How Tall Are Bull Terrier Mix Dogs?

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Bull Terriers mixed with other purebred dogs produce fascinating results. Offspring’s manifest desirable traits such as body structure, weight or height. Bull Terriers stand between 21 to 22 inches. However, if paired with other breeds, how tall are Bull Terrier mix dogs?

How Tall Are Bull Terrier Mix Dogs?

Bull Terrier mix dogs range from 10 to 24 inches tall. It depends on what breed is paired to them. For example, a Bull Terrier that stands 22 inches tall paired with a Chihuahua that stands 15 inches produces a Bullhuahua with 14 inches in height.

Famous Bull Terrier Mix Dogs

To give you an overview of a Bull Terrier mix dog’s height, we’ve compiled the famous Bull Terrier crosses below. We will also preview the traits this mix got from both of its parents.

Bull Terrier laying on the grass

Bullhuahua Terrier

A Bullhuahua Terrier is a product of a Bull Terrier cross Chihuahua. It stands 10 to 14 inches tall and looks like a perfect blend of both its parents.

It follows its Chihuahua parent’s head, muscular body and erect ears. However, the color depends on its Bull Terrier parent. The body length of a Bullhuahua is longer than its height.

Despite its size, a Bullhuahua Terrier is an energetic dog. It also displays an act of commendable courage as it barks upon sensing danger or when threatened. If you have kids, it’s better to socialize a Bullhuahua Terrier slowly because there’s a tendency of being hostile.

Like its Bull Terrier parent, it doesn’t do well alone. It craves for a human companion.

English Bulldog Terrier

The average height of an English Bulldog Terrier ranges from 15 to 19 inches. Its body build follows its Bull Terrier parent while the facial appearance has some Bulldog similarities. It’s a large dog with a muscular wide chest and thick neck.

Its head holds its most notable features. It includes a flat forehead, a deep jaw, a short and broad snout similar to its Bulldog parent.

Despite its intimidating facial structure, the English Bulldog Terrier is very affectionate, especially to its owner. It tends to be aggressive especially when alarmed or threatened. The English Bulldog Terrier’s energy level balances both of its parents – a Bull Terrier’s liveliness and an English Bulldog’s calm temperament.

Brazilian Dogo

A Brazilian Dogo is a crossbreed of a Bull Terrier and Boxer. It’s also known as Bull Boxer. It stands 23 to 24 inches depending on its gender with the male as the larger one. It has a big head and jaws.

It has medium-sized ears and a muzzle that’s deep and blunt. Its physical appearance perfectly resembles the combination of both its parents.

We can infer from its name that Brazilian Dogo originated from Brazil. Similar to its Bull Terrier parent, it’s very affectionate to its owner and family members – except to strangers. With proper socialization starting from a young age, Brazilian Dogo gets along well with kids. However, supervision is still needed.

Rottbull Terrier

The Rottbull Terrier stands 17 to 22 inches tall and is the offspring of a Bull Terrier and a Rottweiler. It’s a large breed of dog, strong and muscular. Rottbull Terrier exhibits a broad head and a snout on average length.

The color depends on which parent has a dominant gene – means it could be black and tan like its Rottweiler parent or a variety of colors like its Bull Terrier parent.

Since both its parents have aggressive nature, Rottbull has the same reputation. However, it gets bored easily when left alone like its Bull Terrier parent. It’s prone to separation anxiety, the reason why it’s not good being left alone.

Rottbull could also have its Rottweiler parent’s stubbornness and aloofness, but this dog is trainable.

Bull Terrier sniffing the weeds

Bullmatian Terrier

A Bullmatian Terrier is a combination of Bull Terrier and Dalmatian. It stands about 11 to 24 inches tall and is a very energetic dog just like its parents. Similar to its Dalmatian parent, it comes with spots.

However, the spots don’t always come as black, it could be brown, fawn, orange, red or brindle.

Since Bullmatian Terrier is a high-energy dog, it requires frequent exercise like jogging or walks. When it comes to temperament, a Bullmatian Terrier likes a lot of attention. It’s also loyal and affectionate although it can be aloof to strangers.

Bull Terrier Mix Dogs Health Conditions

In general, designer dogs carry desirable traits from either of their parents. However, it doesn’t mean the offspring inherits the good traits only. It might also come with health issues, which it can get from its parents. Mixed dogs are not different from purebred dogs when it comes to disorders.

These possible inherited ailments are termed as genetic disorders and designer dogs aren’t exempted. It’s not always the case though as some of these genetic disorders are isolated to particular breeds only.

Related Questions

Are Bull Terriers Medium or Large Dogs?

Bull Terriers are generally medium-sized. However, there are also large-sized ones and Miniature Bull Terriers.

How Big Are Mini Bull Terriers?

Miniature Bull Terriers’ height ranges from 10 to 14 inches tall and weighs 18 to 28 pounds. They were created first before the standard Bull Terriers.


Bull Terrier mix dogs’ height varies. It depends on what breed they’re paired to. Famous Bull Terrier breeds range from 14 to 24 inches tall. However, it’s fair enough to say that Bull Terrier mix dogs have relative height.

Bull Terriers bred to large dogs can produce large-sized offspring, and the same thing happens when bred to small-sized breeds.