How to Brush a Pit Bull Terrier

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Are you facing difficulty in brushing and grooming your doggo? Well, we highly suggest you check our guide on how to brush a Pit Bull terrier. You can also refer to this guide for other short-haired dogs and groom them at your home.

How to Brush a Pit Bull Terrier

Grooming is a must for short-haired dogs. While it’s tempting to imagine that short-haired dogs merely need a quick bath, they actually require a little more. Short-haired dogs are prone to shedding. Their shedding coat does not fall out in clumps in the spring, but it steadily sheds all year.

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Check out these five dog grooming methods to keep your short-haired dog looking excellent no matter what season it is. Prepare to be stopped by other short-haired dog owners who will inquire, “How do you maintain your dog’s coat so shiny?”

What Is the Definition of “Short”?

Speaking of what short hair dog may look like varies from person to person. However, Pit Bull terriers are known to have short fur (not hair) that you can maintain easily according to some recognized standards.

These dogs are mixed breeds of an Old English Bull and an Old English Terrier in which makes them larger than the other dog breeds.

These dogs, which was crossed with a Black and Tan terrier, have no undercoat and, thus, have a single coat of fur that sheds quite often.

How to Groom a Bull Terrier Properly

1. Buy a High-Quality Brush

You have to brush your American pit bull terrier from time to time and don’t be surprised if we tell you that.

Since bull terrier is a short-haired dog, you should brush it on a regular basis with a brush made especially for short hair. To remove as much dead hair as possible, you’ll need a firm bristle brush with tightly pressed bristles.

Best Quality Brush Recommendation for Grooming Your Dog:

You can get one at your local pet store, or if you want to splurge, great option would be Chris Christenson’s Original Ionic Brass Boar Brush (it has a nylon version too, if the boar thing creeps you out). Brush your dry hair with this brush on a daily basis.

We also recommend Kong’s Zoom Groom for bathing. Dogs shed a little more during a wash for whatever reason, so take advantage of that. Brush your dog’s coat in the direction of your dog’s coat after applying shampoo.

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2. Use a Shampoo and Conditioner for Sensitive Dogs.

Short-haired like American Pit Bull terriers should be bathed once a week at the very least. Many old-school dog owners still adhere to the age-old adage of “bathe your dog just when he needs it,” which should be changed.

Dogs are now sleeping in our beds, accompanying us on walks, and vacationing with us; keep in mind, however, that they do not wear shoes. Bathing your dog on a weekly basis also eliminates dead hair and dander and hydrates his skin and coat.

Before cleaning your terrier, give him a thorough brushing with a bristle brush. This procedure helps remove and eliminate hair and dry skin layers and dander, allowing shampoo to enter and hydrate your dog’s skin throughout the bathing process.

Shampoo Recommendation for Your Dogs:

Choose a soft, natural shampoo that is easy to rinse and leaves no lingering stickiness.

3. Use Canine Conditioner

Using conditioners on the coats of short-haired dogs is controversial. To be fair, it depends on your dog’s coat requirements. Oil-based formulations are no longer thick that leave a sticky residue after rinsing which occurs in conditioners.

Silk proteins, aloe, and shea butter in modern conditioners hydrate your dog’s skin while keeping its coat looking silky, like an expensive suede.

Mild or leave-in conditioners that preserve your dog’s hair from the sunlight are necessary for short-haired dogs.

Dog holding a hygiene care kit

4. Keep Those Pearly Whites Brushed

Brushing your dog’s teeth every day is something that can easily avoid. Diseased teeth and gums not only stink and look unpleasant, but they can also lead to heart and kidney problems.

If your dog’s breath stinks, you should make an appointment with a veterinarian.

If it is your first time as a bull terrier owner, then you might face some difficulty while brushing the teeth of your pup/dog. But as time passes, you both will get comfortable with the process so that the brushing would become more effective and less struggling.

Best Toothpaste Made for Dogs:

But to begin with, you need to be very patient with your dog.

  • Pick a toothpaste specially made for dogs. Make sure you obtain a doggie toothpaste and never use human toothpaste on your American Pit Bull Terrier since fluoride can damage them.

What could be better than having a meat-flavored toothpaste for your food-loving pet dog?

  • Get a toothbrush that suits your dog. A children’s toothbrush will suffice if you can’t find a toothbrush for dogs because the bristles are small. You can also use a finger brush to clean the crannies and the nooks of your Bull terrier.
  • Before you start brushing, ensure that your dog is in a good mood. As you know, Pitties are pretty aggressive, and any sort of mishandling can lead to injuries to both parties.

Every Pit Bull is different, and therefore, we can propose a specific period after which they would get comfortable with the process. Hence, be patient and careful that he doesn’t bite you.

  • Experts recommend scrubbing your dog’s teeth in small circular motions, paying specific attention to the gum line, which might harbor bacteria. 

Challenges in Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth:

If your dog has periodontal disease, then brushing might be pretty difficult for it. The bristles would scrub against the infected teeth and gums and eventually hurt a bit, hence do it gently.

  • Take it slowly. According to experts, brushing your dog’s teeth should be done in stages over several weeks until they are comfortable with it. Make sure it’s a happy experience for them, such as games or sweets, so they associate tooth brushing time with something positive.
  • To give them the most incredible experience possible, make sure you’re showering them with praise and pets—and frequent brushing can help avoid doggy dental concerns while saving you money in the long term.

Here is a detailed video of one of the best brushes you can use to groom your American Pit Bull terrier.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Brush My Bull Terrier’s Teeth?

It is good that you brush your dog’s teeth on a daily basis. One should brush their dog’s teeth at least thrice a week. Maintain proper oral hygiene as plaque can develop on your pet’s teeth if you don’t brush them properly.

This will eventually lead to bad breath, poor gum health, tooth decay and can also lead to inconvenient infections.

At What Age Should I Start Brushing My Bull Terrier’s Teeth?

Brushing your puppy’s teeth between the age of 8 and 16 weeks is essential for his dental health, and starting early will make it much simpler for him to become accustomed to this daily practice.


A study states that grooming has a significant impact on the dog’s heart beat. After observing, there was a substantial decline in the heart rate after a complete grooming session.

Though there is no practical backing to the statement, one can correlate the decline of heart rate to reducing stress levels. Thus, grooming not only keeps your doggo clean but relaxes it from the inside.