How Do I Pick a Yorkshire Terrier Puppy?

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Although Yorkshire Terriers are affectionate and loyal home pets, their temperament and intelligence levels vary across the breed. That means your Yorkie’s traits and health status will depend on your ability to choose a Yorkie puppy. So, how do I pick a Yorkshire Terrier puppy?

How Do I Pick a Yorkshire Terrier Puppy?

When picking a Yorkshire Terrier puppy, first check out its lineage to ensure there are no genetic health, weight, or size issues. Pick a Yorkie that demonstrates good personality traits without being too aggressive, timid, territorial, or stubborn.

Go for one that is comfortable around people without growling, biting, or bullying.

Brown and black yorkshire terrier on a white table

Yorkies are sensitive dogs, and knowing how to pick a Yorkie puppy will help you choose a dog that meets your health, grooming, and behavioral expectations. Whether you’re going through a breeder or adopting your new Yorkie puppy, consider the following things when choosing one.


Although the place of sourcing your new Yorkie puppy is more of a personal preference, the source can impact the Yorkie’s health and behavioral traits. Usually, you will have to pick up your Yorkie puppy from one of these places:

Breed Rescues 

Unlike general animal shelters, breed rescue shelters are centers for specific breeds. That means you’ll only find Yorkshire Terriers in a Yorkie rescue center. Although you can find other Yorkie mixed breeds in a Yorkie rescue shelter, the chances are lower than in general animal shelters.

Considering that breed rescues are an establishment that offers a temporary home for Yorkshire Terriers, adult Yorkies are more than puppies. Typically, this limits your options if you want to adopt a puppy instead of an adult.

Unlike breeders, you won’t access your Yorkies pedigree. That means the future size and health condition of Yorkie puppies from breed rescues are unpredictable. Typically, this makes breed rescues not the best sourcing option if you want a purebred Yorkie and a strong pedigree is a concern.


Yorkshire Terrier breeders specialize in mating Yorkie parents to produce puppies. In most cases, breeders will provide the lineage of the Yorkie, increasing the chances of getting a purebred Yorkie with an ancestral history that matches your preferences.

As a result, breeders might be the best option if you want a strong pedigree. However, Yorkie puppies from breeders are more expensive than those from breed rescues and general animal shelters.

General Animal Shelters 

Unlike breeder rescues, general animal shelters are centers for all dog breeds. Since there are many Yorkie breeds, it is challenging to find a purebred Yorkshire Terrier especially if you are unfamiliar with the color combination of a purebred Yorkie.

You will also not access the dog’s ancestral history, making dogs from these centers more prone to genetic health conditions and size issues. Typically, this can be an issue, especially when dealing with Yorkie’s genetic health problems such as a collapsed trachea.

Considering that Yorkies will be interacting with other dog breeds, the future character traits of Yorkies from these shelters are unpredictable. However, Yorkies from these facilities are far cheaper, making them a good choice if you are on a tight budget.

Vaccination Records 

Considering that Yorkie puppies can only be sold after they are two to three months old, there should be an existing vaccination record. Study the vaccination records and ensure there are vet marks and corresponding seals.

Usually, you will want to ensure the Yorkie is dewormed and vaccinated against rabies and carnivores.

General Appearance

You should consider the general looks of the facility and carry out a visual inspection of the puppy. Although this can be challenging for new dog owners, at least observe the following things:

Two brown yorkshire terrier dogs
  • Yorkies tend to be sensitive, and need a clean environment. Check whether the facility is clean and if each puppy has a comfortable living with its own water bowl and food.
  • Yorkies are stubborn and unfriendly to strangers if not well trained. Observe the sociability of the puppies. Although shyness varies, the puppies should be comfortable around the breeders.
  • Observe the body movements of the puppy. Healthy Yorkies should run in a free and coordinated manner with paws having a semicircle pattern.
  • Pay extra attention to the puppy’s appearance, mood, and state of health. Generally, a Yorkie puppy should be shiny, playful, and stick to the other puppies.
  • Take the puppy into your hands and inspect the state of the nose. Usually, the dog’s nose should be black, cold, and moist. If the nose is dry and warm, the puppy is sick or has just woken up.
  • Open the dog’s mouth and check the structure and color of the gums. Usually, the gums should have an intense shine of a rich pink hue.

Related Questions 

What Is the Average Cost of a Yorkshire Terrier Puppy?

The average price of a Yorkshire Terrier ranges from $1200 to $2500. The price mainly depends on whether you are purchasing the puppy from breeders, breed rescues, or general animal shelters.

How Can I Know Whether My Yorkie Puppy Is Purebred or Not?

You can know whether your Yorkie puppy is purebred by its color. In most cases, purebred Yorkie puppies are born with black and tan color, and the black color starts to change to blue as the puppy ages.

Final Thoughts 

Even if you’re a new dog owner, you can pick a Yorkshire Terrier puppy by looking at its appearance, overall behavior, and personality traits. Also, consider the place you’re buying the puppy as it can impact the dog’s character trait, health, and temperament.