How to Groom a Yorkshire Terrier

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Well, hello there, pet owner or future pet owner; I’m guessing you just got a new Yorkshire Terrier or are planning to get one and need to know all about cleaning up your Yorkie. This article will teach you how to groom a Yorkshire terrier.

How to Groom a Yorkshire Terrier

To properly perform any task, you need the right tools. Grooming a Yorkshire is a bit challenging because of how delicate they are, and so the first step is, of course, to assemble the right tools you will need to groom your dog.

  • Pin and bristle brush
  • Slicker brush
  • Cotton balls
  • Ear cleaning solution
  • Dog eye wipes
  • Dog shampoo
  • Electric clippers
  • Dog toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Dog nail clippers.
A person cutting Yorkshire Terrier's hair

Grooming Its Coat

Yorkshire Terriers are known for their beautiful, glossy coats. As you groom your Yorkie’s coat, keep in mind that they do not shed like other breeds, which means that grooming is more important to maintain the quality of its fur.


Bathing should be done at least weekly or depending on how dirty they often get, for this use a good quality dog’s shampoo and a basin of warm water. The water temperature is vital since Yorkies are sensitive to cold and heat.

Something important to note is that pH balance is different for dogs, so use the right shampoo. After bathing your dog, use a hairdryer to dry him. Make sure you are constantly moving the dryer on his coat to prevent burning your Yorkie.


Hair brushing should be part of your daily routine. Starting with the pin and bristle brush, brush out any tangles and snags gently. Make sure the hair is a little damp to prevent breakage.

Next, with a slicker brush, remove any dead hair from your dog’s coat. The slicker brush works by separating the hairs of the coat, so work slowly and gently.


It would help if you trimmed your Yorkies coat at least every month. You may desire a specific style but just keeping it short is okay for your Yorkshire.

Use electric clippers to slowly trim your dog’s hair; if you do not know how to do this, visit a professional dog trimmer.


This is totally up to you; you could decide to go short, long, or fancy. Whatever is comfortable for the dog is best. Feel free to experiment and spice up your Yorkshire Terrier’s hair; also, consider getting professional services for outstanding results.

Cleaning Its Ears

To keep Yorkie ears clean, follow the same guidelines as you would for human ears. It typically involves two steps;

  • Trimming- Trim excess hair growth on the ears; trimming helps the ears stand erect and prevent irritation.
  • Cleaning the Ears- Check the ears for; dirt, excess wax, hair ingrowth, signs of infection, or any other abnormality; if found, contact a veterinarian. If not, clean your dog’s ears using a cotton ball and ear cleaning solution.
A person combing the Yorkshire Terrier's hair

Wiping Its Eyes

Use dog eye wipes to clean your dog’s eyes to lessen tearing that may cause tear stains. Also, trim any overgrown hairs around the eyes that may irritate the dog.

Brushing Its Teeth

It would help if you cleaned your Yorkies’ teeth daily; use a dog’s toothbrush and toothpaste to gently brush the dog’s teeth. Proper oral care helps avoid bad breath, get rid of plaque, prevent gum disease and infection. Normalize taking your dog for a regular dental checkup.

Clipping Its Nails

Overgrown nails pose a health risk to your Yorkshire; keep their nails short. Use a dog’s nail clipper. You can tell when nails are ready to be trimmed by the sound they make as the dog walks on a hard surface.

It would be best if you cut your dog’s nails every three to four weeks.

Benefits of Grooming a Yorkshire Terrier

A lot of people associate dog grooming solely with physical appearance. Although this is true; grooming leaves your dog looking clean and attractive, grooming also has a lot of other benefits to the dog.

Stops Growth of Fleas

Fleas are irritating parasites that can cause skin diseases to your dog. Some signs of flea infestation include scratching, hair loss, and red, irritated skin. Regular grooming can help you notice the fleas early, and through a veterinarian, you can buy the proper medication to stop the fleas.

Reduces Chances of Ear Infections

Like us, dogs’ ears build up wax that traps dust and dirt; this needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent ear infections which, if left untreated, can cause deafness. I recommend getting your dog’s ears cleaned by an expert.

Reduces the Likelihood of Developing Bone Deformations or Bad Posture

If a dog’s nails are left unattended, they can grow too long and make the dog uncomfortable; this makes the dog change their posture to better walk with the long nails. If the nails are left untrimmed, it can cause arthritis, bad posture, and bone deformations.

Yorkshire Terrier getting groomed

Reduces Hair Shedding

Regular washing and brushing of a dog’s hair make it healthy and shiny. Brushing helps to remove dead skin and dirt that may be trapped. It also spreads the dog’s natural oils over the coat, improving its quality making it less prone to shedding.

Early Detection of All Skin and Health Issues

Regular grooming of your dog will let you notice irritations and skin-related issues early. Detecting abnormalities early is key to stopping their spread. As you brush your Yorkshire Terrier’s hair, look for wounds, swellings, red spots, or any other indication of disease; if found, rush your pet to a veterinarian.

It Is an Excellent Time to Bond With Your Pet

If you are always caught up during the week and have less time to bond with your Yorkshire Terrier, you should consider grooming them yourself instead of always going to a groomer. This is because grooming gives you time to bond with your Yorkshire Terrier.

Bath times can also be playtime for you and your pet which will bring you closer.


Your Yorkshire Terrier is no different from you in that he needs to have his coat brushed, nails clipped, teeth cleaned and his body massaged. Remember these three things when grooming your dog so that the process can be positive for both of you.