How Do a Border Collie and a Jack Russell Terrier Breed?

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Mating dogs of different breeds can be a challenging task. This is why you must find a reputable breeder for you if you are looking for such a dog. One dog you may be looking to breed is a mix between a JRT and a Border Collie. So, how do a Border Collie and a Jack Russell terrier breed?

How Do a Border Collie and a Jack Russell Terrier Breed?

A breeder can breed a Border Collie and a JRT to produce a mixed breed. The resulting dog breed is a Border Jack or a Jack Collie. Sometimes, a breeder may not be involved. The dogs may mate without the owners being aware, or they may find out late and end up with a Border Jack.

An image of a Border Jacks lying on the sand

Border Collies were initially bred to be sheep, while JRTs were bred for hunting. These parents produce a unique breed that often has the markings of a Collie and the body of a JRT. However, it is difficult to predict how the offspring will look or which parent behavior they will adopt.

What You Need to Know About Border Jacks

If you are looking to adopt this breed, you need to be aware of certain things to know if it suits you well.


As mentioned, their body structure tends to look like that of a JRT. Their heads are small, and their ears are small and floppy. The ears are dark-colored and can either be oval-shaped or almond-shaped, giving the impression that they are alert. Their toes point forward and are moderately arched.

Their height ranges from 16 to 22 inches, while their weight averages  22 to 32 pounds. Their coats can come in different colors, including black, brown, white, and ash, with the majority of them being black and white.

Intelligence and Temperament

Border Collies are considered to be one of the most intelligent dogs, and they are also obedient. JRTs, on the other hand, are bold and have a level of stubbornness that can make them difficult to train; however, if trained and socialized early, your chances of encountering such problems are few.

Because of their parents, Jack Collies tend to be highly intelligent and hyperactive, and they may not get along well with other dogs in your household. However, if you get the dogs while they are still puppies, the chances of them getting along well improve. They may also not be ideal for households with young kids.

When mentally stimulated, they become happy and function well. It is crucial you ensure they do not get bored or feel like you are not giving them enough attention.

A lack of attention may lead to them having issues such as separation anxiety. Adopting it may not be the best option if you know you will not be available for your furry friend as much as it likes.

Training and Exercise

Because of its hyperactive nature,  you must ensure that your dog gets enough exercise to maintain its mental stability, stay in shape and be fit. Some of the exercises you can engage them in include:

  • Playing fetch
  • Running or jogging
  • Swimming

When it comes to training, it is better to start while your dog is a pup. This way, they develop knowing how they should behave and what they can or cannot do. It is harder to train an adult dog that is already used to a particular way of doing things that may be harmful.

Nutrition and Health

For this breed, vets recommend giving quality dog food instead of legumes. This is because of their high energy levels. A grain-based diet may cause them to have health issues. If your vet recommends it, you can give mineral and vitamin supplements.

Certain health conditions are genetic. You need to put measures in place to ensure your furry friend does not get to the critical stages even when they have the disease. Regular vet visits are essential for this breed.

A close up image of a Border Jacks

Some of the genetic conditions that your mutt may have include:

  • Cataracts
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Epilepsy
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Allergies

Related Questions

Other questions you have are answered below. 

How Much Do Border Jacks Cost?

Border Jacks cost between $300-1100. The price depends on the dog’s age, markings, genetics, and personality. In some cases, the breeder’s reputation may influence the dog’s price.

What Is the Lifespan of Border Jacks?

The lifespan of Border Jacks is about 12 to 15 years. The common cause of their deaths is old age and genetic diseases.


Finding the perfect dog for you can be a problem. You will most likely be overwhelmed by the vast pool of options that you will have. Narrowing it down to two may resent an opportunity for you to consider a mixed breed. However, it is crucial that you do your research and know what is in store for you with that breed.