How Much Does a Staffordshire Bull Terrier Shed?

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You’re planning to get a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, but you’re concerned if this breed of dog is shedding heavily. You’re worried that too much dog fur around the house might trigger an allergy. How much does a Staffordshire Bull Terrier shed?

Are Staffordshire Bull Terriers heavy shedder or minimal shedder?

How Much Does a Staffordshire Bull Terrier Shed?

Staffordshire Bull Terriers are moderate shedder. However, they shed heavily once a year in either fall or springtime. If you suffer from allergies, this dog isn’t ideal for you. It’s recommended for dog owners who don’t want to deal with dog hairs.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a Moderate Shedder

As mentioned above, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier doesn’t shed as heavily often. It’s quite unnoticeable if it does. Thanks to its short coat. Although, some owners experience heavy shedding twice a year, especially during springtime and fall.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers enjoying the outdoors

Shedding occurs because your dog adapts to the changing season. Compared to a dog with longer and thicker coats, the shedding of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier is barely noticeable. However, compare a Staffordshire Bull Terrier to dog breeds with shorter coats like a Greyhound, you’ll see the difference because the shedding is more obvious.

This is the exact reason why a Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a moderate shedder – not really a heavy shedder but definitely not less than a low shedder.

In cases where a Staffordshire Bull Terrier shed more than the usual, it might be something serious like poor diet, fleas, stress or underlying health problems. Nevertheless, you’ll have difficulty identifying if it’s a problem or just part of the cycle. It’s best to see a vet for proper evaluation.

Can You Stop A Staffordshire Bull Terrier From Shedding?

Stopping your Staffordshire Bull Terrier from shedding is like stopping the earthquake – it’s impossible. However, you can manage the shedding. How? Start by providing your Staffordshire Bull Terrier food that is rich in Omega-3.

Omega-3 improves the skin and coat of a dog. A healthy diet helps hair follicles to recover easily. Undernourished fur leads to extra shedding. Meanwhile, a strong follicle promotes healthy fur.

A dog’s dehydrated skin causes hair loss. To manage a major shedding caused by dehydration, always change and put clean water in your dog’s water bowl. You need to ensure that your Staffordshire Bull Terrier increases its water intake to rehydrate its skin.

Your dog should take an ounce of water per pound everyday. For example, a dog that weighs 10 pounds needs to take over a cup of water per day.

Some causes of shedding like fungal infections and parasites need special treatment from the vet. Other serious conditions can cause hair loss like hormonal issues that inflame the skin and cause brittle hair. These are the types of hair loss that require a vet’s diagnostics and treatment.

How to Groom Your Staffordshire Bull Terrier While Shedding

The next thing you can do to manage your Staffordshire Bull Terrier’s shedding is by grooming. Below are the steps on how to maintain a Staffordshire Bull Terrier’s coat while shedding. 

  • Loosen the dead hairs by brushing the coat with a glove or brush with natural bristles.
  • Brush the coat opposite to the direction of hair growth and then back. Repeat the process several times. This step pulls and removes dead hairs while distributing the natural oil all throughout the coat.
  • When the shedding is heavy, loosen the hair by massaging the coat in a circular motion and brush the coat in the direction of the hair growth.
Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Even if your Staffordshire Bull Terrier isn’t much of a shedder, it’s a must to groom your dog on a regular basis. Since a Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a minimal shedder, brushing them weekly or daily on its heavy shedding is very important.

What are the Benefits of Managing Your Dog’s Shedding?

Managing your Staffordshire Bull Terrier’s shedding creates quality time to bond together, especially when you brush your dog’s coat. Dogs enjoy the physical contact brought by being brushed or groomed. It also allows you to see potential skin problems such as dry skin, bumps or parasites. 

Early management of your Staffordshire Bull Terrier’s shedding will help you save time and money in the long run.

What Month Do Dogs Shed Most?

Dogs shed the most during spring and fall. Spring months are March, April and May. Meanwhile, the fall months include September, October and November. The amount of daylight in fall and spring triggers the shedding of dogs.

Is It Normal for Puppy to Shed?

Puppies shed and it’s normal. They start to lose their coats when they reach the age of four to six months. It’s a normal process because they need to naturally remove damaged or old hair.


Staffordshire Bull Terriers shed moderately. It’s perfectly natural as they need to repel the old and damaged skin. You can’t stop their shedding but you can at least manage it.

Grooming and brushing help not only in managing to shed but also create a deeper bond between you and your dog.