Wait until the dog decides to get to you, and when it comes near you, give a treat. 
  3. The training sessions should be short because all dogs have a very short span of attention. If you tire them more, their mind will exhaust, and they won’t respond. 

To understand the leash training properly, here is a video demonstration for you to check out. 

Bull Terrier

Method 2: Positive Reinforcement Training

Positive Reinforcement training is not for the dogs. But it is for the owners to learn and follow. If you tend to live with your Bull Terrier with utmost care and love, then they will eventually reciprocate that.

You need to shower love and concern over the dog at all times, even at its mistakes. In this way, the dog will develop love and respect for you! 

Your dog will be motivated to do the task correctly every time you handle them with love and understanding, instead of getting angry and punishing him. In fact, Bull Terriers are energetic dogs, and with ideal motivation, they will channelize more of their energy into performing the task.

In addition, they will develop that willingness to be by their master’s side and obey the commands, as they won’t have a fear of punishment. 

Positive reinforcement is a mode of training that involves important tips to consider before adopting any practical training measures. For instance, you cannot move ahead with leash training if you do not follow the positive reinforcement method! 

Points to keep in mind:

  1. Don’t use a harsh voice as it will frighten the dog. The terrier doesn’t know why you are yelling, and it might get scared!
  2. Keep treats, toys, and everything these dogs love as part of your positive reinforcement training. 
  3. Prefer to take them to places where they love to spend time. They will find themselves more familiar and comfortable around the place or with people they are acquainted with. 
  4. It would be best to educate yourself on how to define tasks to your Bull Terrier and be patient with your expectations for your dog to respond. Your command should be strong enough to make your Bull Terrier respond. Here is the link to a list of activities that you can plan out for your Bull Terrier. It will help you define the tasks more proficiently! 
  5. You must prefer to use a firm voice that explains to your dog about its mistake. If you can make the dog realize, then half the job is over! 
  6. When you take your Bull Terriers out for training sessions, you should let them make some decisions. Let them use their intelligence and thinking power to find a way out. For instance, if you find a pothole amidst the park with water in it, don’t just carry your puppy, but let it find its way out to cross the hole. 

Method 3: Clicker Training For Bull Terrier

Clicker training is all about teaching your Bull Terrier the click sounds after completing the task you gave them. But you need to be alerted to press the button for that click immediately after completion of the task. 

Bull Terrier with a leash
  1. Get a clicker device from an online or offline store. They are cheap and will be handy in the entire training phase for your dog. 
  2. Attach it around your arms and not with the leash. It is because if your hand slips through the leash, at least you will have the clicker to call back your dog after you have trained them. 
  3. Go around the park and give tasks to your Bull Terrier. Wait for the dog to respond to your command, and when it does so, press the button over the clicker to let the terrier know that the task is done, and it is time for a treat. The activities can be simple as sitting, standing, sleeping, and other such basic ones. And you can increase the complexity by bringing a stick, hopping, jumping off the fence, and others. 
  4. A clicker can be an ideal training tool, not just for outdoor activities but also for behavioral training, leash wearing, and others. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Right Way Of Punishing A Bull Terrier Puppy?

The right way to punish Bull Terriers or any other breed puppies is to be prompt, consistent, firm, and loving. Also, you should never give physical punishments to them or drag them with a leash, as it will scare them. Instead, be calm and peaceful when you guide them about their mistakes. 

Follow this article to know more about how to make your puppy disciplined, irrespective of the breed. 

What Are The Basic Commands That I Can Teach My Dog?

You must train your dog with basic commands: sit down, stay, come, heel, off, and No. If you want your Bull Terrier to be an excellent canine dog, then they should respond to at least these seven commands of yours. 


Patience is a virtue! And with your puppy, you need to adapt this motivational slogan that you must have read in school. Bull Terriers are their master’s dog!

It means that they love their masters and would do anything to please them. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that you show that patience towards your puppy to help them stay full of motivation to do better.

But, on the other hand, if you tend to provoke the terriers and object to them for everything, you will never be able to train them. So, follow the proper methods and steps to raise a Bull Terrier, full of discipline. 

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