How to Groom and Style a Male Yorkshire Terrier [Beginner Guide]

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Are you a new pet parent of a male Yorkie Yorkshire terrier mutt? Congratulations on joining the ranks of proud dog owners around the world. One of the first steps in being a responsible pet owner is learning how to groom and style a male Yorkshire terrier mutt.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

How Do You Style a Male Yorkshire Terrier Mutt?

Styling a male Yorkshire terrier’s coat can be a bit more complicated than other breeds. However, it can be pretty straightforward with consistency. Doing it right will make them look more attractive. Let’s begin with the basics.

A dog groomer grooming a Yorkshire terrier

Grooming Basics

How healthy your Yorkshire fur coat is will determine a lot in terms of styling and looks. Grooming is the foundation of a healthy-looking dog. Yorkie owners need the right tools to groom their dogs correctly. To do so, you’ll need:

  • Electric Clippers
  • Pin and bristle brush
  • Slicker brush
  • Dog shampoo
  • Nail clippers to trim your Yorkies’ nails


Male Yorkies are playful and will often get their coats dirty. A proper bath is necessary before you can do any grooming or styling. For this, you need:

Yorkies are sensitive to cold and heat, so test the water temperature and ensure it’s lukewarm, just like a baby’s bath, before beginning.

Strictly use a dog’s shampoo because human shampoo can be too harsh. Proceed to bathe your Yorkie until it’s sparkling clean. After the bath, use a clean towel or a hairdryer to dry him. Constantly move the dryer on his coat to prevent burning.


Brushing your yorkie’s coat is essential and should be done every day. Use a pin and bristle brush to brush out any tangles and snags gently. When brushing, it is advisable to make the hair a little damp to prevent breakage.


Trimming is the final step in grooming your yorkie. Trim your dog’s hair depending on how you would like to style it later on. When trimming your yorkie’s coat, use an electric clipper, and do it slowly to avoid hurting its delicate skin.

Keeping the yorkie’s coat trimmed is essential for male Yorkshire terriers. Male yorkies with softer coats are harder to trim because they can get quite tangled up. It would be best to trim your yorkie every six to eight weeks.

To trim, start with the longer hair around the belly and cut till floor length. You can also give your yorkie minor trims on their ears and tails.

Two groomed and styled Yorkshire terrier

Styling Your Male Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies are one of the most popular breeds in the United States and hold the 13th position for most popular dogs globally because they are small, adorable, and very loyal.

There are many styles to choose from, and you can always get creative and come up with your own. Styling your male Yorkshire’s coat with these popular styles can make him more attractive.

The Show Groom

The yorkie show groom is a very sleek, professional look. Your yorkie will need a long coat flowing past their feet to achieve this style. Brush the coat to make sure it’s straight and neat. This style is also primarily popular with American Kennel Club members.

Outline Groom

The outline groom cut is similar to a show groom, but the mustache and head are cut much shorter. The skirt is cut so that it does not extend past their feet. This makes it easy to maintain and perfect for yorkie owners who want a beautiful coat for their dogs.

The Teddy Bear

The teddy bear is a trendy style for yorkies. It’s a short, tousled look perfect for everyday wear. Just cut your yorkie’s hair evenly, about one to two inches from the body, to achieve this. For the face, cut the hairs circularly to give it a round, chubby appearance.

Schnauzer Trim

Trim your pup’s mustache and ears a little longer for this look. Leave a tiny hair skirt on the bottom third of the body and legs. Then you’ll want to clip the hair on the upper part of the body to a half-inch.

Kennel Cut

The kennel cut is a shaved short-hair bold style that results in half-inch hairs or less left on your male terrier. Hair in the tail, legs, and head are maintained a little longer. The ears and mustache are trimmed carefully to about 1/2 inch while the paws are cleaned up to a very short length.

Puppy Cut

One of the many reasons people prefer this style is because it is tangle-free and embraces the dog’s natural playful nature without ruining its coat. For this, cut your terrier’s hair at around one or two inches all over the body. This includes the head, ears, and legs.

A lady groomer with a Yorkshire terrier

Maintaining a Healthy Shiny Coat

After all the hustle of grooming and styling your Yorkshire terrier, you want your male Yorkshire terrier’s coat to remain neat. Doing this isn’t tricky and depends on how well you take care of your yorkie.

Proper Grooming

Regularly brushing and cleaning keeps the coat healthy. When cleaning your yorkie, don’t forget to use a good dog’s shampoo. These shampoos are specifically designed for your dog’s tender hairs and skin.

Clean Their Sleeping Place

Ensuring your yorkie’s kennel or sleeping basket is always clean is vital. Wash and disinfect it every day to kill any germs or fleas your dog might have gotten outside or when interacting with others. A clean kennel means your yorkie’s coat will remain shiny even when it lays there.

Proper Diet

An essential tip for a shiny coat is a healthy diet. Good nutrition ensures your male yorkie’s hair grows healthy and strong. Use the best dog food recommended by your veterinarian, and always get your vet to check your yorkie to detect conditions or infections early enough.

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Many yorkies love to be brushed; however, not all do. When they are puppies, a lot of practice will reduce their suspicion and fear of a brush. Just like you would show your hair love, be sure to groom your male yorkies hair using one of the best brushes for Yorkshire terriers to the best of your ability for a healthy coat.