How Tall Is a Yorkshire Terrier?

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There are many misconceptions about Yorkie size. One of the consistently asked questions is, “how tall is a Yorkshire Terrier?” Many dog owners worry that their dog is too tiny or too big compared to other dogs.

Here’s what you should know about the height and size of Yorkies.

How Tall Is a Yorkshire Terrier?

The Yorkshire Terrier is a medium-sized dog with an overall length of 12-15.5 inches (30-39 cm), a standing height of 10.5-13 inches (27-33 cm). The Yorkie is a very expressive dog with a significantly bigger personality despite its diminutive stature.

Shallow focus shot of a Yorkshire Terrier

Male Yorkshire Terriers have a withers height of 8 to 9 inches (20 – 23 cm) and 7 to 12 pounds (3.2 – 5.4 kgs). Female Yorkshire Terriers have a withers height of 7 to 8 inches (18 – 20 cm) and 4 to 7 pounds (1.8 – 3.2 kgs).

Different Yorkie Sizes

Only a few people are aware that this breed exists in a variety of sizes. You may be wondering if there are any other sizes of pups available outside the regular scope. The following are the different Yorkshire Terrier breed sizes which most breeders offer:

Giant Yorkshire Terriers (Big/Large)

Yorkshire Terriers over 9 inches tall and weighing over 7 pounds (if not obese) are Giant Yorkies. Some owners have 14-pound dogs that are physically slim and in good health.

Although this is not the breed standard, these dogs are generally healthy and more nutritious than their smaller counterparts.

Teacups (Small)

Teacup Yorkshire Terriers weigh less than 4 pounds and reach a height of 6 – 8 inches when fully grown. It would help if you did your investigation on the breeder before obtaining a Teacup Yorkie.

Inbreeding can cause various health problems, and it will be costly and inconvenient for you and your dog in the long run. Breeders should prioritize health over appearances when breeding. Be wary of advertisements for “Teacup Yorkie puppies for sale,” as the breeder may not have the most excellent intentions.

Due to biological health concerns and selective breeding, some toy sizes appear “tiny.” Consequently, their bones are prone to fracture. The Teacup, or any other word implying small size, is not recognized by the American Kennel Club or any other respectable kennel as a recognized variation of the breed or as a different variety.

Brown and black colored Yorkshire Terrier

What Makes Yorkshire Terriers Larger Than Average?

Once in a while, a purebred Yorkshire Terrier may emerge that is much larger than expected. So, how is this possible?

  • In many circumstances, the lineage will contain a combination of breeds. If a Yorkie is a recognized purebred, this may seem unlikely. However, a dog must have a three-generation ancestry to be regarded as purebred. Breeders could have mixed another breed in the past 5, 10, or more generations.
  • Another likelihood is an unintentional pairing, which may be ruled out by DNA testing. In many circumstances, DNA testing is optional. In some cases, though, it is required. This pairing is common for often used sires, foreign dogs, and when random assessment visits to breeding kennels are undertaken.
  • Breeders are on the honor system when giving out parents information in this circumstance because there is no DNA testing. The sire indicated on the register may not be accurate, whether due to dishonesty or an honest mistake.
  • A female dog might be impregnated by two separate dogs simultaneously. There were instances where a female mates with both the intended male Yorkie and a different breed dog, with only the Yorkie identified as a sire. However,  some of the pups are mixed and may be larger than anticipated.
  • Excess weight might also cause a Yorkie to be larger than usual. While this is not a common occurrence with this breed, any dog can gain weight. So, if a Yorkshire Terrier weighs more than 10 pounds, the veterinarian should examine it to see if it needs to lose weight.
Tan colored Yorkshire Terrier

Related Questions

Do Yorkies Have Short Tails?

Yes, Yorkies have short tails since owners customarily dock the tails. This docking is a contentious procedure performed on puppies within the first few days of their lives for aesthetic purposes; tail docking protected working dogs from injury during the ancient time, although today’s Yorkshire Terriers are mostly home dogs.

Why Are Yorkies So Small?

Yorkies are tiny, probably because some breeders purposely bred this dog down to produce less than the standard Yorkshire Terriers. The other component is a typical Yorkie under or over the recommended weight or size.

Final Thoughts

You now have a good understanding of Yorkshire sizes and where your dog fits. You might have a dog that is an exception in terms of size. It doesn’t matter if they’re on the lower or more extensive part of the spectrum, as long as they’re healthy and happy.