How Much Are the English Bull Terrier Puppies?

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English Bull Terriers rank 64th in the American Kennel Club 2020 most popular dog breeds. They are quite popular dog breeds and come a bit pricey. Owning one will require your 100 percent commitment as the Terrier demand special attention and care.

English Bull Terrier Price

English Bull Terrier puppies that come from reputable breeders cost $1200 to $2000. The Bull Terriers cost depend on the puppy’s quality, sex, age, pedigree and even how reputable the breeder is. An English Bull Terrier puppy with the top-most quality costs $4500.

If you want an in-depth cost discussion about English Bull Terrier puppies, keep reading to learn more.

Boy hugging his English Bull Terrier

Cost of English Bull Terrier Bred as Pets

A Bull Terrier puppy bred as a pet would cost between $1200 to $1300. Usually, you can expect that these puppies are sterilized to ensure they are only raised as family pets.

One main concern about buying these puppies raised as pets is the purity of their breed and gene since the record of their family history is unknown.

It makes a good family pet why people choose to buy it despite the high Bull Terrier price. The dog is affectionate, gentle and playful with family members. However, it’s best to take precautions when the dog is around children, strangers and other pets.

Getting a Bull Terrier puppy makes a great choice as socialization is essential to make this breed of dog sociable suitable to people of all ages — including small kids.

Cost of English Bull Terrier Allowed for Breeding

The high-quality Bull Terrier cost around $2200 to $4500 or higher. This completely purebred Bull Terrier puppy comes from reputable and leading breeding farms. A show quality dog is well-bred and precisely tested genetically to eliminate any error in the dog’s nature and appearance.

As a warning, make sure you get a purebred Bull Terrier from a reputable breeder. The dog should be AKC registered to ensure it sticks to the breeding standard. The dog should also undergo genetic health testing to avoid future problems.

Buying an English Bull Terrier from a breeder eliminates issues like behavioral problems or health issues. You can guarantee that it has a champion bloodline or a show-quality dog. 

On the other hand, it comes at the same rate as those bred as family companions or pets only if it comes from small breeding farms. It doesn’t mean they have a low-quality terrier. You can also get a purebred Bull Terrier. It’s just that big breeding farms have already established a reputation.

A Miniature Bull Terrier Cost

The smaller version of this breed, or the Miniature Bull Terrier, is even more expensive. A miniature Bull Terrier would cost you more than the standard-sized ones. The average price of a miniature Bull Terrier is around $2500 to $3500. 

Why Is an English Bull Terrier Expensive?

To satisfy your curiosity why an English Bull Terrier is expensive, it’s mostly due to its aesthetics, rareness and personality. Although this breed might be the right dog for a watchdog, below are the major reasons why this breed of dog is expensive. 

English Bull Terrier is Rare

As its name suggests, the English Bull Terrier was originally bred and developed in England for blood sports as a cross between the bulldog and English Terrier. Due to their aggressiveness, they became restricted, especially in public places. As a result, this breed didn’t spread as fast as the other dog breeds. 

English Bull Terrier catching a treat with his mouth

The handling of this dog breed is also challenging, making it difficult to find a Bull Terrier to adopt from animal shelters where different abandoned dog breeds are hosted and taken care of. This explains why this dog is quite uncommon in some local areas, contributing to its higher prices.

Restricted Breed 

Although these dogs can be friendly to their owners especially when socialized from a young age, their fighting instincts make them excessively aggressive when provoked. That means like a miniature Bull terrier, an English Bull Terrier  might not go well with other pets, or suit apartments or homes frequently visited by strangers. 

As a result, the English Bull Terrier temperament makes it heavily regulated to prevent incidences. This restriction generally increases the demand for the dog. Like in any other market, the increase in demand with a limited supply increases the Bull terrier puppy price.

In addition, the restriction means few facilities will be specializing in the these Terrier. As a result, factors such as the breeding process, raising puppies, vet visits, early house training, finding a breeding partner and ensuring the dog is show-quality tend to be higher, making the breeding process more expensive. 

Aesthetic Looks

This dog tends to have a unique look of a long, egg-shaped head with triangular eyes and erect, pointed ears. In most cases, these dogs have white coats with an attractive brindle striping of another color or solid colors with white markings. 

An adult English Bull Terrier grows to a standing height of around 21 to 22 inches and weighs about 50 to 70 pounds. On the other hand, a Miniature Bull Terrier has a standing height of around 10 to 14 inches and weighs around 25 to 33 pounds. 

Usually, the unusual Bull Terrier size, facial structure, short coat and weight range makes this dog have a distinct look in the canine world, adding aesthetic looks to your home. Again, these looks raise the demand for these breeds, increasing the Bull Terrier price.  

