How to Protect Yourself Against a Loose Pit Bull Terrier

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Have you seen someone being attacked by a loose or an off-leash dog? What if that dog is a Pit Bull Terrier? Do you know how to protect yourself? In this article, we are going to give you some tips on how to protect yourself against a loose Pit Bull Terrier.

10 Tips on How to Protect Yourself Against a Loose Pit Bull Terrier

A Pit Bull Terrier may look daunting enough even if it’s not attacking you. What if it’s triggered and went over to attack you?  Here are some ways to protect yourself against a loose Pit Bull Terrier:

Pit Bull Terrier with a blue harness

Survival Tip #1: Stay Calm and Don’t Run

A common mistake when encountering an aggressive Pit Bull Terrier is running your way out. However, running away can only trigger the dog more. The Pit Bull Terrier will see you as prey and will continue to hunt you down until you stop moving. So it is important to stay calm and don’t run.

Don’t let it feel that you are anxious or afraid because it will also give them the signal to attack. Do not scream at the dog nor kick it because it will fight back all the more. 

Survival Tip #2: Avoid Eye Contact

Avoid looking directly to the Pit Bull Terrier’s eyes. You can look in a different direction or stand slightly sideways while making sure that you can still see the Pit Bull Terrier in your peripheral vision. Looking directly into their eyes challenges their aggression more.

Keep still, put your hands to your side, and do not touch the dog. Even if he is your pet, do not try to touch him if he is being aggressive.

Survival Tip #3: Be Assertive and Alert

Make the Pit Bull Terrier feel that you are not scared of it by having assertive energy. Do not make him feel that you are a threat, too. Allow the Pit Bull Terrier to realize that you’re not going to get his space and where you are standing is your own.

If you have a long object, such as a stick or an umbrella, hand it out in between the two of you to mark your space and his space. Maintaining this assertive and alert state can demand respect from the dog and change its mood. 

Survival Tip #4: Command the Pit Bull Terrier

If you want to talk to the attacking Pit Bull Terrier, do it with a firm voice. Use a commanding and authoritative voice to make him stop. You can easily do this if the dog is socially and mentally trained by the owner. You can use the following words to stop a Pit Bull Terrier from attacking.

Pit Bull Terrier
  • Back
  • Back Off
  • Down
  • No
  • Off
  • Stop

If it didn’t listen the first time, repeat it several times until it calms down and realizes who has the authority. However, if the dog is not trained in any way by its owner, even simple obedience, it will be hard for you to do this trick.

Survival Tip #5: Give It Something to Bite

The first thing that a Pit Bull Terrier will do is to find the perfect spot to bite you. So, if you have a bag, jacket, shoes, bicycle, or anything to block the first bite, which will probably be the strongest one, put it in front of you immediately.

The attacking Pit Bull Terrier will not let that go easy which means you will have some time to call the owner or call for help.

Survival Tip #6: Protect Your Face and Neck

Since a Pit Bull Terrier is a medium-sized dog, its target can be your arms, legs, neck, and face. Protect your face and neck at all costs because a Pit Bull Terrier can kill you if its bite damages a major artery in your body.

If you have nothing to protect you from the attacking dog, you can cross your arms in front of you to block him. You can also lift your knee to prevent the Pit Bull Terrier from coming near your head. Do not let him bite your thigh as well as it can cause too much bleeding. 

Survival Tip #7: Curl Into a Ball

Another way to protect yourself from the attack of an off-leash Pit Bull Terrier is to curl yourself into a ball. This is highly suggested for children because their arms and legs cannot protect them. If the dog knocked you down, curl your body instead of trying to get up. 

Pit Bull Terrier sitting on the grass

Put your hands over your head and be still. Do not roll over nor make any sound. Wait for the dog to retreat before uncurling.

Survival Tip #8: Distract It With a Treat

Lucky you if you have some food or treat to give to the Pit Bull Terrier. Treats can easily distract it. The smell of the food or treat can catch it off guard and make it forget why it is attacking you in the first place.

Give it some treat and try to walk away silently while it is still happily enjoying the treat. If the gentle giving of the best treats didn’t work, try distracting him by throwing the treats onto his head or face. While he’s still eating it, then it’s time to escape.

Survival Tip #9: Do Not Pull Away

If the Pit Bull Terrier has bitten you already, do not pull away as it can only make him bite stronger and deeper. By pulling your body part away, you may also cause more injury by tearing your flesh. 

If the Pit Bull Terrier has his mouth on you, you can grab his hind legs to lift him off the ground. Make sure that he cannot reach you anymore and try to call for help.

Survival Tip #10: Apply Pressure to the Wound

If there’s no one to attend to you at the moment, try to stop the bleeding by applying enough pressure using a piece of cloth. This will prevent you from losing too much blood and surviving the bite. Call 911 immediately for help.


A Pit Bull Terrier will not bite a human or another dog unless it is triggered or threatened. To protect yourself against a loose Pit Bull Terrier, you should remember the tips given above. As much as possible, be alert and do not panic during the situation.