Do Jack Russell Terriers Bark a Lot?

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Barking is natural to most dogs as it’s their way of expressing their feelings. However, some dog breeds tend to bark more than others, and before owning a Jack Russell Terrier, you might want to know whether it is one of them. So, do Jack Russell Terriers bark a lot?

Do Jack Russell Terriers Bark a Lot?

Yes, Jack Russell Terriers bark a lot due to their hunting instincts and protective and territorial nature. Since Jack Russell Terriers are affectionate to their family members, they will bark to alert their owners whenever they see or hear anything strange. 

Jack Russell Terrier enjoying the outdoors

However, the barking varies across the breed depending on the dog’s lifestyle, environment, and overall emotions. Some of the reasons that might make your Jack Russell Terrier bark loudly and frequently include: 

High Energy Levels 

Since Jack Russell Terriers are energetic dogs initially bred for hunting, energy tends to build up if they don’t engage in intense physical exercises. When they don’t have a way of expending excessive energy, they start developing destructive behaviors such as excessive barking.


Since Jack Russell Terriers are affectionate and loyal to their family members, leaving them alone for too long might make them develop separation anxiety and start barking. In most cases, the dog will be making high-pitched barks while scratching at the door. 

Depending on its level of intelligence, the dog might start barking when it sees signs that you’re about to leave the house. For instance, the dog might start barking when you pick up your handbag or car keys.


Although they are brave dogs, Jack Russell Terriers can fear loud, strange noises such as fireworks, and they will start barking when they hear such noises in expression of fear. In most cases, they will be making high-pitched barks while hiding in a safe place. 

Territorial Protection 

Jack Russell Terriers are naturally protective, and they don’t like strangers and intruders in their homes. That means the dog will bark a lot when it hears or sees an animal or a stranger coming nearer its home.

Jack Russell Terrier playing in the grass


Since Jack Russell Terriers are playful and have a strong prey drive, they tend to get excited and bark a lot when playing and chasing prey. Keep in mind that small things such as a flowing river can excite Jack Russell Terriers and make them excessively bark.

How Can I Reduce the Excessive Barking of My Jack Russell Terrier?

Although excessive barking is a natural behavior for Jack Russell Terriers, it can be a nuisance or a cause of misunderstanding with your neighbors, especially if you are residing in an apartment. You can use the following tips to control and reduce the excessive barking of your Jack Russell Terrier. 

  • Don’t reward excessive barking: Since Jack Russell Terriers are smart dogs willing to please, you can control their barking by rewarding them with treats and food when they don’t bark and depreciating them when they start barking.
  • Use a spray bottle: Sometimes, it can be challenging to silence a Jack Russell Terrier, especially when it sees a stranger. Fill a spray bottle with water and give it a shot in the face while commanding it to stop barking. The dog will eventually learn to stop barking when you command it to stop.
  • Engage it in rigorous exercises: If the dog is barking due to excessive energy levels, take it for around 1 hour of walking or 30 to 45 minutes of hiking or jogging. 
  • Relieve the boredom: If your dog is barking a lot due to boredom and loneliness when left alone, you can help relieve their hyperactivity by providing it with interactive toys such as Hyper Pet to keep it busy. 
Jack Russell Terrier smiling
  • Train it to be quiet: Since Jack Russell Terriers are intelligent and trainable dogs, you can train them to obey commands such as the quiet command. For the best results, it’s advisable to start teaching them while they are puppies.
  • Physically restrain it: If you’re in a place where barking is not allowed and the above methods fail to calm your Jack Russell Terrier you can physically restrain it. Keep a leash around, and when it starts barking, command it to keep quiet while giving it the leash.

Related Questions 

Can a Jack Russell Terrier Stay Without Barking?

Yes, Jack Russell Terriers can stay without barking as long as they have exercised enough, they have their owners with them, and there are no intruders or strangers nearby. Depending on the level of training, they can also stay without barking when you command them.

Why Does My Jack Russell Terrier Bark at Me?

A Jack Russell Terrier can bark at you to gain your attention or greet you. Since barking is its way of communication, it might be trying to express its anxiety, fear, and feelings but not necessarily aggressiveness.

Final Thoughts 

Jack Russell Terriers excessively bark due to different reasons such as protecting the territory, fear, loneliness, excessive energy levels, separation anxiety, or excitement. You can calm them down by engaging them in rigorous exercises to expend excessive energy, or providing them with interactive toys.