What to Know About Male Yorkie Grooming Styles

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Yorkshire terriers are single-coated and have long, silky hair that resembles human hair. Like humans, the hair grows continuously and needs to be groomed or trimmed after some time. Knowing about male Yorkie grooming styles will help you maintain its silky coat and enhance its overall appearance.

What to Know About Male Yorkie Grooming Styles

You can use a wide range of hairstyles to groom your male Yorkie, depending on the climate in the region you live in. The show cut is ideal for male Yorkies who engage in show dog competitions, as their long, silky coats are left to sweep the floor.

A Yorkshire terrier with a brown and black coat being groomed by a woman using a blue razor

The teddy-bear cut gives your Yorkie a teddy bear appearance, while the lion cut gives your dog a lion-like mane.

However, regardless of the type of hairstyle you choose, your Yorkies coat will still grow out, requiring it to be styled again. Depending on the aesthetic looks you want, you can give your male Yorkie the following haircuts.

Show Cuts

Yorkies are intelligent dog breeds that are easy to train as they are often eager to please their owners. Their ability to compete in various tests, such as tracking, agility, and obedience, makes them popular participants in dog show competitions.

If your Yorkie participates in dog shows, you will likely spend more money on a professional groomer to maintain the long-flowing coat. Unlike other haircuts that depend on the looks you want, the following are the Yorkie haircut guidelines as per the dog show requirements.

  • Slightly trim your Yorky’s ear fringes and beards to give them a cleaner look. You can also trim the tips of the ears to give your dog the prick-eared appearance
  • Trim the hair between the foot pads to facilitate ease of movement
  • Using a hair clip, pull the body hair up, section it from the ankle up and trim the hair on the legs to a slightly longer length
  • Brush it straight once done, and repeat the same procedure on all legs
  • Trim the hair around the anus for hygiene purposes
  • Trim the hairs throughout the body to an equal length such that all the hair touches the floor equally
  • Section out the topknot and tie it up using a bow or a band to highlight the dog’s natural beauty

Puppy Cut

Since Yorkies are playful and love to chase, the puppy-cut hairstyle keeps the fur short, allowing the dog to run around the house freely. You only need to carry out a simple trim, leaving the dog with an even coat around a length of one to two inches throughout the body, including the legs, ears, and head.

Unlike the show cut, this style keeps your Yorky’s hair tangle-free, making it easier to maintain. The cut is great for naturally warmer climates, particularly if your dog loves playing outdoors. Also, unlike the longer-styled cuts, this cut is hygienic as it helps prevent excrement build-up in the anal area.

Westie Cut

You can carry out the westie cut hairstyle to male Yorkies with medium to long-length hair. The hairstyle involves trimming the hair beginning at the base of your dog’s ears and then stacking the hair throughout the dog’s face.

Cut the hair on the body, legs, and stomach to a balanced length, not too long to make regular cleaning difficult. You can trim the forehead hair slightly to keep the eyes clear or put the hair back into a topknot.

Trim the hairs on the shoulders and trim the head to retain a round and fluffy style. However, although the shorter style is easy to maintain, you can try out other variations, such as trimming the hair a little longer or shorter.

Teddy Bear Cut

The teddy bear cut is a Yorkie hairstyle where the hair is cut circularly on the face, giving your Yorkie a teddy bear-like appearance. Like the puppy cut, this style involves trimming the hair to the same length, probably around 1 to 2 inches, throughout the entire body except for the face.

It is a low-maintenance hairstyle, and professional groomers might recommend trimming the hair once a month to retain its appealing shape.

Three-Layered Stack

This hairstyle resembles the show cut, where the fur is long and almost touching the floor. However, the hair is trimmed in different layers to thin out the fur. For instance, if your male Yorkie’s second layer is black, you can sandwich it between the gold third and first layers.

Keeping in mind that the three-layered stack is a unique hairstyle that allows your Yorkie to show off its long and silky coat, it requires daily brushing to prevent tangles. This hairstyle is preferable during winter as it helps to insulate the heat and keep the dog warm.

A woman using a blue razor to groom a Yorkshire terrier with a black and brown coat

Lion Cut

The lion cut was popular in the 17th century when dogs were given this haircut to make them more functional in the water. Nowadays, this hairstyle is common to dog breeds with long hair. This hairstyle gives your Yorkie an appealing lion’s mane.

The hairstyle involves trimming the body hairs and leaving the hair around the legs, face, and tip of the tail furry. Although you do not need to brush the trimmed hair, you need to brush the mane daily to maintain its softness and keep it tangle free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Apply the Schnauzer Cut on My Male Yorkie?

Yes, you can apply the schnauzer trim on your Yorkie by trimming your dog’s ears and mustache to a little longer length and leaving a small portion of hair on the bottom part, usually around a third of the legs and body. Clip the top part of the body to a half inch and leave a bib of about a half inch on the chest.

At What Age Should I Start Grooming My Male Yorkie?

A male Yorkie is ready for the first grooming at the age of 16 to 20 weeks. If you are taking the Yorkie to a professional groomer, ensure that the Yorkshire terrier is fully vaccinated, and the appointment should be short, not exceeding an hour.

Final Thoughts

There isn’t any specific style that you can or cannot trim your Yorkie as it depends on personal tastes and preferences. Knowing about male Yorkie grooming styles can help you groom the Yorkie to suit dog show competitions, remain warm during winter, or remain tangle-free to ease maintenance.