How Much Does It Cost to Groom a Yorkie?

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Yorkies’ popularity comes from their sweet loving nature and their low shedding, smooth, silky, and flowing coats. The coat, perhaps its most appealing feature, requires regular grooming to keep it from developing a poor appearance and possible health issues. Let’s look into how much does it cost to groom a Yorkie?

How Much Does It Cost to Groom a Yorkie?

It will cost you around 40 to 100 dollars to have your Yorkie groomed at a salon and approximately 75 dollars to call in a mobile dog groomer. You can also do it yourself at a self-service facility for 11- 23 dollars or in the comfort of your home.

Yorkshire terrier with black and brown coatings sitting on a grooming table

It is common for many first-time dog owners to pay attention to certain upkeep costs, such as grooming.  For pet care services, it is essential to remember that there is also proper grooming and food, vaccines, vet visits, and pet supplies.

Grooming Options When It Comes to a Yorkie

There are several ways to groom your dog, including

Taking Your Dog to a Salon

Here, the dog’s weight and the condition of the coat at the time determine the price you will be charged. The essential grooming services include bathing, blow drying, anal gland expression, brushing, and deodorizing.

Additional costs may come from premiums and upgrades with food, treats, training, dog walking, and pet sitting. Below is a price list to give you a rough breakdown of some costs.

Price List for Yorkie Grooming Services

The following is how much you should expect to be charged.

ActivityPrice range in dollars
Full grooming45-75
Teeth brushing10
Anal gland expressing50
Hair cutting and trimming30-40
Nail trimming10-20

Calling in a Mobile Dog Grooming Services

This might be costly due to travel expenses. However, you may find it more convenient, especially if you have dogs with social anxiety and multiple dogs. With this option, there may be room for discussion with the service provider for significantly lower prices for subsequent dogs.

It may also include packages that save you some money.

Going to a Dog Self-Service Facility

This might save you up to 30 percent of the regular fee. It will also spare you the trouble of buying your products and supplies. The risk of clogging up your drainage and flooding the house is also eliminated.

Grooming a Yorkie by Yourself

You’ll need some of the following items:

  • A dog ear cleaner and cotton ball
  • Pinbrush, metal comb, and a slicker brush
  • Dog shampoo and conditioner (specifically for drop silky coat)
  • Dog clippers
  • Finger toothbrush
  • Eyewash pad
A brown and black Yorkshire terrier taking a bath on the grooming service

Brushing Its Fur

Brushing should be done daily before and after baths to ensure your dog has a healthy and shiny coat and to remove debris. Doing so will prevent tangling and matting. It can as well be done at least two to three a week.

However, if tangling and matting occur, brush from the end of the Yorkies coat, slowly working towards its skin. Keeping the coat shorter means you do not need a lot of brushing.

Brushing Its Teeth

Just like you brush your teeth daily to keep them strong and healthy, so should you do for your dog. A finger brush is recommended as it fits onto your finger and allows you to clean the back of your pet’s mouth.

You can also use a dog toothbrush and toothpaste; the total cost for both is about $40. Regular dental checkups will help you to stay clear of poor oral health.


All you need to keep your dog clean is regular baths every few weeks or when necessary.

Use water that is neither hot nor too cold and keep in mind one way to achieve a healthy long coat in Yorkies is by keeping it clean.

The shampoo you get will depend on the type of hair and its length. The contents of the shampoo will also influence the price. Some will cost $7, while others will cost up to $40.

Cutting and Trimming Its Hair

You can perform mild trimming on your dog’s hair; however, it’s best to leave that to the professionals for full haircuts. Most brushes cost less than $30; however, some brands are much more expensive.

Trimming Its Nails

When you hear the dog’s nails clicking on the floor, just know it’s time for a trim. Dog clippers cost less than $20. For first-timers, seek guidance from a professional to avoid pain and discomfort on the pet.

Cleaning Its Ears

A cotton ball and a canine-specific solution, which costs about $20, are used to get the job done. Take care not to go far into the ear canal and dry any water that gets inside.

Cleaning Its Eyes

Use an eye wash pad to clean tear stains and debris. They cost approximately $10. You can also ask your vet to recommend eye drops for it.

A short-haired Yorkshire terrier being dried by a groomer using a blue towel

Related Questions

Some other questions you might have are answered below.

How Much to Tip Your Dog Groomer for Their Services?

The right amount to tip your dog groomer for their service is 15-20 percent of the total cost. However, feel free to be even more generous.

What Age Should Yorkies Get Groomed?

Yorkies should start getting groomed at 16 to 20 weeks of age. This is around the time it develops its adult coat. If they have complete vaccination, it is safe to start short grooming practices.


A good environment and proper diet are good places to start to keep your dog looking fresh and clean. This is because it will nourish the skin and preserve the coat. Regular grooming will keep your dog looking good and smelling nice.