How Often Do Yorkies Need to Be Groomed?

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Although Yorkies are low-shedders and might not require much grooming, they still need some grooming to keep them clean and hygienic. Knowing how often to groom your Yorkie can help you know when to brush the coat to allow air to circulate and distribute the essential natural oils.

How Often Do Yorkies Need to Be Groomed?

You should groom your Yorkie by brushing the hair daily and bathing the dog after every two to four weeks depending on age and activity level. Consider trimming its hair after every six to eight weeks to avoid possible knots and tangles that might be painful when brushing.

A tri-colored Yorkshire terrier is being groomed using a silver comb and silver grooming scissors while standing on a blue table

Clean the ears and eyes after a bath or monthly. However, the grooming timeframe may change depending on your Yorky’s health conditions, age, and activity level as follows.


Although Yorkshire terriers are hypoallergenic and shed less than other dog breeds, they require daily brushing to get rid of tangles and dead hair to keep their skin healthy. Keeping in mind that Yorkies have long, silky hair that develops painful tangles and knots when brushing, it is advisable to use the following:

  • Use a leave-in conditioner spray to dampen the coat before brushing.
  • You can use a wide-toothed comb to untangle the hair around its tail, hocks, and paws. 
  • In case of knots, use a slicker brush to loosen the knots in the direction your pet’s hair grows.
  • Use a bristle brush to add sheen to your dog’s silky coat.

Besides maintaining the unique silky texture of your Yorkie hair, daily brushing gives you sufficient time to bond with your Yorkie as they view it as a form of affection and love. However, avoid using a nylon brush when brushing your Yorkie as it tends to break the hair, ruining your dog’s coat. 


Depending on the activity level and age of your Yorkie, it is advisable to bathe your Yorkie once after two to four weeks. However, if your dog has long hair or goes for walks more often, you can consider bathing them every week or look for alternatives such as using dog wipes.

Unlike daily baths, dog wipes help ensure your dog remains clean while maintaining the essential natural oils that help maintain the health of the hair and skin. Using shampoos to wash your Yorkie. too often can dry out your dog’s skin, leading to itchy skin. 

On the other hand, failure to bathe your Yorkie for more than four weeks can make the skin pores clog, making the dog unable to lose heat or even the dog becomes smelly out of sweat.

Tri-colored Yorkshire terrier wearing a pink hair clip and red collard is sitting on a green grass

Eye and Ear Care

Although it is recommended to clean your Yorkies’ ears and eyes monthly, it is important to clean your Yorkies’ ears immediately after bath or swimming using a cotton ball and a dog ear cleaner to get rid of any dirt or moisture on the surface of your Yorkies’ ears. 

This prevents a wax build-up while reducing the chances of your dog developing ear infections. You can give your dog treats when cleaning the ears to ensure it remains calm. However, it is advisable to avoid using cotton swabs as they can damage your dog’s ears.

You can use tear stain wipes formulated for dogs to clean debris from your Yorkies’ eyes as well as reduce any irritation or itchiness. Note that tear stains in Yorkies might be a sign of an infection or a result of teething. 

Hair Cuts

Although failing to trim your Yorkies’ hair causes no direct harm, it makes brushing your dog’s coat more time-consuming and increases the chances of getting tangles and knots.

Keeping in mind that matted hair traps more moisture, it increases the risk of your Yorkies developing skin sores. It’s therefore important to trim your Yorkie’s hair to a medium length after every six to eight weeks to prevent matting and enhance ease of brushing. 

Trim the hair around your Yorkie’s anal area for hygiene purposes and around its face to prevent the dog from developing allergies or eye infections. You should also trim the stray hairs that grow between the pads and past the pads to prevent the dog from slipping or sliding.

A Yorkshire terrier with tan and black colored fur and a black nose is lying on a brown surface

Related Questions

How Often Should I Trim My Yorkshire Terrier Nails?

Trim your Yorkie nails after every two to three weeks as long claws are prone to tearing, chipping, and even breaking, which can cause pain and even require veterinarian treatment. However, Yorkie puppies require frequent trims, probably weekly, as their nails tend to grow faster than adults.

How Should I Wash My Yorkie’s Face?

You should clean your Yorkie’s face using facial wipes, a soft sponge, or a washcloth. If you opt to use a cloth or sponge, moisten it with room temperature water and avoid oversaturating it, as this might make the dog turn away. Gently wipe your dog’s face and rub gently if necessary.


Knowing how often to groom your Yorkie can help you maintain their hygiene and avoid possible infections and discomforts. You can brush your Yorkie’s hair daily, trim its hair after six to eight weeks and bathe it after two to four weeks.