How Much Does an American Eskimo Jack Russell Terrier Mix Weigh?

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When it comes to raising dogs, weight is one of the most important elements; after all, a big heavy dog might be inconvenient for your small house. If you want to raise a dog, you might be wondering ‘’how much does an American Eskimo Jack Russell Terrier weigh?’’.

How Much Does an American Eskimo and a Jack Russell Terrier Mix Weigh?

The American Eskimo and Jack Russell Terrier Mix, or ‘’EskiJack’’ usually weighs from 25 to 30 pounds. This is due to their small-sized complexion, which they inherited from both parents (American Eskimos and Jack Russell Terriers).

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Since this is the healthy weight for your Eskijack, you must learn how to properly feed him in order for him to be fit and happy. Along with other elements that will allow you to raise this breed in the best possible way.

How to Correctly Feed Your Eskijack

It is not a myth that we may accidentally overfeed our dogs on numerous occasions. As a result, you should always consider how much food they should eat each day, as well as the type of food they ingest.

To keep your American Eskimo and Jack Russell Terrier Mix healthy, you should feed him a maximum of three times a day; no more than 2 cups per day. On top of that, you should always avoid giving them extra food when you are cooking or eating.

This could cause them to gain weight and develop bad habits, which could lead to misbehavior. Lastly, if you want to give your dog treats, reduce the amount of food you give them. You could, for example, give them 1 and a half cups of food and the rest in treats.

Dog’s Obesity

Obesity for dogs is one of the most common, and overlooked, problems that many breeds face. This condition could affect your dog’s mobility and overall well-being, reducing their life expectancy by almost two years. This is why it should be avoided at all costs.

To determine if your dog is obese you need to weigh them and check. If they are from 10 to 20% over their ideal weight, they are obese. In this case, if your Eskijack is weighing from 33 to 36 pounds, they might be overweight, and you need to put them on a diet.

When your Eskijack is obese, it is more prone to develop other health-related issues and illnesses. Here you can see what are the negative impacts of obesity in dogs.

  • They can get diabetes, which can be a complicated illness to treat, after all, you will need to get enough insulin for them to live happily.
  • They can develop heart issues, which could drastically reduce their mood and life expectancy.
  • They could develop hypertension, which could also have more negative impacts on their lives. This condition could affect their eyes, blood circulation, and legs. A dog with hypertension could be less active than the others.
  • They might develop osteoarthritis. This condition can affect their mobility, making it difficult for them to walk and run.
  • They can also get cardiovascular and respiratory disorders (which is why most obese dogs pant and wheeze without making too much activity). This is because, without making too much effort, obese dogs have difficulty getting oxygenated blood to their hearts.

Eskijack Maintenance

Caring for an American Eskimo Jack Russell Terrier Mix is not too complicated; you will need to brush him at least once or twice a week; be attentive to their hair (it might grow too long and it could need to be trimmed); and lastly, brush their teeth a couple of times a week.

It is also good to remember that you need to take care of their nails from time to time. If you neglect this part, their nails could grow too long and it could be uncomfortable for them.

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Related Questions

Are Eskijacks Good Family Dogs?

Yes, Eskijacks are very good family dogs. This is due to their high energy that drives them to socialize and play a lot every day. On top of that, since they are smart, they can easily learn tricks and commands.

However, they might not get along too well with cats (unless they are introduced to them from a very young age) as they could potentially see them as prey.

Do Eskijacks Bark a Lot?

If Eskijacks have too much energy and want to play, they may bark a lot. Because they are very active dogs, they may bark for an extended period of time if they are bored or want to go for a walk.


A dog’s weight is an important aspect of its health; after all, excessive weight can lead to a variety of diseases and conditions. Therefore, you must always monitor your Eskijack’s weight and ensure its safety by giving them a healthy amount of food.