Where to Adopt a Bull Terrier?

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Adopting dogs is a great act of kindness owners can do to change a puppy’s life. In this case, if you are searching for a dog for adoption, you might be wondering where can you adopt a bull terrier.

Where to Adopt a Bull Terrier?

A Bull Terrier can be adopted from any shelter in your state or a rescue specializing in this breed. Because of the incorrect perception that these dogs are overly aggressive and dangerous, this breed should be easy to find in shelters.

Bull terrier with white coating playing a white wood in the snow

Sadly, this breed tends to be abandoned due to misconceptions. There are many myths about Bull Terriers that might scare new owners. However, that’s all they are, myths. Bull Terriers develop bad personalities if mistreated or poorly raised like any other dog.

Also, due to real state rules, many people must turn their Bull Terriers into a shelter. For example, an apartment complex may not allow Bull Terriers on their premises due to the incorrect stigma of being chaotic and uncontrollable.

Why Are Bull Terriers Abandoned?

After you adopt a Bull Terrier, you should know why there are a lot of wrong stigmas around this breed. These stigmas come from their breeding. After all, they were bred to fight and do other aggressive activities a couple of centuries ago.

The stigmas grow bigger after people judge the breed based on their looks; their bodies are full of muscle, and their faces might intimidate some people. However, this doesn’t mean they are aggressive, they are playful and energetic.

Though as I mentioned before, if you mistreat any breed while they grow up, they will have tendencies to be aggressive against humans later in their lives. This is what tends to happen to Bull Terriers. Therefore, it is not due to their nature; they are good-behaved dogs like any other.

What Happens if I Adopt a Traumatized Bull Terrier?

If you want to adopt a Terrier that has been abused in the past, you will have to make them feel comfortable. On top of that, you need to show them affection and train Bull Terrier with positive reinforcement slowly. However, if the Terrier is too affected by its past, you can work with a professional.

Here you can see how trauma looks on a dog:

  • Excessive shaking and fear around humans
  • They might urinate or defecate themselves around humans
  • Excessive panting while they are resting
  • Excessive barking and howling
  • They are too aggressive around other dogs
  • If any human touches them, they will react as if they were hit
  • They might refuse to eat or drink

Bull Terrier Characteristics

Once you adopt a Bull Terrier, you will notice that its head is shaped like an egg. This is one of the breed’s most noticeable characteristics. Bull Terrier triangle-shaped eyes are the next most noticeable feature, giving them a look that almost no other breed has.

Because of their hunting tendencies, this breed might want to hunt smaller prey. This breed has the instinct to hunt any prey they can catch and hold down. Therefore, you must be careful if you have any small pets in your house, such as hamsters, parrots, or ferrets.


Because of its high vitality level, Bull Terrier is extremely energetic and loving. This is also why dogs need at least forty minutes of exercise every day; otherwise, the dog may become irritated and misbehave around the house due to excess energy.

Bull Terriers are also incredibly devoted and protective of family members; they will always try to protect their family. There should be proper precautions when they are around children because they can play a little too hard for them.

Lastly, their relationship with other dogs is good, though they might take time to get accustomed to them.

Bull terrier with black and white coatings standing near the river

General Care and Grooming

Bull Terriers don’t need much brushing because their hair is short and flat. As a result, it only has to be brushed a few times each week. When it comes to bathing, your dog should be bathed every two months (unless they have gotten too dirty).

It is important to note when this breed sheds. If it is shedding, you will need to brush them daily to remove all the dropped hairs. This is the only time you will need to do this daily.

Finally, always remember to cut their nails. Allowing their nails to grow too long may make walking and running difficult. Maybe they are hurt by them, or worse, they may become infected and make them sick.

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about adopting Bull Terriers.

What Two Breeds Make a Bull Terrier?

The Old English Bulldog and the Old English White Terrier were the two breeds that produced the Bull Terrier. Although both breeds are now extinct, they were selectively bred to produce this breed.

Will a Bull Terrier Protect Its Owner?

Yes, Bull Terriers will instinctively protect their owners if they notice they are being attacked. On top of that, they can be taught to detect danger and only attack whoever is pretending to threaten them.

Is a Bull Terrier a Good Family Dog?

Yes, aside from the wrong misconceptions, Bull Terriers are very friendly, playful, and energetic dogs that can fit exceptionally in a household. Of course, since it is a medium-sized dog, you should always take proper precautions when they are around children.

Although they do not have tendencies to attack them, they may play too harshly for them, hurting them by accident.


When it comes to breeds, many myths harm a dog’s reputation. Bull Terriers are not violent and impetuous dogs that will bite you; on the contrary, they are quite sociable. Therefore, they can be safely adopted.