What to Know When Buying Yorkshire Terriers

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When purchasing or adopting a dog, you must thoroughly research the breed you intend to add to your family. If you are considering getting a dog, you should learn what to look for when buying Yorkshire Terriers.

What to Know When Buying Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkies are noted for their small size, boundless energy, and long straight coat. However, they also require special care that not everyone can give them. For example, something very important that the dog must have is quality time with you.

White Yorkshire Terrier staring at the lake while on the edge of a house deck

Yorkies requires at least 45 minutes of exercise and play daily as it is so energetic and full of love for its owners. If not, they can become chaotic and even depressed when bored. As a result, this is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing one.

That is only one aspect of the care required for Yorkshire Terriers; there are many more to consider before adding one to your family.

They Are Smaller and More Fragile Than Other Dogs

Yorkies are a toy breed, which means they are smaller than other dogs. However, they do not realize this and might want to start fights with bigger dogs who can easily damage them. On top of that, if you have children around your house, you have to be careful when they play with your Yorkie

Children might not control their strength and can easily accidentally hurt the dog. Toy breeds are more prone to broken bones, injuries, and illnesses. Therefore, you need to take proper precautions when getting a Yorkshire Terrier.

They Need to Be Constantly Groomed

Since they have a lot of long silky hair, Yorkies require constant brushing and grooming to avoid tangles in their hair. Also, they need regular haircuts to avoid excessive hair around their eyes and paws. If not, they will have difficulties seeing and watching, which could lead to injuries.

At last, their nails should be trimmed depending on how quickly they grow and how much they naturally wear down. If your Yorkie plays and runs on a rough surface, its nails will naturally wear down. Their nails will grow too long if they only run on soft surfaces.

Freshly groomed white Yorkshire Terrier lying on a bed

A good rule to follow is to listen when they walk and run. If you can hear their nails slapping the floor, they are too long and need to be trimmed. If not, they could break them and get infected, which would cause a lot of pain for your dog.

They Are Easy to Train

Yorkshire Terriers are easy to train, which means they can learn tricks and games much faster than other breeds. In addition, they can understand quicker the tones of your voice, certain commands, and even certain situations. For example, they can understand and feel when you are sad and will try to cheer you up.

They Have a Lot of Energy

As mentioned before, Yorkies have a lot of energy, which must be drained. Here you can see how they would behave if they had an excess of energy.

  • They will bark a lot for a long time.
  • They will run around the house and play with everything.
  • They are going to dig in the ground
  • They will cry for your attention

They Are Difficult to Potty Train

Although Yorkies are pretty intelligent, their inquisitive and outgoing personalities make them challenging to potty train. For example, they will prefer to urinate anywhere in the house rather than wait for a walk. This is also why they need constant attention. After all, if they are left unsupervised, they will probably make a mess.

However, this detail can be corrected with training from a young age. With positive reinforcement and specific commands, you will get a Yorkshire Terrier to start going potty in the right place.

Brown and gray Yorkshire Terrier seen putting its face on a mini door flap

They Have Hunting Instincts

All Terrier breeds were bred to be hunters, and Yorkshires are no exception. This instinct will lead them to hunt small prey such as rats, insects, birds, and lizards. Therefore, if you have small pets around your house, you must be careful before bringing a Yorkie inside.

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about buying Yorkshire Terriers.

Are Yorkshire Terriers Good for First-Time Owners?

Yes, Yorkies are good dogs for those owners who haven’t had any pets. Although they have a lot of necessities, they are lovable and will learn how to behave faster than other dogs.

Are Yorkshire Terriers Good House Dogs?

Yes, Yorkshire Terriers make excellent house dogs; they have a lot of energy to devote to every family member. This is why they get along well with children; of course, you should always take precautions when a dog is around children.

Is It Better to Get a Boy or a Girl Yorkie?

Both genders are good. There are many misconceptions claiming that a female Yorkie is better than a male Yorkie. However, this is not true. Both genders are sociable, loving, and full of energy.


Every dog breed has a distinctive personality that must be managed. In this case, Yorkies need attentive owners who can give them a lot of time. After all, they are a very outgoing breed that needs a lot of care, maintenance, and grooming, especially if they have long hair.