How Much Are Yorkshire Terriers?

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Owning a Yorkshire Terrier can give you an overall happy atmosphere in your home. Many dog enthusiasts are looking to buy this toy-sized elegant dog breed.

That’s why I have collected crucial information into a comprehensive guide on how much it would cost to buy a “Yorkie’’ puppy and enjoy having a loyal companion. So, how much are Yorkshire Terriers?

How Much Are Yorkshire Terriers?

Buying a Yorkshire Terrier from a pet shelter costs $100 to $200. A Yorkshire from the American Kennel Club will averagely cost you $1,200 to $2,000, while a championship bloodline can be priced up to $10,000.

Yorkies are toy-sized breeds that carry the value of their high price. However, you will discover that they come in different prices that range from averagely affordable to very pricey and specific.

You will want to keep an eye on factors such as where you buy your puppy as this will determine how much you will spend on buying your pet.

Yorkshire Terrier sitting on fresh grass

Licensed Yorkshire Terriers

The most reputable registry to purchase a Yorkie and enjoy your money’s worth is from the American Kennel Club. It might demand that you dig deeper into your pocket, but the result is that you get a fully registered purebred dog.

You get to take home a puppy already vaccinated and have meager chances of any complications in the future.

It will cost you roughly $1400 to own a Yorkshire with complete documentation. Puppies with superior lineage worth $10000 are mostly reserved for professional breeders who wish to have their dogs participate in dog shows.

Getting a Yorkshire from responsible breeders saves you from con artists who would sell you a mixed Yorkshire breed at the price of a purebred.

With trusted breeders, you can be sure that the dog you buy will be from a purebred bloodline and even resistant to some illnesses. There are chances of coming across a local breeder selling a licensed Yorkshire as cheap as $800

Unlicensed Yorkshire Terriers

You would be wise to consider other places when looking to buy a dog. You may find your dog companion at the pet store nearest to you or even from a backyard sale from one of the neighbors on your block. A quality pet Yorkie without papers from a backyard breeder can cost $300 to $800 and up.

When going for backyard breeders, look for a reputable breeder who does not skimp on the puppy’s health. Yorkies are prone to inherent diseases and other common health issues, so it would be wise to pay attention to the health of the puppy you are purchasing to avoid future veterinary costs.

You can also rescue a Yorkshire pup from a pet store. Rescuing a Yorkie is a great way to have yourself a companion without the extra costs. You get to provide a home to a lost pup and, in turn, experience loyalty and love from an agile, active, and energetic dog breed.

Yorkshire Terrier lying on the floor

How to Tell You Have a Purebred Yorkshire

Yorkshire Terriers have aggressive, authoritative, and affectionate personalities that suit owners who want to dote over their pets. They make for great apartment dogs but still enjoy having plenty of room to exercise and love outdoor walks like most dog breeds.

Beyond their personality traits, there are physical aspects that can let you know that you have a purebred Yorkshire Terrier, and your money’s worth:

  • Yorkshire Terriers are small hounds that have a maximum weight of about 7 pounds.
  • They have a flat head, and their black nose has a short bridge.
  • Their ears are v-shaped, with long hair at the top of their head.
  • The fur of this breed is long, straight, and fine. The shiny coat can be a mixture of dark blue, black, and golden colors.
  • Their tail is docked to half the original length. Most people consider Yorkies that have a proportional tail length to body length to be outstandingly beautiful.

Related Questions

How Much Does a Yorkshire Terrier Cost per Year?

The annual cost of owning a Yorkshire Terrier ranges from around $1800 to $2300 including costs on food, health, grooming, pet insurance, training, and dog exercise needs.

How Often Do Yorkshires Need to Get Groomed?

Yorkies’ have straight, glossy, silky fur that needs to be groomed at least once every three weeks to maintain its shape.

Yorkshire puppy standing on a grass


You need to be vigilant when buying a Yorkshire Terrier. Take your time to ensure that you are content with the health and appearance of your dog before handing over your money. Whether you buy your Yorkie from a pet store, yard sale, or registry, you must provide love, care, and attention to your pet.

Carry out regular veterinary checkups for your hound to give it a long satisfactory life.