How Often Should You Groom a Yorkshire Terrier

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Although Yorkshire terriers are light shedders, they require proper grooming to keep their coats long and silky. Regular grooming can also help prevent health issues, improving the health and overall lifespan of the Yorkie. So, how often should you groom a Yorkshire terrier?

How Often Should You Groom a Yorkshire Terrier?

You should bathe your Yorkshire terrier after two to four weeks and trim its hair after four to six weeks, depending on the level of shedding and how dirty it gets. Depending on the nail regeneration rate, you can cut the nails after two to three weeks.

Dental care is critical, and you should consider brushing your yorkie daily.

The frequency of grooming your Yorkshire terrier is not fixed as it’ll depend on the dog’s age, budget, and overall health condition. Whether you are grooming the yorkie at home or hiring a professional dog groomer, check out how often you should groom it.


The frequency of bathing your yorkie primarily depends on the dog’s age and the exercises it gets involved in. For instance, frequent bathing of yorkie puppies or senior yorkies might increase the risks of health issues such as breathing and respiratory problems.

Grooming a Yorkshire Terrier

On the other hand, a Yorkshire terrier involved in daily walks and rigorous exercises might require frequent bathing. Regardless of the exercises, it is not advisable to bathe your yorkie daily as the skin can lose essential body oils.

Instead, you can wipe it using dog wipes. For puppies and senior yorkies that do not engage in rigorous activities, it is advisable to bathe them after two to four weeks. You can bathe adult yorkies who engage in rigorous exercises every two weeks.

Hair Brushing

Whether your yorkie has a short or a long coat, it is advisable to brush it daily to keep it gorgeous. Brushing a Yorkshire terrier only requires a soft brush and a spray bottle to help relieve discomfort in case of tangles.

In most cases, yorkies understand hair-brushing as a demonstration of care and attention to them, and you can brush it more often to create a stronger bond with your dog. Additionally, daily brushing can help reduce the formation of painful mats and tangles.


Sometimes the coat of a yorkie will grow excessively long and need trimming. Although long hair does not pose health problems, tangles tend to form more quickly, causing pain during brushing.

Also, there can be risks of skin infections if your yorkie has matted hair, as it can trap moisture,  leading to sores. Therefore, it is advisable to trim the hair after every 6 to 8 weeks.

Yorkie puppy with her tongue out

Nail Trimming 

Although the rate of nail regeneration may vary across Yorkshire terriers, nails tend to grow fast, and you need to trim them after two to three weeks. Usually, puppies require cutting more often than senior yorkies as their nails grow faster.

On the other hand, yorkies that engage in rigorous exercise do not require frequent nail trimming as the nails tend to wear out. Remember that long claws are susceptible to breaking, splitting, tearing, and chipping, causing pain and infections, which would need expensive treatments.

Dental Care 

Like humans, yorkies require daily dental care and brushing of teeth, especially if you’re feeding them with sugary treats. If daily brushing of teeth is not possible, it’s advisable to brush your yorkie at least three times a week and use a dental rinse in between this period.

However, it is advisable to brush senior yorkies twice a day as they are more prone to dental issues. You can also consider taking your terrier to your veterinarian for a dental check-up after six to twelve weeks.

Eye and Ear Care

The yorkie eyes and ears are sensitive and prone to infections. The following tips will help you care for your yorkie eyes and ears to prevent infections that can lead to hearing or sight loss.

  • Clean the ears every month or weekly if the yorkie tends to swim a lot
  • Wipe the eyes daily using tear stain wipes to remove dried mucus, secretions, and tear stains
  • Trim the hair around the face to prevent debris from getting stuck in the long hair around the face area as it can cause allergies and eye infections.
A long haired Yorkshire Terrier

Related Questions

Does the Environment Affect How Often I Should Groom My Yorkie?

Yes, the environment affects how often you should groom your yorkie as it impacts how dirty the yorkie gets. For instance, a yorkie that plays outdoors requires more frequent grooming than one that stays indoors.

Should I Groom an Allergic Yorkie?

Yes, it is advisable to groom a yorkie even if it’s allergic. However, you will need to contact your vet for guidance on the best grooming products to avoid worsening the allergy. 

Final Thoughts

The frequency of grooming your Yorkshire terrier is not cast in stone, so check your yorkie and groom it whenever necessary. It’s advisable to brush the teeth of your yorkie daily to prevent dental issues. Avoid bathing your dog daily to prevent respiratory problems or loss of essential body oils.