How To Calm Down A Bull Terrier

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Bull Terriers are extremely energetic dogs, and you need to be very patient while training them. It is because they need to utilize all of their energy to be in control throughout the day. If you fail to utilize their energy or tire them, they will burst out on you to demand a playing session.

Therefore, you need to train the Bull Terrier puppies to be calm when you want them to. Once you train them to be calm, you do not have to tire yourselves in pursuit of utilizing their energy. 

How To Calm Down A Bull Terrier

If you face troubles while calming down your canine buddy, you need to follow specific measures to achieve it!

Calming an extremely active dog like a Bull Terrier is like putting a brake on a high-speed train. Bull Terriers are hyperactive dogs, and you need to train them and yourselves to calm them down when you need it!

So, follow this guide to learn about how to calm down a Bull Terrier with easy steps. 

Bull Terrier biting the grass

Step 1: Physical Exercise Is Must

Whenever Bull Terriers get an energy surge, it is crucial for you to make them do some physical activity. You need a lot of exercise or physical stimulation in order to help your Bull Terrier calm down.

Bull Terriers do get a rapid energy surge in them, especially in puppies. And when they get it, they hop on you or call you for a game.

Don’t just defy them right from the first day! Go along with them to play, and drain their energy and come back to your room. They will sleep after they eat their food

You will be successful in your first mission of calming your terrier down. But, indeed, you cannot go out or play in the room with your dog every time it demands. Therefore, you need to do it just for the sake of training the dogs and making them realize that you care!

Once they understand that you prioritize their playing habit, you can just skip one or two playing sessions, as it won’t bother them much. But if it is possible for someone else to play with them while you are unavailable, then it can be a better option to opt for. 

Step 2: Train Their Brain 

The best way to calm down Bull Terrier adult dogs or puppies is to train their mind. Every dog needs some mental stimulation, and Bull Terrier is no different! In fact, you do not need a park or yard to train the mind of your Bull Terrier puppy.

In addition to that, you do not even need to spend hours of time over mental training. You just need to find 15 minutes for your Bull Terrier’s mental training. 

Fifteen minutes of mental training for a Bull Terrier puppy is equivalent to one hour of physical training.

It would help if you gave the Bull Terriers some brain games to tire them. Moreover, it will stimulate their mind and will drive away their attention. You can try hiding their favorite toy right in front of them and let them find it.

When they see that their toy is not where they saw your hiding, they will use their intelligence to look for it! And believe it or not, this will not just divert their focus but will also stimulate their mind. You can refer to this link for more such brain games playable by dogs, which describe 5 DIY games.

Step 3: Give A Job To Your Dog

It is important for your dog to learn more than just being a good companion. If you want to neutralize the hyperactivity of Bull Terriers, then you need to give them some job. Train them to be the companion of an older person at your home.

Bull Terrier standing on a grass field

Also, your Bull Terrier can be a guard and companion for the older person to walk out in the open. Your dog will remember their job once they get used to it. 

If not that, you can also consider teaching the dog how to guard property or an object when you are away from home. You can either hire a professional to train the terrier some defending or protecting techniques. Also, you can prefer to train it all by yourself, with loads of treats! 

Follow this article to get an idea of how you can self-train your Bull Terrier to guard your property.

Some of the tasks that you can give to the dog are as follows:

  • Retrieving- Teach your Bull Terriers to retrieve newspapers, balls, duck toys, or water bottles from the fridge. If you can teach your terrier to fetch or retrieve, it will be more than happy to help you when you call for it! 
  • Pulling- The Bull Terriers are muscular and can pull small wagons. When they are old enough, you can make a small wagon to help them play tug of war or move things around the room. 
  • Rescuing- Create some fake scenarios, such as drowning in the swimming pool or being stuck in a room, and see how your Bull Terrier reacts or responds to it. This is referred to as a rescuing job. 
  • Sniffing- Hide some things in the backyard, and let your terrier sniff it out for you! It will help keep the dog busy over time. And, the dog will feel like they are helping you by performing a job. 

Step 4: Give Them The Toys They Love To Play With

Bull Terriers are full of energy! They need to play with their toys to drain out and be calm. For example, you can get baby duck toys, chewing toys, and others.

To know more about the types of toys that you can pick for your bullterrier or any other hyperactive dog, go through this article! It describes the 11 best toys you can get for your dog. Let the dog play with its toys, and if it gets distracted, then throw the toys back at him again. 

Please do not give these dogs the attention they want for the time being, and that will be the ideal way to keep them engaged. When they engage themselves, it is essential for you to help them maintain their attention towards the toys.

Do not keep staring at the Bull Terriers while they are playing with the toys. If they notice you staring at them, they will leave the toy and hop onto you. You just have to act like you are not looking at them to ensure that they stay focused on their toys. 

Bull Terrier playing with his blue toy

Step 5: Consult The Vet

If you observe any over-dramatic behaviors beyond your control, you need to visit the vet. There might be some hormonal variations and surges within the body that might need control. Therefore, if the behavior seems out of control, you should head out and consult the vet right away!

They will guide you with the right solutions to calm down your dog. But you need to follow all the other steps as well and not just rely upon the medications. 

Step 6: Stop The Fight

If you have more than one dog in your house, and Bull Terrier is one amongst them, then learn the trick to calm them down when they fight. Hold down the face of your Bull Terrier if they are a puppy.

But, if he is an adult, then hold him around the neck and be still. Ask someone to do the same with the other dog. Hold on until your Bull Terrier and the other dog calms down, and then you can separate them from one another for a while! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Learn Whether Your Bull Terrier Is Stressed?

You need to look after the signs to determine whether your Bull Terrier is stressed. If you witness whale eyes, ears back, frequent barking, poor eating habits, and others in your dog, then you can conclude them to be stressed! To know more, you can check out this article

What Are The Things Bull Terriers Are Afraid Of?

Bull Terriers are fearless in nature, but loud noises, bustling streets, stranger’s punishments, and other such things frighten them, especially when they are puppies.

When the Bull Terriers are frightened, they do not just sit back; they will bite you off. They have the challenging nature to counteract anything that threatens them. 


So, if you have a naughty Bull Terrier puppy or adult, you need to understand the proper steps to calm the dog down. And this article has all the measures that you can follow in order to calm down your Bull Terrier.

So now, you can make your approach towards training, guiding, and spending time with your Bull Terrier. This, in turn, will calm them down. But, remember that you do not have to punish your Bull Terrier in the process.

Punishment from owners can be very much frightening and painful for the dogs! So, follow the correct approach to train and calm your Bull Terrier.