How Much Are Boston Terriers?

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If you plan to adopt a Boston terrier, you might wonder how much it costs and whether you should adopt from a breeder or rescue center. The following guide breaks down the cost of adopting a Boston from different sources and the expenses you might need for its maintenance. 

How Much Are Boston Terriers?

The price of adopting a Boston terrier from a general animal shelter ranges from $150 to $650, the price of adopting from a specialized animal shelter ranges from $350 to $800, and the price of adopting from a reputable breeder ranges from $800 to $4,500. 

In some cases, you can get free Boston terriers from general animal shelters. Typically, the total cost of owning a Boston terrier depends on the source facility and the additional costs of supplies and health care. 

Black and white Boston Terrier playing with its owner

Source Facility

Although Boston terriers from different sources might seem the same, the place of origin affects the dog’s temperament, health condition, and overall ease of training. As a result, the following places of origin are the primary determinants of the price of the dog. 

Specialized Rescue Centers

Specialized rescue centers host and care for homeless, lost, and abandoned Boston terriers. Keeping in mind that these facilities only deal with Boston Terriers, the dogs from these facilities have minimal chances of adopting bad behaviors and health conditions from other dog breeds. 

However, there are chances that the dog developed bad behaviors during its earlier experience or trauma before admission into the rescue center. Since most of these dogs are admitted into rescue centers due to natural disasters and sicknesses, it’s challenging to follow up on their pedigree.  

Boston terriers from specialized rescue centers can be considered to be better than those from animal shelters, yet not at the same level as those from reputable breeders. This makes them cheaper than those from breeders and more expensive than those from animal shelters, ranging from $350 to $800. 

Reputable Breeders

Breeders specialize in mating Boston terrier parents to produce puppies. Most reputable breeders have extensive experience with Bostons, and they can follow up on the parents’ pedigree to ensure they produce purebred puppies. 

Keeping in mind that most breeders are registered, they meet the required standard regarding dog hygiene and diet. Most puppies from breeders are healthy and have undergone the necessary vaccinations. The breeders might even start training the Boston puppies from an early age. 

Gray and purple Boston Terrier puppy getting a check-up

Because of this, there are higher chances of getting puppies with better temperaments and health conditions of Bostons from breeders. You can also access the dog pedigree papers and ascertain you are adopting a purebred Boston. However, Bostons from reputable breeders are more expensive, ranging from $800 to $4,500. 

General Animal Shelters

General animal shelters work the same as the rescue centers, only that they host and care for different dog breeds. Since these facilities deal with homeless dogs like the rescue centers, there are chances of getting adult dogs, not puppies. 

Keeping in mind that Bostons are territorial and stubborn, especially the males, this can be an issue if the dog was not properly trained during its earlier age. Also, since Bostons will be interacting and sharing facilities with other dog breeds, there are chances they will have adopted bad behaviors. 

Like the specialized rescue centers, you might not be able to access the pedigree papers, and you can’t be sure whether you are adopting a purebred Boston. So, Boston terriers from general animal shelters are the cheapest, ranging from $150 to $650. 

Grooming Needs

Boston terriers need regular grooming, such as brushing their teeth and cutting their nails. Fortunately, you can cut the grooming costs by doing some things yourself, such as brushing the coat weekly with a quality Boston Terrier brush and bathing the dog after several weeks.

Getting a professional groomer to help you with more sensitive things, such as nail cutting, is advisable if you are a new dog owner. Generally, professional groomers cost around $30 to $90, depending on the grooming services.   

Food Expenses 

Other than the cost of adopting Boston Terriers, the cost of food is probably the other high cost you will incur over time. An adult Boston terrier eats around one and a half to two cups of dog food a day, excluding the treats. 

Dry dog food pellets in a stainless steel dog bowl

That means a 30-pound bag of dog food for Bostons lasts around one to two months. As a result, you can expect to spend approximately $25 to $50 a month on dog food and treats.  

General Maintenance Costs

Apart from the obvious expenses of adopting, grooming, and feeding the dog, the following are additional expenses you might incur to improve the dog’s overall lifestyle.

  • Entertainment costs: You should get interactive toys to provide mental stimulation to your Boston. These toys for your Boston Terriers can cost around $10 to $40 per month
  • Pet insurance: Pet insurance helps to compensate for the loss in case of dog accidents or sickness. Pet insurance covers cost around $30 to $45 per month
  • Vet visits: You might need to take your pup for medical checkups. This can cost $15 to $20 per month. Keep in mind that this price range is for basic checkups and not specialized treatments. 

Related Questions 

How Can I Know a Reputable Boston Terrier Breeder to Buy a Dog From?

You can know a reputable Boston terrier breeder by checking on reputable websites such as the American Kennel Club or consulting your vet. Generally, a reputable breeder should have the necessary certifications.

How Much Will It Cost to Microchip My Boston Terrier?

It costs around $40 to $60 to get a veterinarian put a microchip on a Boston terrier. The microchip contains the necessary contact information, increasing the chances of getting your dog back if it gets lost.

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Final Thoughts 

Learning how much Boston terriers from different sources cost can help you decide whether to adopt the dog from a breeder, rescue center, or general animal shelter. Keep in mind that there are additional costs for dog food, grooming, and vet visits for medical checkups. 

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