Cost of Raising a Bull Terrier

Knowing the price of raising a particular breed helps you save money in advance to cater for any need that may arise. Like a miniature bull terrier, raising an English Bull Terrier is quite expensive. The first year is usually the pricey one as you’ll have to provide its needs such as a cage, food bowls, and finding the right crate size for your English Bull Terriers

The estimated cost of raising English and Miniature Bull Terriers is between $600 to $1000. It depends on the quality of the stuff you provide your Bull terrier. The annual cost of raising this dog would cost you around $500 to $800. You can also consider building a low-cost wood pallet dog house yourself and save money. 

One good thing about this breed of dog is it’s generally healthy. That’s why it’s important to get a Miniature Bull Terrier from reputable breeders as they ensure quality and healthy dogs without any ailments or genetic disorders. However, even with a healthy dog, you might still incur the following costs:

Health Care Costs

Different dog breeds are prone to different health problems, and these Terriers are not an exception. When adopting or buying an English Bull Terrier from a shop, understanding the common health conditions that affect them can help you plan on possible health expenses.

In most cases, you can prevent expensive health care costs by taking your dog to the vet for regular checkups. Usually, this will help in the early diagnosis and treatment of a condition. Some of the health issues English Bull Terriers are prone to include:

  • Deafness, especially in old age
  • Patellar luxation where the kneecap slips out of the groove
  • Kidney problems
  • Hearty problems

Since some conditions, such as deafness, are not fatal and can be challenging to treat, the Bull terrier might have to stay with them for the rest of its life. On the other hand, some conditions, such as kidney and heart problems, can be fatal and require immediate health care.

Apart from the health conditions, the Bull terrier will still need regular deworming to reduce external and internal parasites. Depending on the age of the dog at the time of adoption, it might also need vaccinations, which come with extra costs. 


The English Bull Terrier was initially bred as a participant in sports such as dogfighting and bull-baiting in Britain. As a result, these dogs have strong protective and territorial instincts that make them aggressive, especially if not socialized at a young age. 

English Bull Terrier

That means the Bull Terrier temperament requires more time, effort, and skills to train and socialize them. Although you can train this breed by yourself, it’s advisable to consider professional training, especially if you are a new dog owner. That means you might incur the costs of hiring a professional or taking the dog for a training program. 


In most cases, dog food is the main repetitive expense you will incur as the owner. However, you can reduce food costs by consulting the veterinarian on the right type of food, amounts, and frequency of feeding.

Usually, this will reduce the chances of overfeeding your dog, making foods last longer, and avoiding costs associated with treating obesity-related health issues. You can also reduce food costs by ensuring the bowls are of good quality to prevent unnecessary spillage and wastage when eating.

In most cases, the overall cost of food will depend on the age of the dog and its health condition. For instance, puppies might require more special dog foods that might be more expensive than adults. Also, sickly dogs might require costly supplements.


Even if this breed has short coats that are easier to maintain, it still needs some grooming, such as occasional baths, nail trimming, and teeth brushing. Typically, these dogs tend to shed throughout the year, including the winter, and it’s advisable to groom them after 4 to 8 weeks. 

First, brush the dog’s coat to get rid of mats and dead hair, so the dog can look shiny and fresh after bathing and grooming. If your dog has sensitive skin, you might need to purchase special hypo-allergic shampoos such as natural products. 

You might also need an Opti-Soothe Eye Wash to clean the dog’s eyes and flush out foreign matter when bathing the dog. Keeping in mind that this dog breed can be protective and aggressive, you might need to hire a professional groomer to help you with things such as nail trimming. 

Bull Terrier Cost of Adoption

If you want a huge cut in the Bull Terrier price, you can opt for adoption. The fees would range from $100 to $400. It will depend on the animal shelter or rescue organization where you’re planning to adopt the dog. You can adopt a Bull Terrier either from a local shelter or animal rescue organizations.

If you plan to adopt a particular breed, you have to be 100 percent committed. I want to avoid the emotional scar you’re going to cause the dog once taken and only returned to the animal shelter. Please take note that some Bull Terriers went through a bad past and traumas that might have caused them to become aggressive.

Others might be fearful, so be patient as this type of dog requires much love from their new home and don’t give up on them. 

Related Questions

Is $1000 Too Much for a Puppy?

Consider the Bull terrier breed because rare and purebred dog breeds may cost more. However,  other breeds shouldn’t cost that much. Also, the Bull Terrier price might vary widely depending on where you are sourcing it from.

For instance, a Bull Terrier costs more from breeders than from animal shelters or rescue organizations.

What Is a Good Bull Terrier Price?

You can get a purebred dog for about $200 to $500 unless it’s a rare breed. You can even get a better deal through adoption as it’s mostly free or you may only need to pay an adoption fee.


To sum it up, buying English Bull Terrier puppies is expensive. Expect to spend around $1000 to $4500 depending on several factors such as the quality. You’ll find this breed of dog expensive because raising one is costly and it’s often rare to find in your local area.

Adoption is an option but it requires your 100 percent commitment due to some reasons like the past traumas and behavioral issues of the dog.