How to Fix Bad Breath in a Yorkshire Terrier

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Bad breath is a common issue among Yorkshire Terriers. It can result from various causes and may indicate underlying health problems in your canine companion. There are high chances that your Yorkshire’s breath is terrible, and you are looking for ways to fix the situation.

How to Fix Yorkshire’s Terrier Bad Breath

Bad breath in your Terrier can be due to periodontal diseases. However, it can be caused by poor diets and signify a more serious medical condition. Here are a few common reasons why your Terrier’s breath may be stinking:

Yorkshire terrier showing her tongue


For puppies in the teething stage, bad breath is often considered normal. It results from blood and saliva build-up formed as the teeth emerge through the gums. It is a common issue and should be over once the pup is done with teething at around seven months.

Daily brushing and good oral habits are essential in easing lousy breath. If the bad breath persists, it could signify periodontal disease.

Oral Hygiene

Bad oral hygiene habits are the leading cause of bad breath in dogs. Most dog owners tend to neglect taking care of their dog’s teeth. Yorkies have overcrowded teeth due to their small jaws.

The alignment of the teeth can cause food to end up stuck in between the teeth.

The gradual build-up of food remains can lead to the formation of plaque and tartar. With time, the following issues may set in:

Brushing your Yorkie’s teeth daily and regular dental visits will play a key role in preventing periodontal disease.

Health Issues

In most cases of bad breath, dental issues are the primary cause. Carry out an inspection of your dog’s mouth to check for any dental issues. Bad breath can be a symptom of a more serious medical condition that should be addressed if there are no signs of dental issues:


Your dog’s breath may have an odd and somewhat fruity smell. It may be due to the high levels of ketones in the blood. Diabetes can also significantly affect gums’ blood flow, resulting in periodontal disease.

Kidney Malfunction

Kidney failure can affect the kidney’s ability to excrete waste products effectively. It can cause your dog’s breath to smell like urine.  You may also notice your is dog having a hard time urinating.

About 3% of terriers in the USA were affected by liver shunts resulting in liver malfunctions.

Respiratory Issues

Most of the health issues that pertain to the respiratory system are often accompanied by bad breath. The dog may quickly get out of breath even after simple exercises, cough, and wheeze. This could be an indication of a severe respiratory issue such as bacterial and viral infections.

Yorkshire terrier having fun playing

Digestive Issues

Bad and slightly acidic breath can result from digestive issues. The bad breath may result from excess gas or stomach acid in the dog’s stomach. It would be best to sort out the digestive problems as soon as possible since it could be fatal to your Yorkie.

Liver Defects

Birth liver defects can lead to ineffective excretion of waste from the dog’s body, which may spread across its body. In addition to the bad breath, you may also notice a bit of yellowing of the eyes and vomiting.


Although not generally a significant cause, bad breath in dogs can result from the diet. It is usual for a dog’s breath to smell like their food. However, it may be time to take measures if the bad breath gets out of hand.

Bad breath can be caused as a result of the diet when:

  • The food is stale or rotten
  • The dog’s water intake is low
  • You recently changed the dog’s diet

As a dog owner, you should take extra care when choosing the right food for your dog. The quality and quantity of food are critical to the general health of your dog.

Bad Breath Solutions

Most of the bad breath issues result from poor dental hygiene practices. Therefore, you must take the time to create good practices to ensure your Yorkie has excellent dental health. It will also be important in keeping bad breath at bay.

Brush Daily

Taking the time to brush your Yorkies teeth daily is very important. Daily brushing plays a vital role in preventing and curing dental issues such as bad breath and even tooth infections. It is best to brush from the start to ensure the dog is used to it early.

Getting your pup to sit still can be difficult. However, the dog should soon adjust and cooperate with brushing with time and effort. You can also incorporate toys and treats into the sessions to make it fun for your Yorkie.

Be sure to use the recommended supplies to clean your dog’s breath, as human toothpaste and toothbrushes cannot be used. Use products that incorporate all-natural ingredients and flavors. It would also be smart to have your dog’s teeth checked yearly by a certified professional.

Close-up shot of Yorkshire terrier facing left side

Incorporate Dental Treats Into the Diet

The dog’s diet could be contributing a lot more to its bad breath than you think. Poor nutrition can cause digestive problems resulting in bad breath. Dry dog food can be helpful in the removal of debris in your dog’s mouth as it eats.

It is best to try out a few diets before deciding which is the best for your dog. It may also be necessary to consult a professional for an informed opinion about your dog’s diet.

Dental treats have proven to be highly effective in removing plaque and keeping your dog’s breath clean as ever. It is an excellent way of dealing with dental issues in your dog while also showing it some much-needed love.


Although it may be expected for your Yorkie to have a bit of stale breath, you should be concerned if the stink persists after a long period. Bad breath can be a sign of a more serious health problem. If you try the above and the problem persists, it would be best to see a vet.