How Long Can I Leave My Bull Terrier Alone For?

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Do you own a Bull Terrier and worry about what would happen if you leave your dog alone? Leaving a Bull Terrier for an eight-hour workday can be worrisome.

In fact, the same kind of worry goes to any dog left on its own, unless it’s a recognized independent breed. In case you’re also wondering, how long can I leave my Bull Terrier alone for?

How Long Can I Leave My Bull Terrier Alone For?

A Bull Terrier can be left alone between 2 to 4 hours. Bull Terriers are super active dog breeds and they like to do something with the presence of their human companion and supervision. Leaving them for long hours results in destructive behavior.

Is it Okay to Leave Your Bull Terrier Alone?

A Bull Terrier loves your presence around. If left alone, he gets bored and diverts his attention to biting your couch or digging in your backyard. Since Bull Terriers are indoor dogs, it’s not okay to leave him in the presence of other pets such as cats and other small animals.

Bull Terrier playing with his blue toy

The tendency of getting aggressive toward other pets is there, even when the Bull Terrier is socialized well at a young age. This trait is common in this breed because they were bred to fight. If you have a Bull Terrier at home, it’s best not to get other pets. Of course, it’s inevitable not to leave them alone.

Right? That’s why it’s important to train them at a young age how to be alone.

How To Teach Your Bull Terrier To Be Alone

Start at a young age. Bull Terriers are quite stubborn, so it’s important to train them while they’re still puppies. Below are the steps on how to teach your Bull Terrier to be alone.

  • Provide a safe confinement area. Make sure your Bull Terrier relaxes and he doesn’t feel like you’re punishing him. You can do this by playing with him or feeding him inside and putting toys as well. Also, don’t forget to place a crate in the confinement area.
  • Start by making your Bull Terrier busy inside his confinement area. Provide him a toy like a puzzle toy or a chew toy, then quietly leave him for a short time. Return quickly and reward him with a treat or praise for staying in his place. Repeat the process by gradually increasing the time you leave them alone.
  • Don’t leave your puppy when he whines. The goal is to associate the confinement area with pleasant things. You can let him out if your puppy can’t handle being in his confinement area anymore.
    • However, remember not to make a habit of letting your puppy out of the confinement area when he makes a fuss. It will teach him that fussing gives him attention and gives him freedom.
  • Allow your puppy to start spending a small amount of time in the confinement area and slowly increase the time. You can also potty-train him while inside the confinement area.

The key here is to use positive reinforcement in teaching your Bull Terrier how to be alone. It sure takes time, but focus on how rewarding the goal is when he finally learns to behave when you’re not around.

Bull Terrier lying on his back in a grass area

Things to Remember Before You Leave Your Bull Terrier Alone

Before you leave your Bull Terrier, it’s important you properly prepare things to reduce unnecessary events from happening. Below are some basic but important tips you can do before you leave your Bull Terrier alone.

  1. Provide a crate and toys to keep him busy while you’re away for hours.
  2. Make sure you change his water and you feed him.
  3. Give your dog adequate exercise and a potty break.
  4. Place a comfortable, clean and soft bed inside his crate.
  5. If your dog has trouble controlling his bladder, the garage makes a good alternative. You won’t have to worry that your dog escapes and gets involved in road accidents. It also reduces the risk of your pooch ruining or stinking your couch and carpet.
  6. You can use a food-dispensing toy or also known as a Kong. This thing will leave your dog occupied as it also serves as a chewable toy where he can play for the rest of the day.

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If you’re going to leave your pooch for a short time, you can turn the TV on, especially if you think your dog likes watching TV. However, if your dog suffers separation anxiety, the noise coming from TV won’t help.

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One dog breed that doesn’t mind being alone is the Basset Hound. A Basset Hound is known to be independent. You can leave this dog for an eight-hour shift without any problem.


As an attention-seeking dog breed, Bull Terriers don’t do well when left alone. However, leaving your pooch alone is inevitable, especially when you’re working. It’s important to train your dog to be alone at a young age. This way, you don’t have to worry as much if you leave him alone at home.