How Smart Is a Jack Russell and Cairn Terrier Mix?

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When it comes to tricks and commands, a dog’s intelligence may play an important role. If you are curious and want to raise a dog, you might wonder “how smart is a Jack Russell and Cairn Terrier Mix?” and how easy it is to raise.

How Smart Is a Jack Russell and Cairn Terrier Mix?

A “Jacairn,” a mix between a Jack Russell and a Cairn Terrier, is very smart and trainable. This breed will pay close attention to you and understand your commands. This means they will have no trouble picking up new tricks and exercises.

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Additionally, this breed has a lot of energy and enjoys spending time playing, which is very convenient if you want to play with them all the time. This makes it easier for you to teach them tricks and commands, after all, they won’t get tired too quickly.

This breed is ideal if you want a smart and active dog that can easily learn tricks and play with you. Yet, you may need to dedicate a significant amount of time to them, which is why you must consider certain elements before deciding to raise a Jacairn.

Elements That Influence a Jack Russell and Cairn Terrier Mix

Before raising a Jacairn, you should learn all the factors affecting their lives. This includes how often you should broom them, how resistant they are to cold, and how they behave around other dogs or small children.

Cold Resistance

When it comes to low temperatures, this breed can handle it for low periods of time, with a maximum of thirty minutes (only if they are wearing a winter coat). This is because, unlike Jack Russells, this breed tends to have a higher coat length, which protects them from cold.

In fact, if it is snowing outside, and the temperature is between 30 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit, the Jacairn might love playing around in the snow for a while. Though, you should always remember that they should not spend too much time in the cold, as they could get sick.

Furthermore, regardless of the weather, you should never allow them to sleep outside. Since this breed has a lot of energy and enjoys spending time with its owners, leaving them outside could lead to misbehavior or a depressed mood.

High Energy

As we previously mentioned, this breed has a lot of energy and loves intense activities. Therefore, if you are planning on raising a Jacairn, you need to consider the amount of time you will need to spend on them. After all, they need walks and a lot of playtime.

If you’re not sure how much time you can dedicate to this breed, this is probably not the best option for you. This is because if the Jacairn doesn’t get to expend its energy, it may become anxious and misbehave. Here you can see some examples of this.

  • They may begin running around the house, accidentally breaking things.
  • They could dig a lot of holes in your garden and cause havoc on your bushes.
  • They could scratch doors and furniture.
  • When they are too lonely, they could get into a depressed mood. Therefore, you must take care of them and drain their energy levels in order for them to be, and feel happy.


When it comes to their care, they are not very hard to maintain. Depending on the length and density of its hair, you should brush them once or twice a week. You should avoid giving them baths too often, as this could cause irritation to their skins.

An image of Jacairn mix

Instead, bathe them once a month or only when they are excessively dirty (if they rolled in a pod on mud, for example). Brush their teeth daily, or get them a dental chew toy that cleans their teeth, to keep their dental health safe.

Lastly, remember to trim their nails whenever they become too long (if their nails make noise on the floor when they walk, they are too long). If you fail to do this, it could cause them injuries and pain.

Related Questions

Here are some related questions about Jack Russell and Cairn Terrier Mix.

Do Jacairns Bark a Lot?

Yes, Jacairns can bark a lot if they have too much energy left. Since they are very energetic dogs, they can spend a lot of time barking, especially if they haven’t gone for a walk, or they don’t have any toys to play with.

Are Jacairns Good with Children?

Yes, the Jack Russell and Cairn Terrier Mix get along well with children, especially if introduced to them as puppies. However, you should always be vigilant and never leave a child alone with the dog, as the child may play too rough with them.


Jack Russell and Cairn Terrier mix dogs are intelligent and active, and they can quickly learn new tricks. However, you must take good care of them and dedicate a significant amount of time to their care. They are, after all, very sociable and will always want to be near you.