How Much Food Should You Feed To a One-Year-Old Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

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If you are a new Yorkie owner, you may be anxious to start feeding your Yorkie puppy. However, it’s important to understand how much food to give to avoid obesity or underweight issues. So, how much food should you feed to a one-year-old Yorkshire Terrier puppy?

How Much Food Should You Feed to a One-Year-Old Yorkshire Terrier Puppy? 

You should feed a one-year-old Yorkshire Terrier puppy around 1/4 to 1/2 cup of food per day. This amount translates to around 150 to 200 calories per day.

Usually, a Yorkshire terrier that is under 1 year weighs around 2 to 4 pounds and should consume approximately 55 calories per pound of its body weight.

Keeping in mind that this is a calorie requirement for the whole day, you should divide the food into two to four equal portions so that your pet gets its nutrients spread. Some of the health and lifestyle benefits of feeding your Yorkie several times a day include:

Yorkie puppy running in snow
  • If your dog is still prone to hypoglycemia, several meal times will keep them from getting too hungry in between the feedings
  • Scheduled meals make potty breaks more predictable, allowing you to plan your daily walks around their needs.
  • You can use scheduled meals to improve the dog’s interest and dependence on you by making it anticipate the meals
  • By keeping meal sizes and timing consistent, your pup will feel less stressed as long as it’s not past their feeding time
  • If your puppy has a tendency of eating everything in sight, spreading the meals to several times a day can control its appetite by feeding it a small portion and letting it wait for the next mealtime

What Puppy Food Should I Feed My One-Year-Old Yorkshire Terrier?

Yorkies are one of the few breeds that require nursing until they’re eight weeks old, after which point you can switch them to solid food.

You have several options for what type to feed them: wet or dry kibble with some mixture in between. Regardless of the type of food, ensure the food only contains the following ingredients.

  • Natural preservatives: Healthy dog food must contain natural preservatives. Vitamin blends (typically indicated as mixed tocopherols) and certain plant extracts can make your Yorkshire Terrier’s meal last as long as possible.
  • Small-sized kibble: These kibbles will make eating more enjoyable and comfortable for your one-year-old Yorkie.
  • Wholesome traditional meats: These are perfect for your one-year-old Yorkie puppy. It is hard to find a dish that doesn’t sound tastier by including these delicious cuts from animals like chicken, turkey, or goose.
Black-brown yorkie held by owner
  • Vegetables and fruits: Usually, vegetables and fruits contain vitamins like potassium which are good for your tiny Yorkshire Terrier’s kidneys, nerves, and muscles.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids: The omega-3 fatty acids have components like DHA, which contributes to puppy brain and eye development.

Ingredients to Avoid

In most cases, puppy food manufacturers will add artificial ingredients in place of natural ingredients to reduce the cost of production. Since the quality of puppy food varies across brands, check for the ingredients to ensure it doesn’t contain the following. 

  • Chemical Preservatives – Some chemical preservatives are irritants that cause allergic reactions and gastrointestinal discomfort. Some are known carcinogens as well.
  • Artificial flavoring and coloring – Foods with artificial coloring can cause mild to severe allergic reactions and certain dyes (Blue #2, Red 40, etc.). Artificial flavors are also linked to hyperactivity disorders, and because of their capacity to affect your Yorkshire Terrier puppy’s metabolism, they may cause cancer in the future.
  • Fillers – Fillers are ingredients that have been added to food for it to be plump. However, they offer little nutritional value and can cause your one-year-old Yorkie several problems like Coprophagia (eating feces).
  • By-products – In the animal industry, by-products are anything that is not fit for consumption. Added as a cost-saving method to reach protein quotas, it may include lungs, intestines, brain, and other meats or tissue not wanted in your one-year-old Yorkies diet.
Yorkie puupies sitting together

Related Questions

Is It Healthy to Feed a Yorkshire Terrier Puppy a Cup of Food in a Day?

No, it is not healthy to feed a Yorkie puppy a cup of food in a day. A standard cup of dog food has around 375 calories, approximately twice the amount of calories a Yorkie puppy should consume daily.

What Is the Best Way to Keep My Yorkshire Terrier Puppy’s Weight Stable?

The best way to keep your Yorkie’s weight stable is by monitoring their diet and exercise levels. If you notice that they’re gaining or losing pounds with changes in food intake, then it might be time to adjust what type of meals you serve them.

Final Thoughts

One-year-old Yorkshire Terriers are prone to obesity or underweight issues, so you need to keep the right balance between the exercises and the amount of food you give them. Make sure they get at least 1/3 cup of high-quality diet and avoid puppy foods with chemical preservatives or fillers.