What Is a Jack Russell and a Cairn Terrier Mix?

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If you’re confused between the loyal, intelligent, active, and playful nature of a Cairn terrier and the energetic and friendly nature of the Jack Russell terrier, consider adopting their mix. Knowing what a Jack Rusell and a Cairn Terrier mix are can help you know the character traits to expect.

What Is a Jack Russell and a Cairn Terrier Mix?

A Jack Russell and Cairn terrier mix, also known as a JaCairn, is a mix between a purebred Jack Russell and Cairn Terrier. An adult male JaCairn has a standing height of about 9 to 15 inches and weighs 14 to 18 pounds, while females are slightly smaller than males by 1 to 2 inches and lighter by around 2 pounds.

The Jacairn has a double coat and a medium-length coat with varying colors such as brown, white, red, black and tan, and tan and white. The mix can have the following behavioral and physical characteristics depending on the dominant genes.

A tri-colored Jacairn mix dog with brown eyes near a green background

Size and Weight

JaCairns resembles the Cairns terrier more compared to Jack Russell. JaCairns are relatively smaller than their parents, measuring about 9 to 15 inches and weighing 14 to 18 pounds when fully grown.

Like most dog breeds, the females are smaller than the male Jacairns by around 1 or 2 inches and lighter by about 2 pounds.

Coat Color

Mostly, the JaCairn has a double coat that resembles the Cairn Terrier. The top coat prevents moisture and dirt from getting to the dog’s skin. The undercoat helps maintain the dog’s temperature in cold and hot weather conditions.

The JaCairn terrier coat is textured and can have varying colors, such as brown, white, white and red, black and tan, and tan and white.


A JaCairn is a medium-haired dog that tends to shed regularly throughout the shedding season. You should brush your dog at least once after three weeks using a FURminator or a soft slicker brush.

Since JaCairn breeds like being outdoors, they sometimes climb over objects and dig in the yard, increasing the chances of getting muddy. As a result, you might need to groom your dog after 2 to 4 months. However, if your JaCairn stays indoors, it can take up to 6 months before requiring your dog a bath.


This breed tends to suffer similar health conditions to its parents. However, they have small bodies, making them have lesser risks of diseases. Depending on the dominant genes, some common health problems you can look out for include.

  • Diabetes: This is a disease that affects the level of sugar in the blood. This occurs when the pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin. Taking your JaCairn to the veterinary for regular diabetes check-ups is advisable.
  • Digestive issues: This condition results from infections such as parasites and bacteria and stomach disorders such as bloat and obstruction.
  • Patellar luxation: This condition occurs when the kneecap or patella of the dog shifts out of alignment with the thigh bone or the femur.


Like the parent breeds, JaCairn is known for being energetic, loving, happy, and intelligent. Its intelligence makes it a well-behaved dog that can follow your instructions and commands. Depending on the dominant genes, you can expect JaCairn to have the following behavioral attributes.


JaCairn has an easygoing personality, making it an ideal family dog. However, despite being small in size, JaCairn is athletic and tends to be rough, especially when you tease or provoke them when playing or training. As a result, JaCairns might not be the best dog for families with over-playful children.

They are also territorial, and bringing a new dog might make them aggressive as they try to protect their territory. However, you can change the behavior by training it to accommodate and socialize with the new pet from an early age.

An image of Jacairn mix

Trainability and Exercise

Like most dog breeds, it is important to train and exercise your JaCairn to create a stronger bond and control its character. JaCairn is an athletic dog flexible enough to accompany you during exercises without getting overuse injuries.

Jack Russells and Cairn terriers are intelligent dogs, making their cross intelligent as well. That means JaCairns can grasp and remember commands. However, JaCairn loves new challenges and might get bored if you keep repeating the same training patterns.

JaCairn is a brave and bold dog like the Jack Russell parent. Keeping in mind that they love being outdoors, they can be great watchdogs with proper training.

Related Questions

Is JaCairn Aggressive?

JaCairns are not aggressive towards their family members. However, they are protective, and you might need to watch them around strangers and family guests as they can be aggressive towards new faces intruding on their environment.

Can JaCairns Live With Cats?

No, JaCairns are naturally strong and have hunting instincts that might make them harass little pets such as cats, rabbits, and birds. However, you can change this character by thoroughly training and disciplining the dog from an early age.

Final Thoughts

Knowing what a Jack Russell and Cairn terrier mix are can help you know how to train and bond with these dogs. JaCairns are loyal and affectionate dogs towards their family members. However, they can be aggressive toward intruders and other pets.