How Do You Get a Stubborn Bull Terrier to Move?

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Do you have a stubborn Bull Terrier that refuses to move? Are you looking for little help that can make your pet less difficult to deal with? If so, we have got your back.

This detailed guide clearly explains how do you get a stubborn Bull Terrier to move. 

How Do You Get a Stubborn Bull Terrier to Move?

Bull Terriers have stubborn behavior, which might seem normal to some people, but it’s not. Also, it’s believed that a stubborn dog is a smart dog. But sometimes, this behavior can make it difficult for pet parents to deal with their Bull Terrier.

A white Bull Terrier puppy

What makes this dog breed stubborn is its strong personality. Bull Terriers are independent, and they don’t like taking commands. You can, however, make them obedient by giving them regular training.

Another reason why Bull Terrier behaves a little stubborn is that it’s a cross between English White Terriers and Bulldogs. Both these dog breeds are known to have intimidating and dominating personalities. Thus, the stubbornness in Bull Terrier is inherited.

While Bull Terrier is independent and very self-possessed, they listen to strong leaders. This dog breed can be hell-bent on something that it wants. But if you give it a clear common, asking it not to behave that way, it will listen.

If you need assistance with training your stubborn Bull Terrier, you will find this guide helpful.

Here are a few ways to get your stubborn Bull Terrier to move.

  • Command and Reward

Bull Terriers can be difficult to work with because they don’t like listening to commands. But as a pet parent, it’s your responsibility to get your dog involved in behavior training sessions.

When you start the behavior training from an early age, you will give enough time to your Bull Terrier to learn how to behave calmly. While training, try to come up with exercises that can make your pet feel confident. That’s because sometimes, a lack of confidence can also lead to stubbornness.

After a few training sessions, if your dog doesn’t get stubborn, you can reward it with its favorite treat or toy. Also, if the dog behaves stubbornly but calms down as soon as you common it, you should reward it.

This way, you can make your pet believe that it is doing something nice by calming down. But if your dog does not calm down even after your command, do not give it any reward. Doing this will discourage its stubborn behavior.

Here’s a detailed video that shows how you can train your Bull Terrier to listen to your commands.

  • Take Your Pet to a Vet

If your Bull Terrier is not moving, you should take it to the vet. Sometimes pets get hurt, and they don’t move because they are in pain and comforting themselves.

When you take your pet to a vet, and a certain health issue is diagnosed, make sure your pet gets immediate medical help.

Injuries and medical emergencies can make your dog anxious, and this can further result in not moving. But when the pets get proper care and medications, they feel good. When taking your pet to a vet, choose a friendly one.

  • Motivate Your Pet

To convince your stubborn Bull Terrier to move, you need to motivate it. For this, you can even show your dog its favorite toy or take him to his favorite place. Sometimes, meeting new people can also work.

But if your pet does not get excited about meeting new people, you should try not bring any new person or animal in front of it because a stubborn dog can quickly get irritated, and then they can cause harm.

You can even involve your dog in certain kinds of exercise that can make it get up from its place and run. Games like tug of war, catch or find a treasure are likely to distract him.

If you have time, you can even take your pet to a park or some other place where it can play and enjoy. Its seen that dogs get energetic and feel happy when they come to a dog park.

A white Bull Terrier lying on tiles
  • Be Patient

When trying hard to make your stubborn dog move, don’t expect your tricks to show results quickly. You need to have patience. You must go slow. Creating a positive environment while making your stubborn dog move can be helpful.

Try not to be become too pushy and let your dog take the lead whenever possible. That’s because when you become pushy, your dog might again get stubborn, and this will not be helpful.

Also, while moving, if your dog stops in between, do not get angry. Instead, you should praise it for the movement. This way, your pet will understand that it’s doing something nice by moving and will continue doing so whenever you ask it.

Although your pet will take time, it will eventually know how to calm down.

  • Be Consistent

Lastly, your dog might act stubbornly because it might be confused. Sometimes, dogs don’t understand what their owner is saying. It can further lead to confusion and then to frustration and stubbornness.

So, try to use consistent commands, and once your pet starts understanding the commands, you should reward it. At this stage, do not make the commands too difficult to understand. That’s because then your pet might simply give up.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to Train Bull Terrier to Walk On a Leash?

If you want to train your Bull Terrier to walk on a leash, you must let your dog be free and then drag his leash behind him. After doing this for a couple of days, you can then pick up the leash and lure your pup into wearing the leash by offering it a treat.

Do Bull Terrier Like to Walk?

Bull Terrier belongs to an energetic class that needs daily exercise to stay in shape. So, if you don’t take your Bull Terrier on daily walks or do not let it exercise daily, your dog might break things or bark continuously to channel its unused energy.

Why Are Bull Terriers Hard to Train?

Some people find training Bull terriers hard because this breed has independent nature. That means it does not blindly follow all the given commands. But if you are a strong leader, you might not face any difficulty in training your dog.

How to Calm Down a Bull Terrier?

If your dog is behaving aggressively, you should not give it any attention. Neither should you appreciate or discourage your pet. You should simply leave the room and walk away. This trick will make your pet into believing that you are not happy with its behavior.

White Bull Terrier standing near the pink flowers


A study suggests that Bull Terrier is different from other dog breeds. That’s because it is one of the most stubborn dog breeds. But this does not mean that you can’t train this breed.

If given proper training from an early age, Bull Terrier can become a happy family dog.