How Do I Buy A Bull Terrier Puppy?

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When you wish to buy an adult Bull Terrier, then you have more options. The best choice for getting an adult Bull Terrier is the adoption centers. Dog adoption centers or shelters have adult Bull Terrier dogs, whom their masters have abandoned.

The reasons for abandonment are unethical and irrelevant! But the fact is that these adult dogs need a home. Therefore, head to dog shelters, and look for one. But, if you have made up your mind to bring home a Bull Terrier puppy, then you lack the options.

How Do I Buy A Bull Terrier Puppy?

You will get 10-12 weeks old Bull Terrier puppies at dog shelters if you are lucky. But that is very rare. Therefore, it is better to discuss the most obvious options at first, i.e., professional dog breeders.

If you are looking for a Bull Terrier puppy, then this guide will provide you with the answers about “How do I buy a Bull Terrier puppy?”

Follow this article till the end to leverage the available options. 

Bull Terrier
  • Method 1: Buying A Puppy From Professional Breeders

Professional breeders should be the first and best option to look for a Bull Terrier puppy. The reputed breeders who deal with Bull Terriers will surely have the puppies in stock. Here are the steps that you should adopt in order to ensure that you get the purebred Bull Terrier without any scams.

Step 1: Meet The Dog Breeder In Person

  1. First, you need to shortlist the breeders, as per their reputation around your city.
  2. Check for the online reviews, and reach out to their customers, who took dogs from them, to enquire about the genuineness of the breeders.
  3. The next step is to fix an appointment with all the shortlisted breeders when you are done with that.
  4. Visit them in person, instead of talking with them over the phone. Phone calls or video calls will give you no clarity! 
  5. You do not have to rush when you are planning to buy your Bull Terrier puppy. It is evident that seeing those tiny little eyes craving love, you will lose your power to control and inspect. But many owners have lost their puppies due to several diseases, as they didn’t inspect the breed and other details while getting those puppies home. Therefore, go with the process!
  6. Ask the breeder whether they have registered with the kennel club of the country or not.
  7. Also, ask to see the parents of the puppy, to know whether they are purebred Bull Terriers or not.
  8. The next thing you must check is the authentic papers of the puppy. Professional breeders should have the documents to prove that the puppy is a purebred dog.

In case your breeder puts up a negative response to any of the questions you ask, then you should not waste much of your time there. Instead, head out to the next in your options and repeat the same process.

Step 2: Talk About The Fees Or Charges

The Bull Terrier breeder should take only the charges that are meant for the dog. If necessary, the regulation and medicine charges might be inclusive, but that is not mandatory for all areas or breeder shops. But apart from that, there should not be any hidden charges.

Unfortunately, many false breeders make excuses such as transportation expense, president’s signature expense, additional registration cost, and others to get more money from you.

Therefore, it is important to discuss everything about the payment right from the beginning. And if possible, get the bills ready with all the pricing breakdowns mentioned in them. This will act as proof, and the breeder cannot ask for any more money after the sale.

If your breeder denies explaining every bit of the money you need to pay for taking home a Bull Terrier puppy, then break the deal right away.

Step 3: Do Not Pay For Unborn Bull Terrier Puppies

You should see the puppies before you decide on buying or bringing them home. Disagree with the proposals that demand advance payments for an unborn Bull Terrier. There is no need for prior ordering of the puppy, as you can always keep track with the breeder to reach out and get the required information.

Bull Terrier puppy

Genuine dog breeders will never put up payment as a mandatory field for ordering a puppy. They will always ask you to visit and check!

Therefore, please do not fall for such scams and don’t promote them at all. Some of the high-profile kennels might prefer taking orders for Bull Terriers. But you should not consider paying unless you know that the kennel has a great name around your city.

The breeder should be genuine by all means if you really want to invest your money in ordering an unborn Bull Terrier puppy. For that, you must refer to the first step of this method.

Step 4: Make The Purchase For Your Bull Terrier Puppy

First, you need to decide whether you want to order an unborn Bull Terrier puppy or buy one directly from the breeder. Here are the final things that you need to do before completing the purchase and bringing home a new member:

  1. Check the puppy in person once again, and ask for its health reports attached with the papers.
  2. Review the final price that you have to pay for owning the Bull Terrier puppy.
  3. Take note of the vaccination shots that your puppy needs or has taken already.
  4. Make arrangements for taking your little one home.
  5. Make the payment and close the sale!
  • Method 2: Reach Out To Friends Or Relatives With Bull Terriers

If you are looking for a cheaper option to get purebred Bull Terrier puppies, then this is an ideal method. In fact, you just have to do some research involving your friends, relatives, neighbors, or any known person, who is having a Bull Terrier as a pet. If you know someone as such, then this method is for you!

You can save some bucks with this alternative.

People often mate their Bull Terriers to have litters, sell them to known people, and make some money. Also, they usually sell it at a low price than that of the breeders! Therefore, you can look for any known persons in your family or contact with a Bull Terrier.

Contact them and ask them to inform you that you are ready to take one puppy whenever their Bull Terrier gives birth. Decide the rates and then just wait for the good news.

Bull Terrier biting through a container

In most cases, the male Bull Terrier is of a different owner, while the female Bull Terrier is someone else’s. Both owners usually come to a mutual agreement to keep the share of puppies. Bull Terriers give birth to an average of 5 puppies and a maximum of 9.

Therefore, it is primarily a 60% by 40% deal between male and female Bull Terrier owners. It means that if there are nine puppies, the male dog owner will take five Bull Terrier puppies, whereas the female owner will take 4.

This is the process that can be helpful for you to get Bull Terriers at cheaper rates. If you have a friend or close relative, you might not even have to pay for it. And, if you don’t want to get into the hassle of looking for known people around you with Bull Terriers, then spend the extra bucks and go to the breeders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bull Terriers Good Pets?

If you are planning to get Bull Terrier puppies, then you must know that they are affectionate, loving, energetic, lively, and playful. And yes, they tend to be good family pets, but they need ideal training. To know more about the characteristics of Bull Terriers, refer to this informative resource!

How Dangerous Can A Bull Terrier Dog Be?

Bull Terrier dogs are aggressive and challenging in nature. They were originally bred for fighting sports, and they have the strength and aggressiveness of their ancestors. However, they are still under evolution, and now their aggressive nature is controllable with training.

They can easily harm or kill any other animal or dog, but that is where socialization kicks in.

In fact, train and socialize your Bull Terrier puppy right from an early age. And you will see how your Bull Terrier adapts to disciplinary measures. Get a glimpse at this article to know more about why aggressive dogs are not that dangerous at all and are controllable.


If you are looking for a Bull Terrier puppy, then this article has all the answers for you! You might not trust the breeders anymore, as you are afraid of scams. Also, if you want puppies, reaching out to breeders is the most successful option.

However, if you have any known person around you, who has some contacts with Bull Terrier owners, then you can eradicate the breeder’s involvement and approach getting the puppy all on your own. So, decide upon an ideal buying approach!