How to Find Out if a Yorkshire Terrier Is Mad

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Yorkshire Terriers have become popular due to their small and cute appearance. Despite their loving nature, Yorkies can also become mad as dogs are capable of many emotions. As a dog owner, you should notice changes in behavior and determine how to find out if a Yorkshire terrier is mad.

How to Find Out if a Yorkshire Terrier Is Mad

Yorkies are generally energetic and vibrant dogs. However, they can sometimes become moody, and you must discern when your Yorkie is mad. Here are a few pointers to help you find out and hopefully fix the situation:

Yorkshire terrier sitting on the bed

Less Interaction

You may have noticed that your Yorkie is acting withdrawn and may not be as energetic as usual. The Yorkie may not be as interested as before in playtime and may not even respond when you call them.

Avoids Eye Contact With You

When your Yorkie avoids any eye contact with you, it should be a clear sign that they are mad just the same way it is with humans. If the dog is content and happy, it should be comfortable making eye contact with the owner and getting your attention.

When a Yorkie is angry, they tend to avoid such behavior and may even try to avoid interacting with you altogether.

Your Yorkie Agitates and Growls

Growling should be a clear indication that your Yorkshire is mad about something. Dog behavior experts say the growls warn, especially when they want a change or a stop. For example, your Yorkie may growl when a stranger approaches them.

It is best to avoid punishing or shouting at your Yorkie when they growl. It can impact their behavior by making it worse and damaging the trust between you. It would help to look at the triggers and focus on them.

Look at the Ears

If your Yorkie lowers the head with the ears hung back, it can signify the Yorkie is mad at you or about something else. As dogs cannot talk directly with humans, it is important to take in body language cues to understand them better.

Together with the lowered head, a closed mouth and tight lips can also indicate your Yorkie is upset. Showing your dog some love and affection can help it forget they are mad at you. Be sure to give plenty of ear scratches and belly rubs.

The Yorkie Is Crouched With the Tail Tucked

If you notice your Yorkie is crouched and has the tail firmly tucked in between the legs, it can be a sign that they are mad. It is a defensive posture that shows your dog is on guard. You have to know that dogs can be highly emotional.

Yorkshire terrier resting on the couch

It is best to reassure them, especially after shouting or yelling at them. It is important to take the time to reassure the dog and restrengthen the bonds and trust between the two of you. You have to show your Yorkie some love and compassion.

It is best to speak softly and reassuringly when talking to your dog to ensure they do not see you as a  threat. In no time, your dog will forget what you may have done to trigger it in the first place.

Constant Yawns

Many dog owners may be not aware that yawning could be a sign that your dog is upset. You may think it is a sign that your dog is bored or lacks motivation. However, it can indicate your dog is upset or even dealing with high-stress levels.

It would be best to critically analyze the situation and immediate environment for triggers and respond as needed. If you are unable to deal with it, it will help to remove your Yorkie from the environment to reduce to try and reduce stress levels.

The Yorkie Is Out of Control

You may notice your Yorkie is getting out of control, throwing fits of rage. Although the fits may vary from dog to dog, you can guarantee that you will recognize it as soon as you see it. You may notice your dog barging through dogs or demanding attention.

Out-of-control behavior can result from your Yorkie not getting enough exercise to release the excess energy. Ensuring your dog gets enough exercise to avoid such situations is important. Daily walks or playing fetch can help ensure your dog’s general happiness and health.

The Yorkie’s Whites Are Showing

When the whites of your Yorkie’s eyes are showing, it can indicate:

  • Confusion
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Disgust

When the eyes widen to the point that the whites can see, it is an indication that the dog is in a state of high alert. Therefore, you must pay close attention to what is happening around you. You need to try and figure out the potential cause of agitation in your dog.

It could be because the Yorkie senses danger. However, it could be that your Yorkie is just hungry and needs to be fed.

Yorkshire terrier resting on the floor

Frequently Asked Questions?

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions concerning mood and behaviour changes in Yorkies:

What Causes Mood Changes in Yorkies?

Several factors may cause your cause a change in mood and behavior for your Yorkie. It can be a result of:

  • Changes in environment – Your Yorkie may find it hard to adjust to a new environment, resulting in withdrawal or anger. It is important to try and follow a regular schedule to ensure familiarity for your dog.
  • Lack of exercise – When your Yorkie does not get enough exercise, they may become moody. It is best to set aside time daily for walks and exercises.
  • Health Issues – Your dog may act differently due to underlying health complications. If you notice your dog is still acting differently after some time, it would be best to consult a vet.

Can Less Sleep Impact My Dog?

Yes, it can. If your dog happens to have less sleep or even more physical activity than usual, you may notice a general change in your dog’s behavior. It is best to ensure your dog gets enough rest, and you will notice a positive change.


Your Yorkie cannot directly communicate with you. You need to read the body language and understand how your dog is feeling. Spending more time and showing affection to your dog can help you bond and understand your dog better.